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Hubs and I spent a number of hours discussing what would happen to Two and a Half Men after the demise of Charlie Sheen and his more than lifelike character of Charlie Harper.  Such scenarios included a larger role for Herb Melnick, Judith’s new husband, played by Ryan Stiles.  Because who doesn’t love Ryan Stiles?  Or adding another kid that ends up being Charlie’s that he never knew about.  But the idea of having Ashton Kutcher take on the Charlie-esque role named Walden was never something we entertained.

And now that Walden is now a part of the cast, ihet’s not the same show.  It hasn’t been the same show for quite awhile, even before Charlie spun out.  But they made some serious changes, much in the way of set design.  And you hardly ever see Jake, Judith or Herb, and Berta seems to have a similar amount of screen time as she’s always had.

But tonight’s episode featured Patten Oswalt playing Walden’s best friend and worst enemy.  After last week’s disaster of an episode that focused on the worst vomit jokes since third grade, I was looking forward to a great guest star.  But the question I have is will he stay on to help strengthen the cast?  And will it help?

Sure, there were some funny jokes, but again, it’s not the same show.  It doesn’t hold up like it used to.

I guess only time will tell.  Until then, I look forward to seeing Patten Oswalt again in future episodes.

What do you think of this season of Two and a Half Men?  Will it survive?

It’s been a difficult week in that there was just so much to watch.  Not only were there a large number of pilots to watch and critique, but there were also quite a few returning shows that need to be ripped apart.

House, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Castle, Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Community, the Simpsons, and Family Guy… all shows I’ve come to love very much for very different reasons.  You can find all of my thoughts after the jump. Continue reading

First up?  My DVR.

And for those of you who were wondering, this is going to be one of those posts where I talk about something painfully mundane, but seemingly interesting.  Well, to me anyway.

Of all the things that need a good cleaning out, my DVR is definitely on the top of that list.  Well, that and my entire apartment.  Because I just want to relax and not worry about anything from Christmas to New Years.

The simple fact is that there is way too much clogging up the DVR.  Way too much.  As in, I should really delete stuff after I watch it.  But some shows just deserve to be watched 2 or 3 times.  And mostly because there are so many other things on tv that are just boring and silly, and I hate daytime tv, so I guess my DVR will remain relatively full.

  • 13 episodes of The Office
  • 2 episodes of Men of a Certain Age
  • 3 episodes of The Big Bang Theory
  • 9 episodes of Two and a Half Men
  • 3 episodes of Accidentally on Purpose
  • 1 episode of House
  • 1 episode of How I Met Your Mother
  • 7 episodes of The Simpsons
  • 1 episode of Let’s Make a Deal
  • 1 episode of WAVY News 10 Local News
  • 7 episodes of Family Feud
  • 2 episodes of The Family Guy
  • 2 episodes of Legend of the Seeker
  • 9 episodes of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
  • 1 DOUBLE episode of Dollhouse – this one keeps recording in 2-hour increments, which is fine, because then it looks like I only have 1 episode, even though there’s 2
  • 1 episode of the Tonight Show
  • 7 episodes of Lopez Tonight
  • 1 episode of SNL
  • 1 episode of Community
  • 1 episode of Cougar Town
  • 1 episode of Glee
  • 1 episode of Modern Family
  • 2 episodes of The Jay Leno Show
  • 2 episodes of Late Show with David Letterman
  • 1 episode of The Price is Right
  • Something’s Got to Give
  • Talladega Nights
  • Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas

Final count – 94% full with 85 episodes/movies/tv specials.  It’s sick.  And there is way too much on my DVR.  I wonder if I’ll make it through everything so I can make room for new stuff.

Honestly, I love EW for a lot of things.  But most of all, I love them for their lists.  They provide me with much needed blog fodder from time to time.  And who doesn’t love lists?  I mean, really.

But I love this particular list because it takes an honest look at what’s wrong with TV these days, and some shows that we just shouldn’t be watching anymore.  I will say upfront that I don’t completely agree with every show on this list, but I can certainly respect why they are on it.

