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The name is Beckett.  Kate Beckett.

One of my new favorite TV couples is Castle and Beckett.  Not only because I love Nathan Fillion and love seeing him in roles where there’s so much romantic tension.  OK.  I love seeing him in every role.  But Stana Kattic is just as amazing.  And they have a really great chemistry.  And they’re so cute together.

The Castle/Beckett on again/off again almost relationship has been going on for at least two seasons, even though the show is now in its fourth.  The first season was dedicated to getting to know the characters, and the second getting to see how they REALLY are once we get to know them.  It wasn’t until season three that we, and by we I mean ME, really start to get the itch about them being together.  He gets her coffee every day and tries to protect her.  She pretends she isn’t flattered and smitten with him and throws sexy teases in his direction to get a response.

They are truly an epic will they won’t they couple.  The only team that out-couples them, so far, is Booth and Bones, and they finally got together, sort of, and are having a baby.

Castle and Beckett’s current drama revolves around Beckett having been shot in the third season finale, Castle telling her he loved her, and Beckett remembering everything, but not telling anyone.  Only Castle finds out, and vows to back off because his opinion is that if she really cared, she would have said something sooner.

Oh, Castle.  Beckett is much more coy than that.  I don’t think she’ll say anything still.  She’s afraid of being hurt.  Plus, they’ve been through so much.  She doesn’t want to seem like the fool, or the vulnerable one.

Honestly, I’m happy they go through ups and downs.  I think it would be quite boring if they just got together and that was it.

Who is YOUR favorite tv couple?

Wonder what I’m doing?  It’s called the A to Z challenge.  Check it out here.

So, I’ve pretty much stopped watching The Office.  Let’s face it, it just doesn’t feel the same as it used to.

I have, however, caught up on the last four episodes, which involve a hand selected (at random) crew of the Dunder Mifflin/Sabre team traveling to Tallahassee for a “special project,” ie a test Sabre store.  And of course the end result was failure.

There were two redeeming things in those four episodes.  The first was the return of Todd Packer, who was tricked into trying to acquire a nonexistent job in Florida, but just so happened to end up at Sabre.  And the second was the all out brawl Jim and Dwight had, whereby Jim was actually trying to protect Dwight from getting fired, and Dwight just didn’t know it.  I was in hysterics watching those scenes, and it made me miss the old Jim/Dwight scenes that were full of pranks and fighting that made me laugh.

So I created a list of my favorite Jim/Dwight pranks. There are so many more, and if you have the DVDs, there are quite a few more pranks in the deleted scenes.

And these are in order by season…

Season 2

  • Jim popped Dwight’s fitness orb. (Performance Review)
  • Convinced Dwight a Thursday was a Friday causing him to be late for work the next day. (Performance Review)
  • Puts Dwight’s Items In Vending machine.  Following this, he hands Dwight a bag of nickels.  (Booze Cruise)

Season 3

  • Jim sent faxes to Dwight signed FUTURE DWIGHT on Dwight’s own stationery. (Branch Closing)
  • Jim narrated Dwight’s absurd behavior when Dwight taped a meeting.  (Back from Vacation)
  • The Pavlov Experiment – Jim conditioned Dwight to expect an Altoid every time he heard a chime, using the Pavlovian theory. (Phyllis’ Wedding0
  • Jim dressed as Dwight and mimicked his speaking style.  (Product Recall)

Season 4

  • Jim and Pam sent Dwight IM’s convincing him that the Dunder Mifflin website had achieved self-awareness (Launch Party)
  • Jim linked Dwight’s cell phone to his bluetooth headset to answer all his incoming calls, and additionally forwarded his office phone to his own as well.  (Goodbye, Toby)

Season 5

  • Recorded with a stopwatch all personal time that Dwight takes in order to prove Dwight wrong when he claimed that he has never stolen company time.  (Business Ethics)
  • Convinced Dwight he was William, M Buttlicker, in a role-play to help both Jim and Dwight improve the way they speak to customers. Evidently Dwight does not do very well in the role play and Jim (Bill Buttlicker) asks to speak to Dwights manager, Michael takes the phone from Dwight and quickly makes a million dollar sale, with one condition, Michael must fire Dwight. (Customer Survey)
  • Seemingly wrapped Dwight’s chair, desk and everything on it in wrapping paper when in fact he actually replaced his chair and desk with a Christmas-wrapped cardboard version of the desk, and an incredibly loosely assembled chair. It became evident when Dwight tried to sit and everything collapsed. (Moroccan Christmas)

I think after season five, they really start to not feel like Jim pranks on Dwight.  But that is just the nature of the beast.  Jim and Pam got married and had a couple of kids.  Life moves on and Jim can’t spend as much time pranking Dwight as he used to.  Or can he?

