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SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t seen this episode yet, please go watch it and come back.  I plan on revealing a lot of details.   You can check it out on CBS.

So… I have no words.  In one of the funnier episodes I’ve seen in awhile, it took a very sad turn in the final scene.  Marshall’s dad died.  I expect there to be differences of opinions on the quality of this episode.  I even find myself torn on whether or not to say this was a truly awesome episode (seasons 1/2 reminiscent) or it totally went too far for this type of genre.

If you’ve been watching HIMYM, you know that a big theme this season and part of last was the idea of Marshall and Lily trying to get pregnant.  They made a pact that as soon as they saw Barney‘s doppleganger, they would be free to start their family.  And they thought they had… until this episode, where ANOTHER doppleganger of Barney’s showed up.

Dr. Stangel. 

Throughout the entire episode where Lily and Marshall were trying to figure out if they were fertile enough to have children, Lily insisted that Barney be in her doctor’s room so she could be sure that her doctor and Barney were two different people.  They were.  And it was hysterical.

But what killed me, was the final scene.  Marshall was trying to call his dad with great news, as he’d always done, and his dad didn’t answer.  Lily pulled up in a cab with sad eyes and explained to Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and didn’t make it.  Heartbreaking.

What I absolutely LOVE about Alyson Hannigan is that when she cries, the whole world will cry because she’s just. that. good.

As a side note, during season 4 of BtVS, there is a special feature on the dvd where Joss Whedon talks about Willow and her breakup with Oz which was heartbreaking.  He goes on to say that he loves Alyson and loves to make her cry, because when she cries, EVERYONE cries.

ANYway… I’m still in a state of shock.  I still don’t know how to feel about this episode.  Perhaps more will come to light later in the season.

What are your thoughts?  Did you think it was the right move for the show, or did it take a much too serious turn?

I’ve been on a Dawson’s Creek kick for that last two weeks.  Which has been made more difficult but the fact that I only own the first three seasons.  And there are some discs missing.  I forgot how much I actually enjoyed this show of my youth.  Yes.  They are all hypersexed, over-dialoguing teenagers.  But it’s not really about the witty quips and writing that makes teenagers talk like middle aged adults.  It’s about the relationships.  It’s the personal interactions that make me swoon, and keep coming back to the show, as dated as it might be.

And while having gone back to watch what I had available of the first three seasons, I found myself once again swept away and weepy about one of my all-time favorite TV relationships:  Pacey and Joey.  I wrote about my favorite TV relationships awhile back, and Pacey and Joey were definitely on that list.  There’s a lot to be said about sworn enemies finally putting aside their differences and pushing passed the sexual tension to just be together, despite what anyone else thinks, says or does.

Perusing Youtube, I came across someone’s top 20 Pacey/Joey moments, and I definitely have to agree with each of the moments, although I’m not sure about MY order.  And really?  Each and every moment where Pacey and Joey are happy and together are my favorites.  I was never a fan of all the times they split up, both convinced that they didn’t belong together, and they were never meant to be, and blah blah blah.  But it was made worth it by them getting back together shortly after and giving me reason to swoon all over again.

Among my other favorite TV couples are Logan and Veronica, Spike and Buffy, Derek and Meredith (from the early seasons).  But it’s funny thinking about my favorite couples and realizing  that in the current tv season, I have not found a couple to swoon over.  Is it that they are just not written as well as they used to be?  Or maybe it’s because I can’t connect to any of the characters… which is shocking, mostly because this television season is almost over, and it’s quickly becoming too late to be attached to any characters if you’re not already.  Food for thought, I suppose.

Who are your favorite TV couples?