  1. Heroes – Not gonna lie, I broke up with this one after season 2.  And then again after season 3.
  2. Dollhouse – One of those shows I love, that I don’t think should be on this list… but the ratings just aren’t up far enough yet to keep it from failing in its Friday night timeslot.
  3. America’s Next Top Model – I’ve never watched this show, and I don’t plan to start now.
  4. Project Runway – Um… same deal.  But hasn’t it been on long enough?
  5. The Office – I love this show, and really don’t see an end in sight.
  6. Gossip Girl – Ha!  I really tried watching this one, but it’s a daytime soap opera that airs at night on a crappy network.  The End.
  7. Hell’s Kitchen – This used to be a must-see… sadly, not so much anymore.
  8. Bones – I love this show.  I’ve always loved this show.  BUT it is one of those shows that you can put down for awhile, and pick up later and not miss much.  That could be deadly for a show.
  9. House – Yet another show that I love, but can drop for awhile and pick up whenever.  Sure, there’s new things going on this season…
  10. One Tree Hill – This is one that I tried watching, and it felt a little like a soap opera, and a little bit forced.  6 seasons might be long enough.
  11. Dancing with the Stars – They try to keep it new and fresh, but like American Idol, it’s just getting old.
  12. 90210 – I’m fairly certain I remember mentioning last season that this was a mistake to begin with.  Again, I will say, why mess with a good thing?  The original was good.  Leave it there.
  13. Glee – Ok.  I love love LOVE this show.  No, it’s not for everyone.  But I am definitely surprised that it’s even on this list.
  14. Private Practice – I actually finally got caught up with this one like I did with Grey’s Anatomy.  I never really like it all that much, but it was always something to watch when there was nothing else on.
  15. Fringe – Even though Joshua Jackson is my TV-boyfriend, I’ve always felt that this one needed to go.  Come on.  It’s the X-files.  It’s already been done.
  16. Mad Men – I often hear mixed feelings about Mad Men.  It’s good, it’s not good.  Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to check it out, but there’s always something else to be watched.
  17. CSI: Miami – Procedural shows are always great because they really know what they’re talking about.  But CSI has been on for a LONG time.
  18. Ghost Whisperer – Another soapy show that just doesn’t need to be on anymore.
  19. Smallville – Apparently this one has run its course.  Smallville is yet another show that I want to get into, but the more seasons there are, the harder it is, and the longer it’s going to take.  And do I really want to invest all that time?
  20. American Idol – Old and tired.  And I hate reality TV.  And without Paula’s crazy antics and sexual tension with Simon, I just think it’s a waste.  And besides, it’s been on way too long.  It’s just old.

There are definitely a few shows on this that list that I vehemently do not agree with.  But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  As long as they can accept that Bones, House, Glee and Dollhouse are actually good shows.  And I will not be breaking up with any of these shows this season.

There are, however, a few shows that don’t show up on this particular list. Two and a Half Men is a great show, but with recent changes this season like Charlie being in a committed relationship are just things that are going to hurt the original premise of the show.  Plus, Jake is getting a little old to still be the “half” man on that show.

How I Met Your Mother is another show that I’m less than impressed with this season.  Not gonna lie, after that Britney Spears episode two seasons ago, I’ve been really turned off.  And I will say that there are a few good scenes in a few episodes this season, but Barney being committed and dating Robin just really takes away from his character mold.

I don’t see either of those shows ending anytime soon, but it’s something to think about.

What shows are you thinking about breaking up with this season?

House – Broken

House engages in a battle of wits and wills against the attending physician in charge of his detox program. When he starts to lose, House resorts to blackmail to gain the upper hand.

I think the staple of a good show is one that can take everything you’ve ever known, find a window, and throw it out.  THEN make you feel eerily okay, and all of a sudden REALLY uncomfortable.  Yup.  That’s pretty much what this season premiere did to me.  It was one of the best episodes of House I’ve seen in awhile, and it took place in a mental hospital, where everything was new and unfamiliar.  By the end of the episode, when House started working with the Doctors instead of against them, I found myself feeling uneasy.  It was so out of place and out of character for House to be cooperative, but it made the episode, and his journey more meaningful.

