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I’m going to take a moment, before completely diving into the latest episode of Dollhouse to talk about how awesome Joss Whedon is.  And how much I love him.

It’s amazing to think of all the shows he’s done, and how brilliant they all have been.  But what’s more is that there are certain points where you can’t tell if he had the whole story planned out from the beginning, or if he is just flying by the seat of his pants.  And I think that’s what makes his work more brilliant.  The stories he’s written often have that feel – like he knew what was going to happen all along.

And with all that said, Dollhouse.

I pretty much think they are done with the one-off episodes.  You know, those episodes that have little or nothing to do with the overall story.  I actually like some of those one-off episodes.  They offer a nice break from the intense drama and constant edge-of-your-seatyness.

But last night’s episode, Getting Closer, was easily the most Joss-centric episode I’ve seen in awhile, in that it really felt like Joss had the entire story planned out from the pilot.  The natural progression of the plot just felt so right, and really made me feel like I want to see more.  And yes, I know FOX isn’t interested in keeping Dollhouse in the lineup, but what if another network picked it up?

ANYway.  Getting Closer.  Amazing.

Echo isn’t pleased about reuniting with Caroline, and it seemed as though no one else would be either.  Amy Acker reprised her role of Dr. Saunders and returned to the Dollhouse, both as Dr. Saunders AND as Boyd’s lover.  And Summer Glau came back as Bennett to help restore Caroline’s original personality wedge.

But, good lord, did things get crazy.

A few things to note, it was interesting to see the path that initially brought us to Epitaph One, the season one ender.

They are at war.  The House is in danger.  And Caroline is at the center of it.  The Rossum Corporation is going to collapse if they lose the war.

And it’s also great to see how much of the story can be told through flashbacks and memory scenes.

The big reveal of the episode was found at the end with a very detailed flashback scene from Caroline’s memory – Boyd is placed very high up within the Rossum Corporation.  Very high up, meaning, he is one of the partners.  Or perhaps a doll, with the partner’s personality imprinted.  As it was mentioned once earlier, the head of Rossum has an interest in keeping things mysterious, so it comes as no surprise that he would imprint himself into different bodies.  So, what does that mean for the ACTUAL head of Rossum?

I can’t stress enough how much this episode felt like Joss had really planned this all out before the show even started.  And that is a distinct possibility.  But with recent news that Dollhouse would not continue after the second season, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was supposed to be more to the story than we’re seeing.  But Joss did get the opportunity to wrap it up, whereas, in Firefly, there were so many untold stories just waiting to be seen.  Even after the movie.

And while we’re talking about Firefly, I simply do not like Summer Glau.  I understand that when Joss loves you in a role, he’ll put you in EVERYTHING he can.  And that’s an amazing loyalty.  But I just don’t like Summer Glau.  I didn’t like her as River, and I hated her on the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  And I think she tainted Dollhouse.  But Dollhouse seems to be a Whedonverse reunion zone.  Faith.  Wash.  Fred.  River.

But Joss has done such amazing story telling, I really can’t help but wonder where it is all supposed to go.  And I’m very much looking forward to Epitaph Two.  When it airs.

What do you think about the last few episodes of Dollhouse?

Thursday night on the Office marked a HUGE milestone in Office history: Jim and Pam finally got married!

I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to do a live post or a semi-live post, and I took notes all during the episode.  But re-reading over the notes I took, I don’t think that such an event would warrant a live or semi-live post.

ANYway.  Jim and Pam are married!



And what could be more awesome?  Not much.

The entire episode wasn’t the strongest I’ve seen, but watching the culmination 5 or more years of Jim and Pam just goofing around the Office was enough to make it a really great episode.

A few things that happened:

  • Andy did a split and injured his scrotum.  And THEN asked Pam – the BRIDE – to drive him to the Emergency room.  Wow.
  • Dwight is a ladies man.  He slept with the Maid of Honor, and literally did a very un-Dwight thing by blowing her off after.  It was hysterical.
  • Jim and Pam had a backup plan.  Jim says “I bought the tickets as soon as I saw the video on youtube.”  Meaning, the video of the entire bridal party dancing down the aisle to a song.  And Jim and Pam ACTUALLY got married on a boat in the middle of Niagara Falls.  Good plan, Jim.  But the dancing down the aisle was hilarious anyway.
  • Michael and Pam’s mom.  Ew… And Pam’s mom is different in this episode than in her original appearance back in the Sexual Harrassment episode of season 2.  But still, Michael and Pam’s mom?  Gross.
  • Kevin had tissue boxes for shoes.  And fake hair.  I couldn’t figure out why he looked so different in the commercials for the episode.  And then he mentioned that he wanted to have an edge, so he bought fake hair.  Way to go, Kevin!

