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I just wanted to do a quick update today just to go through all the things that have happened so far this week.  And let me tell you, gentle readers, it’s been a crazy one.

For starters, we have a new President-elect.  I can’t explain how pleased I am at the turnout of this year’s election, and how excited I am to have been a part of such a historical event.  Perhaps we’ll see some change.  But either way, this is a good thing for our country.

Michael Crichton passed away yesterday because of Cancer.  He was 66.  He will be missed.  He was the famed creator of ER and Jurassic Park, among other things.

You may have noticed there’s a sticky post at the top of this blog.  It is to celebrate November being “National Novel Writing Month.”  This is my first time doing something like this, and it’s pretty exhiliharating.  So, you’ll be noticing random posts that don’t belong within the theme of this blog.  I do recommend taking a look through those posts in order by the date they were posted.  I’m trying to keep things as chronologically in step as I can.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

It is no secret that I’ve been working on a novel for awhile now… this is something outside of that.  A completely different story, mostly because I only have 30 days (well, 24 now) to do it in, so it’s not about the editing… it’s just about the writing, which is very freeing.

So I urge you all to check out the official website for NaNoWriMo and help support literary abandon!

The tension is high this year.  Everyone is on edge… and everyone is involved.  I don’t know what it is about this election year, but it seems that it has been the most important election in a long time to a lot of people.

I did go out and vote this morning on all the important issues.  And let’s just say I’ll be watching the election day coverage until they announce the next President tonite. 

I will also say  that living in Massachusetts is sometimes hard on the voters in the sense that it’s more about the Electoral College than it is about popular votes, and makes some people feel like their vote doesn’t count.  I’m on that boat.  I do feel like no matter what happens, my vote won’t make a bit of difference.  But in case it does, I voted.  Because you just never know.  Heck, it happened to Kevin Coster in that awful movie he did over the summer, Swing Vote.  The message was good… but the movie?  Not really rental worthy either.  I’m just glad I don’t have to sit through it again.

So, in light of all the tension and the drama, and the high stakes, I bring you (courtesy of EW) the 10 Greatest Fictional Presidents!

1.  David Palmer, played by Dennis Haysbert.  I haven’t been watching 24, to be perfectly honest.  I feel like it’s one of those shows that can’t be watched unless you’re planning on lost weekending for a marathon of the entire series… but that’s just me.  It’s defintely not one of those shows that you can casually drop in and out of. 

2.  Andrew Shepherd, played by Michael Douglas.  I asbolutely LOVED the American President.  It’s one of those movies that I could watch over and over again, and when it’s on TV I’ll stop and watch it.  I love Michael Douglas as an actor, as well.  I’m not the world’s biggest fan of his costar Annette Benning, but they had good onscreen chemistry. 

3.  Josiah “Jed” Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen.  I never watched the West Wing.  It’s actually on my backlog of things to watch, because everybody says it was good.  Did I mention it was at the bottom of my list? 

4.  Jack Stanton, played by John Travolta.  It’s not secret that John Travolta is a good actor.  But I don’t think I’ve ever seen Primary Colors, where Travolta seems to have been channelling President Clinton.  I’m not surprised, but it will probably be a rental this coming weekend to celebrate the new President.  (I love theme weekends). 

5.  James Marshall, played by Harrison Ford.  He has a military background and apparently knows classified information about jet airliners.  He’s also a persuasive speaker.  And he’s in the 1997 movie, Air Force One.  This was definitely an awesome movie.  And Harrison Ford is fantastic in a lot of the roles he’s in.  It’s hard to deny his Presidential qualifications. 

6.  Merkin Muffley, played by Peter SellersDr. Strangelove… never say it, but it’s on the list.  I’ve always been a fan of Peter Sellers’ work, so I find it very plausible that he would be President.

7.  Laura Roslin, played by Mary McDonnell.  All BSG fans should be excited that she made the list.  McDonnell’s experience as First Lady in Independance Day made her the perfect candidate to understand and govern the Cylons.

8.  Bill Mitchell/Dave Kovic, played by Kevin KlineDave was one of those movies that makes you wonder what would happen if that really happened.  What if the President really suffered a stroke while cheating on his First Lady?  What if a look-a-like was brought in to run the country?  And what if he did it better?  Okay, now I’m really becoming concerned for our government.

9.  Jackson Evans, played by Jeff Bridges.  The basis for the story of The Contender is similar to our Presidential election of today, where Laine Jackson (played by Joan Allen) is trying to become the first female Vice President.  I wonder if she’s anything like Sarah Palin….

