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Surprised?  If you read this blog, you shouldn’t be.

I. Love. Firefly.  I hate that it was cancelled before its time.  And that I only discovered it on DVD when a friend of mine said, you love Buffy?  You’ll love Firefly.  And that was the end of me.  When people make jokes or references to Firefly, I think they are the best jokes because they are the payoff.

The Big Bang Theory, for example, constantly refers to Firefly, the show that should never have been cancelled.  And of course there’s the Train episode where the gang finds Summer Glau.  That’s what I mean by payoff.  A show that was cancelled ages ago is still getting references in modern television shows.  What makes it better is that it’s a Joss and Co production, because who doesn’t love Joss Whedon?

Oh, and did I mention that Firefly also stars Nathan Fillion?  Really?  I haven’t mentioned that yet?  Wow.  I must be slacking.

So… Nathan Fillion is in Firefly.

And Firefly is a space western set in 2517 about the rogue crew of Serenity that travel in the newly human-inhabited star system.  Joss Whedon is said to have pitched the show as, “nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things.”  And Firefly just oozes of stories that are waiting to be told.

And of course, what other failed show could create a movie, and such a huge following?

There you have it.  Firefly.  Check it out on Hulu.

I mean, seriously.  No, seriously.  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  Yes.  Seriously.

I actually miss that word on Grey’s Anatomy these days.  Sure, catchphrases come and go, but that was my favorite, and I kind of wish it would come back.

But seriously.  I do not like Summer Glau.  And she keeps popping up in all my favorite shows.  And I can’t stand it.  I was hoping I was done when she had her cameo in the Big Bang Theory.  But no.  Here she is.  In Grey’s Anatomy.  Flirting.  With OWEN!  And I hate her for it.

Ok.  Maybe I’m being a little harsh.  But I don’t think I liked a single character she played.  It started with River in Firefly.  I never liked River.  I thought she was whiny and needy and weird.  And that rolled over into every other role she’s ever played.  That I’ve seen.  I couldn’t watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles because I couldn’t ‘stand her in that.  I even hated her in Dollhouse, and I loved Dollhouse.

***I’m going to say this here… I plan on doing some spoiling.  So if you haven’t seen the most recent episode, I suggest you come back and read later…***

But now, here she is flirting with Christina‘s husband, and I want to punch her in the face for it.  I love Christina.  And the show is so well written that I hurt when the characters hurt.  Most times, I need a box of tissues to be able to watch.  But it wasn’t bad enough that Owen was giving Christina hell because he wanted kids and she didn’t and they thought their relationship might not be repairable…

Christina spent the entire episode trying to figure out if Owen was cheating on her.  To the point where she confronts Owen’s trauma nurse, Summer Glau, at which point she finds out, she’s just a big annoying flirt.

Christina then confronts Owen at the end, almost apologizing, telling him how crazy she’d been trying to make sure she wasn’t crazy, and she even went so far as to feel relieved when Owen said he still loved her.

And then the bomb dropped.

Owen didn’t cheat with his trauma nurse.  But he did cheat… Fade to black.

Fade to black???  I totally needed to keep watching to see what was going to happen next.  Stupid cliffhangers.  But totally worth it.  And also, I think I’m going through Grey’s withdrawl.  I want to watch the seasons from beginning to end to get my fix.  But that’s another story.

Owen gave redemption to his trauma nurse because it was him and not her.  But I still don’t like Summer Glau.  And she still flirted.

Well, hopefully all my questions will be answered soon.

Le sigh.

I know you’ve noticed.  I certainly have noticed.  And I’m not sure if it’s because I have high expectations for quality television.  Because, TV should just always be mediocre… no question.

But there’s something going on in writer’s rooms across the country.  This season just isn’t as good as it should be.  Don’t get me wrong… after last season with the Writer’s Strike, and networks just trying to get episodes out, it was all about quantity and not quality, there are a lot of shows this year that are stepping on their own toes in the writer’s room.

It’s no wonder Joss pulled Dollhouse for a rewrite.  Wish JJ Abrams had done that with Fringe… and Heroes desperately needs some serious rewrites.

One show in particular that just isn’t up to par this season (for me…) is How I Met Your Mother.  I don’t know what it is… but it’s just not as funny as it has been.  And this is my favorite show ever.  I’m not sure if it’s because Ted’s love interest and potential wife is the second Becky from Roseanne… (and if they DO get married, and this is the end of the show, I will be sorely disappointed) or maybe the writer’s need to get back to the basics.  It’s just not very good.

The last two episodes, which should have been sitcom gold (going in search of the best burger in NY, and trekking all the way to NJ)… but they were barely funny.  Lily is trying too hard to be funny… well, it’s not just Lilly.  I think the entire show, from the characters to the one-liners, to the not-so-complex-Seinfeld-wannabe plotlines are just trying to hard to be funny.

I want to know what happened.  The first two seasons were incredible.  Last season had a few really good episodes, and it just feels like things are going downhill. 

I’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t even want to watch the episodes live anymore.  I may even tune in for *gasp* The Sarah Connor Chronicles… *dramatic music plays*  even though I hate that show more than anything… and it’s probably because of Summer Glau.

But I digress.  I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for the return of sitcom gold, and paying attention the quality of the other shows I watch.

It’s just a shame… I think if this season for TV, both first run shows, and those who have already been in seasons, doesn’t start to shape up, I’m just going to have to resort to watching re-runs and DVDs.

So, why is this season of TV just mediocre?  Because the writing chops aren’t there… case closed.