Oh well.  I at least I have the DVDs.

What are your favorite Jim/Dwight moments or pranks?  What are you favorite moments from the Office?

There’s so many things to love about The Big Bang Theory.  The writing, the characters, the actors, the level intelligence.  It’s won awards. I could go on all day.  Really.  I follow most of the cast and writers on Twitter.  I’m not obsessed.  Honest.

And Hubs and I have so many conversations about what makes certain shows great.  And it’s easy to point out which moments make certain actors Emmy worthy.  Jim Parsons has had so many Emmy worthy moments, in my opinion.

A quick interruption, to mention a conversation I JUST had with Hubs trying to determine the episode name:

Me: It’s called the Spaghetti Catalyst, right?  The that’s just after Leonard and Penny break up, and Sheldon has dinner with Penny…?

Hubs:  I don’t know.  I could look it up.


ANYway… the Spaghetti Catalyst is an episode we both felt Jim Parsons totally shined and really deserved recognition for.  In fact, any episode that takes Sheldon out of his element or changes his regular routine in ANY way is typically an episode in which Jim Parsons shines.

And by saying that, I want to say that the latest episode, The Werewolf Transformation, is just such an episode.  Sheldon can’t get his haircut because his regular barber is in the hospital.  And he refuses haircuts from everyone else because no one seems to have access to his “haircut records.”  Eventually, he does let Penny cut his hair, but getting to that point is utterly hilarious.  In fact, one of my new favorite scenes ever occurs in this episode, when Leonard wakes up to find Sheldon in the living room playing the bongos.

No word of a lie, that scene TRUMPS my previous alltime favorite scene of Sheldon in the ballpit, after he’s been up for days trying to determine how neutrons move through a graphine sheet.  Hysterical.

I just love the show.  And I love that there are so many funny things.  And I am supremely amazed at how many things I can remember without having to look them up.

What do you think about Sheldon playing the bongos?  What is your favorite Big Bang Theory moment?

Hubs and I spent a number of hours discussing what would happen to Two and a Half Men after the demise of Charlie Sheen and his more than lifelike character of Charlie Harper.  Such scenarios included a larger role for Herb Melnick, Judith’s new husband, played by Ryan Stiles.  Because who doesn’t love Ryan Stiles?  Or adding another kid that ends up being Charlie’s that he never knew about.  But the idea of having Ashton Kutcher take on the Charlie-esque role named Walden was never something we entertained.

And now that Walden is now a part of the cast, ihet’s not the same show.  It hasn’t been the same show for quite awhile, even before Charlie spun out.  But they made some serious changes, much in the way of set design.  And you hardly ever see Jake, Judith or Herb, and Berta seems to have a similar amount of screen time as she’s always had.

But tonight’s episode featured Patten Oswalt playing Walden’s best friend and worst enemy.  After last week’s disaster of an episode that focused on the worst vomit jokes since third grade, I was looking forward to a great guest star.  But the question I have is will he stay on to help strengthen the cast?  And will it help?

Sure, there were some funny jokes, but again, it’s not the same show.  It doesn’t hold up like it used to.

I guess only time will tell.  Until then, I look forward to seeing Patten Oswalt again in future episodes.

What do you think of this season of Two and a Half Men?  Will it survive?

SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t seen this episode yet, please go watch it and come back.  I plan on revealing a lot of details.   You can check it out on CBS.

So… I have no words.  In one of the funnier episodes I’ve seen in awhile, it took a very sad turn in the final scene.  Marshall’s dad died.  I expect there to be differences of opinions on the quality of this episode.  I even find myself torn on whether or not to say this was a truly awesome episode (seasons 1/2 reminiscent) or it totally went too far for this type of genre.

If you’ve been watching HIMYM, you know that a big theme this season and part of last was the idea of Marshall and Lily trying to get pregnant.  They made a pact that as soon as they saw Barney‘s doppleganger, they would be free to start their family.  And they thought they had… until this episode, where ANOTHER doppleganger of Barney’s showed up.

Dr. Stangel. 

