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It’s not that I hate summer replacement television.  Actually, this season I’m rather pleased with the shows that I HAVE been watching.

Leverage is my current favorite.  In fact, I have it set up to record on the DVR and then watch each episode at least four times before deleting them.  And THEN once they are OnDemand, I’ll watch them over and over until the episodes disappear and new ones come on – and then the whole cycle starts over again.

It’s saying something about a television show when you just can’t get enough of it.  I remember seeing previews of it once upon a time, but never really thought to get into it.  And now?  Now, it’s my new favorite show.  Well, my new favorite summer replacement hour-long drama.  And I have a GINORMOUS celebrity crush on Christian Kane, who plays Eliot, the tough guy who beats everyone up.  Christian Kane did some early episodes of Angel, and then a few later ones towards the end.  He was the whiny bad guy that wanted to be cool in Angel.  Now, he IS the cool guy.

As a show, the concept is great.  The stories you can tell about the cons they run are endless, and there’s an unlimited number of stories you can tell about the relationships between the characters.  It’s almost like I want all these criminals to be my best friend so I can run cons with them.  I haven’t been able to say anything like that since Dexter, who is my serial killer BFF.

The other show I’m watching right now is on Sy-Fy, called Warehouse 13.  What cracks me up about this show is that I never had any intentions of watching it.  Ever.  I had even gone to a focus group on this very show.  Although I don’t remember thinking very fondly of it.  I guess it says a lot about a television show when there’s nothing else on.  Actually, that’s not fair at all.  I do enjoy this one, and I didn’t think I would.  AND.. BONUS!  Jane Espenson happens to write for it.  So that’s cool.

But as far as other summer replacement shows?  I’m trying to watching Persons Unknown on NBC as I write this – but it is not keeping my attention.  Maybe another episode or two will help with that… but we’ll see.

What shows are you going to watch this summer?


I was invited to attend a focus group in Waltham last night.  My first ever, actually.  I’m sure the Internet is aware of what a focus group is.  You sit in a room, and view advertisements and then discuss them with the group, what you liked, what you didn’t.  What works, what makes no sense, etc.

And what type of focus group did I attend?  TV.  Seriously, could that have been a more perfect way to start?  I don’t think so.

ANYway.  I had no idea what to expect, and they don’t tell you beforehand what you’ll be viewing.  Although, I should have known from the qualifying phone interview from a few weeks ago.  They were awfully focused on Sci-fi stuff.  Lo and behold, we were viewing and discussing and judging a potential Sci-fi channel show.

So, I sat around for about 20 minutes before being called into the tiny room with the many chairs.  I actually had a pretty diverse group.  Well, maybe not REALLY diverse.  Apparently, we all watch reality TV.  But about half of the group was interested in cop dramas and forensic stories.   CSI and other similar shows.  While the other half was pretty buried in Sci-fi.  Think shows like Eureka and Heroes.  And there were some overlaps with reality tv with networks like the Discovery Channel and A&E.

Once all 10 of us were settled in, the moderator (his name might have been Jeff…or Jim.  Crap!  I’m bad with names) passed around print ads, and had us rate them from 1 to 10 which ones we liked best, which caught our attention, and which ones just made no sense.

Warehouse 13.

From the ads we saw, it looked very dramedy (part drama, part comedy).  In my personal opinion, it was very X-files meets the Office, but with supernatural objects.

I can’t say that I’m not interested in seeing the show.  And now that I’ve done some searches on Google, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t heard of this show before.  

And also, Sci-fi is planning on changing their name to SYFY.  

In a word?  Lame.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad evening.  I sat around and got to watch previews for a new show that I will probably check out.  After all, what kind of TV-obsessed girl would I be if I didn’t give it the 3-episode rule?

What I found a little annoying was that there were a few people in the room that seemed a little pretentious.  But then again, they probably thought the same about me.

My opinions weren’t based solely on the ads, but also on the basic way that television works from a writing standpoint.  How many episodes, where plots will end up, etc.  I think that might have been a turnoff for them.

Oh well.

I got my $75 for being there and giving my opinions, and got to go home.

Oh, and I had to pee the entire time.  

I know, I know.  TMI.

But it was fun.