This didn’t follow the typical House formula where there is a patient with a seemingly incurable disease that House fails at curing several times before finding out that the formerly “incurable” part was really an allergy to peanuts.  In fact, no one from the show other than Wilson showed up at all.  House was completely out of his element.  There were new characters to annoy and manipulate and get to know, and eventually trust.  And House did all of that.

Now, I cut out of House early last season.  Actually, I cut out of a lot early last season.  But I’m REALLY looking forward to this year and seeing what’s going to happen.


How I Met Your Mother – Definitions

The rest of the gang uncovers Barney and Robin’s clandestine romance. Ted fights his nerves over his impending teaching debut at Columbia.

I love this show.  I’ve been loyal to a fault, even when Britney Spears did a few episodes.  Even when the writing didn’t seem up to par.  Even when the plot seemed a little out there.  I’m loyal to the show.  And I’ll always watch it.  I swear.  But as far as season premieres go?  This was the weakest by far.  It had it’s moments of comedy.  Like when Marshall gives Ted the Indiana Jones hat and whip as a gift for becoming a Professor.  And that ended up being a really funny episode-long running joke.  And there were a few witty lines here and there.  But, I sadly will admit, I was not impressed by the opener.  And quite frankly, I don’t really like the Barney/Robin thing they’ve got going on.  I realize Robin and Ted are not going to end up together, and that’s fine.  I accepted that.  Heck, I prefer they not be together.  But Barney and Robin?  Doesn’t really work for me.  He’s a player.  She’s a crappy relationship person.  Sure, they both love sex, but come on.  That does not a relationship make.  But whatever.  I’ll stick around and see what will happen next.  But I don’t think this is the show this year that will be watched live.  Sorry, NPH.  I love you madly, but your show is lacking.


Accidentally On Purpose – Pilot

Billie, a newspaper film critic, just went through an ugly breakup with her boss, who still wishes to mend their relationship. After a fling with a much younger guy, Billie ends up pregnant and decides that she really wants to keep the baby — and the guy she hooked up with.

This was a slow starter.  From the opening scene, I wanted to change the channel.  But after a few minutes, it picked up really quickly, and became a really great show.  I love Jenna Elfman.  She’s played some great characters.  So, it’s good to see her back on television with her own show.  And she’s got a fantastic supporting cast.  Her sister is naive, and her best friend a sharp-tongued foreigner, and together they have some pretty amazing scenes.  I think CBS has something special with this one.  Hopefully, they’ll let it ride out the season and see what happens.


Two and a Half Men – jklpuzo

Charlie must make a difficult decision about his future and with which woman he wants to spend his life: Chelsea or Mia. Meanwhile, Charlie also grows wary that Melissa has slowly moved into the house.

I’ve never really been a fan of Two and a Half Men.  And I don’t really like Charlie Sheen.  John Cryer is great, as is the rest of the supporting cast, but Charlie Sheen sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  In my opinion, this was another disappointing season opener.  But I could be biased.   This is also a show I’m watching for Chriso, as he loves it and has been watching it for quite awhile.  In fact, I gave him the first season for his birthday, and we plowed right through it.  And the first season was funny.  I just think that as far as season openers go, you should have something really strong, and this just wasn’t it.


Big Bang Theory – The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

Discovering that Leonard, Raj, and Howard fudged the results of his Arctic research expedition, a disgraced Sheldon heads home to Texas.

My goodness, the sight gags were great in this one.  In the opening scene, the gang enters their building with their bags, after having been away for the entire summer.  Every single one of them has crazy long hair and a crazy long beard, in order to demonstrate a 3 month time span.  Enter Sheldon, who is sporting a goatee and hair that looks like it has barely grown.  So, as far as sight gags go, that was pretty cool.  The rest of the episode was pretty entertaining.  They did a good job of throwing that characters right back in to where they belonged and seeing what would happen after they were gone for three months.  Also, the Leonard/Penny thing came up again, and it’s actually kind of sweet.  But they both realized it was a little awkward, which should make for some interesting encounters this season.

All in all, Monday is a pretty good night for television.  I’m not completely sold on the lineup just yet, but that is what DVR is for.


What did you watch on Monday night?  What did you think?