Throughout the entire episode where Lily and Marshall were trying to figure out if they were fertile enough to have children, Lily insisted that Barney be in her doctor’s room so she could be sure that her doctor and Barney were two different people.  They were.  And it was hysterical.

But what killed me, was the final scene.  Marshall was trying to call his dad with great news, as he’d always done, and his dad didn’t answer.  Lily pulled up in a cab with sad eyes and explained to Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and didn’t make it.  Heartbreaking.

What I absolutely LOVE about Alyson Hannigan is that when she cries, the whole world will cry because she’s just. that. good.

As a side note, during season 4 of BtVS, there is a special feature on the dvd where Joss Whedon talks about Willow and her breakup with Oz which was heartbreaking.  He goes on to say that he loves Alyson and loves to make her cry, because when she cries, EVERYONE cries.

ANYway… I’m still in a state of shock.  I still don’t know how to feel about this episode.  Perhaps more will come to light later in the season.

What are your thoughts?  Did you think it was the right move for the show, or did it take a much too serious turn?

So, uh… yeah.  Huddy.  House and Cuddy. It’s been a long time coming.  But at the same time, very awkward.  Honestly, I understand why it was inevitable, but I don’t really squeal with that geeker joy I once would have with LoVe, or Spuffy.

For a premier, I’d give House a solid B.  It was good, and it was nice to finally be able to get back into the show, but there were just some things that really threw me off.

First of all, I loved Wilson breaking into House’s kitchen when House wouldn’t answer his phone.  Showing a real genuine concern for his friend, it was a very House-like thing to do, and was great for demonstrating the influence House has had over his friends/colleagues over the years.  Wilson is deceptive.  He makes you think he’s not interested in pushing boundaries and crossing lines, but the fact is he’ll do it with the best intentions, and sometimes with the approval of someone else.

The Thirteen storyline was a little… boring.  Obviously the meat and potatoes of the episode was the budding romance between House and Cuddy, but the B story, in my opinion should at least be interesting enough to be a B story.  Not so much.  Thirteen allegedly asked for a leave of absence from the Hospital with the fake intentions of going to Rome for a new drug trial.  Taub, Chase and Foreman all saw threw her guise when they found out she was taking off.  But Foreman in the end saw through everything and stated point blank that she was not coming back, and no one had any idea where she was going.

The case of the week?  A sick neurosurgeon who takes a drug to make him hallucinate but also make him “sober” enough to be the neurosurgeon on call without having to perform surgery.  For a case of the week, it felt like it was lacking.  But then again, it was not the main story.  I was just the garnish.

The REAL story, the one that EVERYONE seems to care about is the budding romance between House and Cuddy.  After both doctors had lost a patient, they had their own ways of dealing with the tragedy.  House sought Vicoden, and Cuddy sought House.

I don’t know how realistic their relationship is.  For years, although she may have loved him, Cuddy showed nothing but disdain and annoyance at House and his antics.  Is it possible that one action could completely turn her attitude and change her mind?  I guess so, but it didn’t feel honest.  When Cuddy was leaving, House made a pointed comment that whatever it was that they had would not work out.  The reason being that House will always be House, and he will always piss Cuddy off, and even though she can’t see it now, she’ll remember all the things he had done to her, and eventually come to her sense and break things off.

That was probably the most honest and vulnerable House has been in quite awhile, recovery from drug addiction aside.

I don’t really have an opinion on their relationship just yet, other than it feels unnatural.  And I’ve watched the show since its beginning.  What’s more is that the previews for the upcoming season make it look like House was right on the money in saying that their relationship would never work.  It’s still too early to tell, and I’ll hold out hope for my inner geek to emerge.  But for the time being, I’ll sit and watch and wait for something to happen.

How do YOU feel about Huddy?

It’s not that I hate summer replacement television.  Actually, this season I’m rather pleased with the shows that I HAVE been watching.

Leverage is my current favorite.  In fact, I have it set up to record on the DVR and then watch each episode at least four times before deleting them.  And THEN once they are OnDemand, I’ll watch them over and over until the episodes disappear and new ones come on – and then the whole cycle starts over again.

It’s saying something about a television show when you just can’t get enough of it.  I remember seeing previews of it once upon a time, but never really thought to get into it.  And now?  Now, it’s my new favorite show.  Well, my new favorite summer replacement hour-long drama.  And I have a GINORMOUS celebrity crush on Christian Kane, who plays Eliot, the tough guy who beats everyone up.  Christian Kane did some early episodes of Angel, and then a few later ones towards the end.  He was the whiny bad guy that wanted to be cool in Angel.  Now, he IS the cool guy.

As a show, the concept is great.  The stories you can tell about the cons they run are endless, and there’s an unlimited number of stories you can tell about the relationships between the characters.  It’s almost like I want all these criminals to be my best friend so I can run cons with them.  I haven’t been able to say anything like that since Dexter, who is my serial killer BFF.

The other show I’m watching right now is on Sy-Fy, called Warehouse 13.  What cracks me up about this show is that I never had any intentions of watching it.  Ever.  I had even gone to a focus group on this very show.  Although I don’t remember thinking very fondly of it.  I guess it says a lot about a television show when there’s nothing else on.  Actually, that’s not fair at all.  I do enjoy this one, and I didn’t think I would.  AND.. BONUS!  Jane Espenson happens to write for it.  So that’s cool.

But as far as other summer replacement shows?  I’m trying to watching Persons Unknown on NBC as I write this – but it is not keeping my attention.  Maybe another episode or two will help with that… but we’ll see.

What shows are you going to watch this summer?

Right now.  Right this very moment.  It is 8:43 pm.  13 minutes of my life are gone, and I can’t get them back.  I have wasted so much time on summer replacement show over the years, but this is the first one that has really hurt my brain.

I’m watching NBC’s 100 Questions, whose pilot episode is supposed to be about a woman in search of love trying out a dating service, where her counselor asks her to fill out a survey.


It’s like a really bad SNL skit with a clearly fake laugh track.  The show wants to be a low budget Friends with a hint of How I Met Your Mother and Accidentally on Purpose, but so much worse… I’m actually sorry I recorded it in HD.  I plan on deleting it right away.  Because I died a little inside by watching this show.

If there is one show to avoid this summer – if it lasts – would be 100 Questions.

Wow. I think I can breathe again. After the season 5 finale of Bones, I think I can finally breathe again.  And the truth is, it wasn’t all that spectacular.  The case of the week was interesting enough to be just a case of the week.  However, I felt not connection with the circumstances of the case, nor the main characters until the end of the episode.

And Billy Gibbons was just plain awesome.  Early in the series, his appearances were just that.  Appearances.  Now that he’s speaking, it’s just too cool for words.

The main theme of the finale was change.  Everyone needed a change.  Booth is going off to Afghanistan for a year.  Brennan is studying remains in the Indonesian jungle for a year.  Angela and Hodgins are going to be in Paris for a year.  Everyone needed a break.  That idea had me a little confused at the end, when everyone said they were leaving, but they’d be back in a year.  The concept, in my mind, really only had two options: they could jump the timeline and in the fall when they return, a whole year would have passed, or the far more annoying House route where the main characters just don’t play any role for most of the season and return an actual year later, after the audience spent time getting to know new characters on their own.

Although a jump in their timeline seemed more likely than adding new characters for just one season, it didn’t strike me as the thing they would do.  However, it has been reported that there will be a jump in their timeline, and when they return in the fall, a whole year will have passed. Everyone will have had a whole year of independence, and they will come back the same people, but very different.

Angela and Hodgins will have had a whole year of marriage without crime-solving drama getting in the way.  And for them, that is huge.  Booth will have spent a year in the line of fire, training soldiers.  There is no way he will come back unaffected.  And Brennan will come back with more knowledge than she left with.

On a different note, I was a little disappointed with the ending.  After having invested in 5 years with these characters, the final scene with Booth and Brennan would have really been awesome had they both turned back to each other and kissed.  That would have created a whole different dynamic for the characters, and perhaps would have changed what the writers have in store for the show next season.  They did share a tender moment.  And it meant so much that Brennan and Booth had that connection – it really showed the changes the characters went through with each other over the last five years.

No matter what happens, I’m looking forward to next season and seeing what great new things will happen to my favorite characters.

I’ve been a little behind this year on Upfronts Week.  I have been keeping up with it personally, but as far as blogging goes, I’ve been behind.  I’m very excited to see some of the shows the networks have already renewed and the ones they have cancelled, and from what I can tell so far, it’s looking like it’s going to be a good fall season.

I’ll be posting each network individually, and of course, what I’ll be watching.

I can’t wait to see what the networks are doing.