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Leverage title screen

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I don’t think Leverage is just your average summer replacement show anymore.  Actually, I never did.  I loved the show since the moment I sat down to marathon what was On Demand.

And there was a Leverage mini-marathon yesterday afternoon on TNT leading up to the season finale.  Because who doesn’t love a marathon?

But the best part about the finale was the short promo for the upcoming season.  It went on to say that even though this season is over, they are still in production and will be returning in September.  And that just tickles me pink.

Honestly though, after this season, I was left wanting a little more from the finale.  I felt it should have been a 2-hour deal and should have gone into more with that whole Moreau storyline.  It definitely left something to be desired.

Things I absolutely LOVED:

  • Eliot and Hardison.  Their scenes together always make me giggle, but just throwing them together for con after con and watching them interact when they’re butting heads about what they both think they should be doing is absolutely hysterical
  • Eliot being gung-ho about saving people… or more accurately, kids.
  • Hardison being an ass-kicking geek.  It’s clear Eliot had an influence on him because at the beginning of the series, Hardison constantly complained about how he just wanted to sit behind the computer and do the hacking.  Now?  He’s kicking asses and taking names.
  • Parker was great.  Her scene in the airport hiding from the FBI agent was nothing short of funny.  She got to play the “grifter” in this episode so Sophie could go off and focus on another part of the con.  Her mantra had to be: Don’t stab.  Don’t stab.  Don’t stab.  Classic

Things I didn’t care for:

  • I’m not a fan of the way the episode ended.  It felt like it was cleaned up a little too neatly.  And again, I really felt it should have been a 2-hour episode.
  • I was a little wigged out by the previews for this finale.  There were obvious clips from the episode that didn’t give anything away.  But the clip of a dead Parker just seemed a little bit much.

The best thing ever?  Leverage will be coming back in December.  And I really can’t wait.

I think you know what I’m talking about.  No?  Really?  I thought just saying “Angel” would be enough to give it away completely.  But really, no?  Okay then.

I’ll start by saying that I LOVE Angel.  I love David Boreanaz as Angel.  I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and when he was on it, and I love that he got his own show out of the deal.  Although, I generally think that Angel as a standalone series was a little anticlimactic towards the end.  There’s a lot of build up, and it felt like there was no resolution.  No closure.

But I still love Angel.

And that may be just the problem.  Or not.  Depends on who you are, I guess.

You see, gentle readers, TNT does this awesome thing they like to call Primetime in the Daytime or Primetime in the Morning where they air older shows that used to be on during primetime.  So, yeah, they’re airing reruns.  So if you want to catch up with a particular show, you can.  Law and Order, Angel and Charmed are all on that roster.  But for me, Angel is the only one that really matters.

What’s great about it is that they air the entire series from start to finish over and over again.  All five seasons.  And they air two episodes a day.  So, in theory, if they don’t have any breaks in programming you can catch the beginning and watch all the way until the end every 11 weeks.  How cool is that?  Sure, I own the entire series on dvd once, and I’m on my way to a second time, but if Angel is on TV, and I happen to pass by it, I’m going to watch.  That is a given.

And this is where I talk about how much of a distraction that is.  At least for me.

My issue is the time of day TNT airs Angel.  And then it leads to the fact that they air two episodes a day.  They air it at 6 am.  And if I’m up, I’ll watch it.  But the only time I’m really up that early anymore is if I have to go to work at 8 am.  And if I have to work, I don’t really have time to be watching Angel because it’s easy to get engrossed in it, and I really should be getting ready for work.

Yes, I am easily distractable.  And a show like Angel is just the thing in the morning that will inevitably make me almost late for work every single time.  And I learned this last week when I was cutting it close every day.  Because Angel was on TV, and I had already see the episode, but I’ll watch just until the commercial break, because this is a really good scene, and it’s David Boreanaz.

So, gentle readers, Angel is my weakness.  Well, one of my weaknesses.  And a good enough reason for me to want to work at 11 instead of 8.  At least I can watch Angel AND be on time, if not early for work everyday.

So beware of Angel being all dark and broody so early in the morning.  He might distract you.