Honestly, there was so much going on in the episode, but all those things are what made it great.  And also, Jim and Pam are married.

I wanted to cry.


Because who doesn’t love a good wedding? 

Jim had a great speech/toast during the rehearsal dinner.

Four years ago, I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, which was to wait. And don’t get me wrong, I flirted with her…I just had little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think that even then I knew that I was waiting for my wife.



Awww, Jim.  But seriously, gentle readers.  I think that was a great way to tell their story.  So many screw ups and mishaps, and debauchery all around.  I think that was the Office way to have a wedding.

And I can’t wait to see the deleted scenes! 

What did you think about Jim and Pam’s wedding?

Sadly, the rumors may hold water.  I’ve been checking the numbers weekly, at my favorite numbers site TV by the Numbers, and ratings are not looking good for Dollhouse this season.

And the rumors have been flying about the cancellation of the show since last season’s finale (or before).  According to the ratings, Dollhouse is likely to not be renewed after May  2010.  Which is sad, because I love Dollhouse.  Now that I have a DVR, I pretty much watch each episode 4 or 5 times before the next one airs.  No, I’m not psycho.  Sometimes there’s nothing on television to watch, so I’m going to watch something I like.  And sometimes it’s Dollhouse.

It’s a shame, really.  Joss Whedon has done some amazing work, and he is very well respected in the industry.  AND he’s proved himself over and over, more recently with Dr. Horrible. 

But 9pm on Friday night has always been an awful timeslot.  Especially with Medium moving to CBS, and BSG being on SyFy.  Joss just can’t win, apparently.  Which is sad, because I love Dollhouse.  I really think it’s a great show.  But apparently, not everyone thinks so.  And if they do, they certainly aren’t watching Friday nights at 9. 

So, tell me, Gentle Readers:  Has Dollhouse gotten the proper chance to shine?

How I Met Your Mother is fast approaching it’s 100th episode.  It will air this January.  And according to the show’s creators, they are going to be pulling out all the stops, possibly with another musical number.

Throughout this entire season, Ted will come closer and closer to meeting his future wife, and the 100th episode will take it to the max, but without ever showing who his wife will be.  Craig Thomas, the executive producer, will neither confirm nor deny whether Ted’s wife will be unmasked, but considering there is no talk of the show ending any time in the near future, I don’t think they’ll show her yet.  And if they do, they’ll have some very creative storylines to go with it until the end of the series.

Not gonna lie.  I’m TOTALLY looking forward to the 100th episode.  I will probably have a party.  Or at least a marathon and some really good food the night it airs.

What do you think of the new season so far?  And will YOU be watching the 100th episode?

Well, this coming week is still chock full of premieres.  I’m not entirely sure I’ll be watching EVERYTHING.  In fact, I don’t think I’ll be watching many more premieres.

So, here’s what’s happening next week:

Monday, Sept. 28

  • Lie to Me, 9 p.m. (Fox)
  • Trauma, 9 p.m. (NBC)

I considered watching Lie to Me, and I’m wondering if I should even bother trying to record it.  To be perfectly honest, my Monday nights are all booked up.  With everything on CBS and of course House, I don’t think I want to kill my DVR by overloading it.  Besides, I think by that point, my DVR will say 95% full.  Just a guess.

Tuesday, Sept. 29

  • Hell’s Kitchen, 8 p.m. (Fox)
  • Shark Tank, 8 p.m. (ABC)
  • Dancing With the Stars, 9 p.m. (ABC)

This is an interesting night for television.  As in, there is nothing on that I would actually be interested in.  I think I’d like to use Tuesdays as a day to catch up on what I HAVEN’T already watched on my DVR.  I’ve always loved Hell’s Kitchen, though… We shall see.

Wednesday, Sept. 30

  • Hank, 8 p.m. (ABC)
  • The Middle, 8:30 pm. (ABC)

Wednesday… Wednesday… Wednesday.  Hmm.. what to watch… I think I’m not down with the premieres this week.

Thursday, Oct. 1

  • Private Practice, 10 p.m. (ABC)

I haven’t watched this show since the first season.  I won’t be picking it back up.  Mostly because Thursday is another DVR-heavy night, with tons to watch.  And also, Jay Leno seems to be on at 10, and Chriso loves to watch it.

