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Shhh!  I’m supposed to be doing actual work.  But there is not much actual work to be doing, as the end of the year is fast approaching.

But that doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t support the Writer’s Strike.  Just because the year is over, doesn’t mean the Strike is.  Check out these links to support the strike.

Speechless Without Writers

United Hollywoodhas been covering up to date strike stuff.

Writer’s Guild of America West and East

Yes. We’ve already established that I am prone to be a tad over dramatic when it comes to my tv watching. HOWEVER, you cannot begin to tell me that what I’m about to say isn’t good news.

The WGA has plans for a formal discussion with the (networks) on Monday, November 26. This is a step in the right direction. As a huge supporter of the WGA and an aspiring staff writer, this may be the chance the WGA gets to voice the opinion of the masses and gain some leverage. Final negotiations are still a long time coming, and perhaps it is too late to have full 22 episode seasons of our favorite shows, but I can still hold out hope that things will get better.