10.  James Dale, played by Jack NicholsonMars AttacksMars AttacksMars AttacksJack Nicholson is good in any role he plays.  He’s always convincing, and always on his game.  And when paired up with Tim Burton in this movie, absolutely hilarious!  Did he really think Martians were going to attack???

And there you have it, gentle readers.  The 10 Greatest Fiction Presidents.  Of course, there are more, because, after all, there will always be TV and movies that require a President in office at least once in the storyline.

I’m having trouble trying to embed this directly into the post, but here’s the link in case you didn’t see it live.

It’s another Tina Fey as Sarah Palin at the VP debate from SNL Saturday Night.  Now, I watched the entire debate live.  And I watched this clip yesterday.  And I cannot get over how right on Tina Fey is with this skit.  Seriously… it makes me want to die laughing.

And there’s mention (towards the end of the skit) where Palin makes a comment to all those out there who started a drinking game in her honor…  Yup, I’m dead!  LOL

But check it out.

Note:  I watched the entire 90-minute debate, but only blogged “live” the first half (45 minutes) of it.


Before the debate gets started, I just wanted to take a moment to relax and figure out again why this is a 3-ring circus… I guess I’ll never know.

A few things I do want to address once the debate is over are this new bailout plan, as well as the other issues the debaters will be focusing on.

Good luck, VP Debaters!

9:00 pm  Live from WAshington University… changed channel from ABC to NBC.  Yup, I’m all about loyalty….

9:01 pm  Oops… now I’m on FOX.  Gwen Ifill, a PBS anchor… and the moderator.  Domestic/Foreign Policy.

9:02 pm Palin and Biden take the stage…

9:03 pm They start with the bailout… so cool.  Biden seems kind of dry as he starts out this debate.  He’s definitely trying to build up Obama.   “Fundamentally change the focus of the economic policy.”  

9:05 pm  Is it bad that I want to smack Palin?  She immediately starts off by going to the soccer field and the “everyman.”  Does she even know anything about the “everyman”?  And she’s fluffing up McCain.  He suspended his own campaign… well, duh!  He’s trying to make himself look better.  But isn’t that the whole point of the campaign?  Anybody who knows me knows that I do not support the bailout plan.  I’m very much interested in personal responsibility… and this is not helping.

9:07 pm Genocide, Bosnia, violence against women.  AND Biden has Republican friends??? Wow.  Is this supposed to be a slander campaign?  McCain is apparently out of touch.  

9:08 pm Palin was a Governor and a Mayor… putting politics aside to “get the job done.”  Has anyone ever noticed that she looks exactly the same every  time she speaks?  And I hate her glasses.

9:10 pm  Economic meltdown… Palin is convinced it was the Predator Lenders… yeah, there was corruption, deception, greed etc on Wall Street… but won’t this bailout plan make them think they can continue corrupting and deceving the common man?  As a republican, she’s making sense about the economy.  But she’s got some pretty high dreams.

9:12 pm  Biden is convinced that McCain is all about de-regulation.  Middle class needs relief right now.  And I definitely appreciate his views.  The fact that the working middle class is in such bad shape is heartbreaking (mostly because I am in that population).

9:14 pm Note to self: research “de-regulation.”

9:15 pm And Palin thinks that reducing taxes is the key… apparently she did it as Mayor and Governor… But in today’s world, is it really possible to reduce taxes?  We keep spending money, and making money, it’s a wonder the economy has ever survived…. but how is the country supposed to make money, if not off it’s people?

9:16 pm Class warfare?  Taxing more for higher earners…. the middle class is struggling.  Biden says there’s been no tax breaks.  And is in favor of “fairness.”

9:17 pm I’m a little confused by this tax issue.  So, Obama will raise taxes for the wealthy, and McCain won’t raise taxes at all?  That doesn’t make sense.

9:19 pm  Take a drink…. or a few.  Biden mentioned a few towns he lived in… including Scranton.  I knew I loved that drinking game for a reason.

9:20 pm McCain’s healthcare plan is a bridge to nowhere, according to Biden.

9:21 pm Broken Promises – (Biden) double foreign assistance… tax cut proposals… but they can’t slow up on education, affordable healthcare.  $100 billion tax dodge….

9:22 pm Broken Promises – (Palin) The energy plan… Palin is genuinely obsessed with her positions in Alaska.  She’s promised to do what is right for the people… *sigh*  Apparently, McCain has made no promises that he won’t keep.

9:26 pm  Palin is starting to veer off topic a bit… I think she’s trying to talk about what she wants to talk about… I find it difficult to listen to her.

9:28 pm Bankruptcy bill… subprime mortgage crisis.  

9:29 pm wow… Palin really likes to stick to her ideas.  Please explain to me why everybody else in the world is talking about the bankruptcy bill and the mortgage crisis and the working man being able to pay off their mortgages, and Palin is back on energy.  Tax breaks for energy…

9:30 pm The moderator finally changed the topic to energy.  And Palin LOVES talking about Alaska.  Believe it or not, the US is made up of another 49 states.  And she won’t argue about the causes of the climate change.  Sure, She has pretty ideas of the whole country “going green”…. but she is not explaining the HOW part of that happening.

9:32 pm there it is… conserving energy.

9:33 pm right on Biden!  Way to address the question directly!  You have to understand why it’s happening before you can fix it.  We can create jobs and export jobs in environmental issues.  

9:35 pm …  and Palin can’t pronounce “NUCLEAR.”  Offically, I do not want her to be the next VP… Look at it this way… George W Bush can’t pronounce nuclear either.  It is my personal opinion that if you can’t pronounce a simple word, you do not need to run the country.

9:36 pm  Approving same-sex benefits.  Biden approves… joint ownership, life insurance… etc.  Obama and Biden support the same consitutional benefits as hetero-sexual couples.

9:37 pm  A hit from the moderator…. telling Palin to stop talking about alaska.  Clearly Palin is not comfortable with same-sex issues…. She does not support marriages that don’t entail one man and one woman.  She just lost a LOT of voters.

9:38 pm HOWEVER, Biden and Obama do not approve of the same-sex marriage… but rather that it is up to be individual, and the religion to determine how it is defined.

9:39 pm Foreign policy… Palin is being set up to talk about her son.  Funding for the troops…  But Palin wants more troops in Iraq… but it is to not quit now, and try to win the country over.

9:41 pm  Biden – plan to shift responsibility to the Iraqis.  Meaning, we need to let them do what they need to do and if they don’t do it, we’ll probably blow them up (that’s my rash interpretation… I’ve had to lay down to watch this… it takes a lot of energy to point out how stupid the candidates can be).  McCain has no end in sight… and Palin thinks Biden’s plan was a white flag surrender…

9:45 pm Pakistan or Iran… which is more dangerous?  Biden says Pakistan, because of the nuclear weapons… but Iran is not as much of world changer.


Pretty much after that point, I decided that paying more attention to the debate and not blogging it live would be a good idea.


Sarah Palin has a certain likability.  I don’t like her, but I can understand why people do.  She tries to be the “everyman.”  She’s the hockey mom, she’s down to earth, she has a family…  What’s not to love?

Personally, I don’t think anyone had any expectations of Palin for this debate, and she lived up to every one of  them.  She did something that was pretty classic for a lot of her anwers: short decisive answers, then a swift topic change to what she wanted to talk about.  Ellen had to rope her in a time or two to get her to focus and answer the questions.

But she has a personality.

In my opinion, in regards to the issues they were discussing, Joe Biden won that debate.  But Palin won for personality… and freshness…  But Joe Biden was easier to focus on simply because he was addressing the questions and giving them some real thought and relating  them back to Obama.

So, tell me, gentle readers… what did you think about the debate?

Oh yes, gentle readers.  This is it.  But can someone tell me when Politics became a highly viewed reality TV show?

Anyway, I totally borrowed this from Slander ’08.  Definitely check out the site.  There’s some pretty interstesting stuff all over it.

And before  you get totally trashed, you may want to DVR the debate and watch it over and over again.  This may make an awesome party game.

Alright, here we go…

For Sarah Palin:

  1. Every time Palin mentions one of her kids by name, take the number of drinks corresponding to that child’s number in her brood (e.g. 1 drink for Track, 2 drinks for Bristol, 3 drinks for Willow, 4 drinks for Piper and 5 drinks for Trig).  If she does not give a name, take 1 drink.
  2. When Palin mentions 9/11 in a textually-relevant manner (e.g. “We need to prevent another attack like the one on 9/11″), take 1 drink.  When Palin mentions 9/11 in a gratuitous, textually-irrelevant manner (e.g. “When my son Track was sent over to Iraq on 9/11…”), take 2 drinks.
  3. If Palin uses the phrase, “hockey mom”, drink until she takes the self-satisfied smirk off her face.

For Joe Biden:

  1. Every time Biden chuckles condescendingly at Sarah Palin, take 1 drink.  Every time Biden chuckles condescendingly at moderator Gwen Ifill, take 2 drinks.
  2. Every time Biden refers to himself in the third person, take 1 drink.  If he uses his full name (e.g. “When people ask me, ‘Joe Biden, how did you become so good looking?’”), take 2 drinks.
  3. If Biden points out that despite being less than 1/100th the size, Delaware has more people than Alaska, drink until you see the bottom of your glass.

If either candidate says:

  1. Russia, take 1 drink.  U.S.S.R., take 2 drinks.  Swimming the Bering Straight, take 3 drinks.
  2. Hillary Clinton, take 1 drink.  Bill Clinton, take 2 drinks.  Monica Lewinsky, take 3 drinks.
  3. Dick Cheney, take 1 drink.  Tricky Dick, take 2 drinks.  Sucking dick, take 3 drinks.

Finally, if at any point Biden uses the phrase “I know Geraldine Ferraro; Geraldine Ferraro is a friend of mine.  Governor, you’re no Geraldine Ferraro,” chug your beer, turn off your TV, and shoot yourself in the head.

I try to stay clear of politcal debate… I’m not really into politics all that much.  But believe me when I tell you this, gentle readers… Sarah Palin is a joke.  Not in the sense of she’s hilarious and when she gets on stage she can really win over a crowd.  But very much in the way that I wouldn’t want her to run the country (let alone “assist” with running the country) if frogs had taken over the world…

I realize I’m being harsh, but I saw the original clip of Sarah Palin talking to Katie Couric.  And I watched the SNL skit with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, and it couldn’t have been more accurate than if Palin had been on SNL herself.  And I can’t get passed the fact that she is not knowledgeable about anything.  Even her own state, of which she was Senator.  And if you know nothing about your own state, how do you expect to be able to run the country???

Here’s my theory: She’s going to do very well in the debate tomorrow night.  Why, you ask.  Because her personality is significantly better than her opponents.  Even though she doesn’t have much insight into the issues, she has the ability to maintain composure and keep things light when it’s not a one on one situationm, like with Katie Couric (who basically made Palin look like a dancing monkey).

I keep mentioning that I feel very uninformed, and this is no one’s fault but my own.  But can you blame me for not wanting to pay attention to a three-ring circus?  I’m sorry, but I’m terrified of clowns.  And as much as I don’t want either candidates in office, I want McCain there even less now because of Sarah Palin.  And it is my personal opinion that if McCain is elected in office, then the country is going to end up in worse shape than when Bush was in office.

I don’t know what it is, but I definitely feel like this election year is more intense than ever before.  Maybe it’s because I’m older now, and more aware of the state of the economy and the issues going on in the country… or maybe it is because this is more intense than previous elections.

If anything, gentle readers, please keep yourselves abreast of the issues and up to date on what’s going on.  You don’t have to know everything (lord knows I don’t), but being aware is the best thing you could do.


And also…. the debate tomorrow night is taking the place of The Office and Grey’s Anatomy.  Color me annoyed.

I wouldn’t consider this a commerative post by any means.  More of an appropriate road to travel given today’s meaning.  And by that, I mean it is 9/11.  And I’m not looking to be sad or angry or even cry over the events that transpired 7 years ago.  It was sad.  The country is in upheaval.  Still.  But what can we do about it?

I’m not much into politics.  I really never have been.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t complain when our President is doing something that could easily have been done better in a different way, or perhaps by someone else.  And it doesn’t mean I’m not outraged that there are still troops in Iraq.  And it doesn’t mean that I’m not furious and scared and concerned that the term “recession” is taboo because no one wants to admit it, and yet, what is being done about it?

In less than 60 days, we will have to vote for a new President.  The thought makes me shiver (not only because it strikes fear in my heart, but also because I am sitting in a corner at work that is perpetually cold).  And I’m not sure if I am educated enough to make a good decision in terms of who I would choose to run the country.

Simply, and in the way of political bashing, I want McCain in office.  Why?  Because in 4 years, if Hilary decides to run again, her chances of obtaining presidency would be better.  During the DNC, it was clear that HIlary and Obama are not friends, but maintain neutrality for the sake of the party.  HIlary can’t bash Obama because if he doesn’t win, it will be her fault, and if she tried to run against McCain, the Democratic party won’t vote for her.  Secretly she wants Obama to lose.

All of this?  Meaningless.  What is really going on?  What are the candidates REALLY about?  What are they saying?  What are they going to do?  And is it going to help?

Here is a link that breaks down each argument and defines each candidates position on several different topics.  Hopefully, this will make things clearer in helping me, and you  make the correct decision.

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