Friday, Oct 2

  • ‘Til Death, 8:30 p.m. (Fox)
  • Stargate Universe, 9 p.m. (Syfy)

Um, again, nothing I really want to watch.  I’m down for another week and potentially AWESOME episode of Dollhouse.

Sunday, Oct. 3

  • America’s Funniest Home Videos, 7 p.m (ABC)
  • Three Rivers, 9 p.m. (CBS)

Well, again, no.  Simpsons.  Family Guy.  Perhaps a movie.  But the premieres are still lacking by this point.

What will YOU be watching this week?

The Office – The Meeting

Michael gets worried after David Wallace and Jim have a private meeting. Pam tries to get a headcount for the wedding. Darryl’s worker’s compensation claim makes Dwight suspicious.

No one should be surprised that this week’s episode was a little weaker than the premiere.  Actually, while it was a weaker episode with comedy, I definitely think it was more emotionally charged than most episodes.  And that came from the tension between Jim and Michael.  Jim exerts himself and basically reprimands Michael for telling David that he didn’t deserve the promotion.

It was really cool to see Jim take a stand.  I can’t wait to see that play out more now that they are going to be “Co-Managers.”

Community – Spanish 101

In Spanish class, Senor Chang asks the students to pair up for a project. Jeff’s attempt to team up with Britta fails and he ends up displeased with his actual partner. Annie and Shirley assist Britta with her cause for social justice.

Second episode out of the way – and not as good as the first.  Although Chevy Chase is making strides at being one of the funnier characters on the show.  I don’t have much to say about this episode other than Chevy Chase was funny.  I’ve watched it 3 times, and I’m really not impressed by it.  One more episode will tell.  And also, Chriso is LOVING the show, so it looks like it may be a permanent fixture on my DVR.  * sigh *


Parks and Recreation – Stakeout

After discovering marijuana being grown in the pit, Leslie becomes determined to find out whose crop she had stumbled across.

Umm… it was all about weed.  Oh, and Amy Poehler was funny.


Bones – Harbingers in the Fountain

For the past six weeks Booth has been recovering from brain surgery, and Sweets has finally certified him as mentally fit to return to duty. Meanwhile, while reading her tarot cards, Angela’s psychic reveals that there are several bodies buried under a fountain. Booth and Brennan are skeptical about checking it out, but are surprised when they find the remains of eleven bodies exactly where the psychic said they’d be.

Cyndi Lauper was the guest star.  Chriso and I watched the ENTIRE episode before he said, HEY, I know her.

Bones – The Bond in the Boot

Brennan and Booth are asked to investigate the death of a man who was murdered for the secret contents of his briefcase. They suspect that secret operatives are at work, and their theory is proven correct when they find the liquified remains of a CIA agent in the trunk of a car. Meanwhile, Brennan’s new best-selling book causes tension between her and Booth, and Wendell loses his scholarship.

These last two episodes of Bones were really very good.  It’s the same formula as it’s always been, which is good.  What makes this season really good so far is the relationship between Booth and Bones.  There’s always been tension, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this season would be THE season where they would finally decide that they need to be together.  Anyone who has been faithful to the show will know the excitement.  The old adage goes that loyalty will always be rewarded.  So, I think we are going to see some rewards this weekend.

What were you watching this week?

Glee – Preggers

Kurt joins the football team just to impress his father. Finn and Quinn’s relationship get a shocking development. Rachel thinks her star is fading when Tina is given a better part during rehearsals which causes her to leave. Sue continues her schemes to dismantle the glee club.

I totally forgot about the other things I wanted to record from Wednesday.  I remember vaguely wanting to watch Cougar Town and Modern Family, but they both COMPLETELY slipped my mind.  But I heard Modern Family was awesome.

ANYway – Glee.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m LOVING this show.  I’m honestly really surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.  And this week’s episode was pretty much an hour-long parody of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  And it was great.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little turned off by the storyline with Mr. Shue’s wife, and how she’s had a hysterical pregnancy, and is trying to steal a baby from a high school girl who doesn’t want to tell anyone she’s knocked up.  It makes her less and less likable.  But maybe that’s the point.  Meh, who cares.

Everything else was so cool.  Although, I found myself realizing that I was SO Rachel in high school.  I was always the complainer and EXTREMELY high maintenance when it came to music and drama.  So, kudos to the music director for putting up with it.  Yup, I was Rachel.  Looking back, it’s hysterical and sad all at the same time.  But I guess that’s another reason to love the show: it’s relatable.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode.