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I thought I was excited about Celebrity Apprentice with Chuck Lidell last year.  But holy. freakin. potatoes.  I love this show.  Or maybe I don’t.  I do know that I recorded it in HD and watched it immediately.  Maybe that’s because Chriso may or may not want to watch  it later on.  If he does, I won’t delete it right away.

But this season of Celebrity Apprentice intrigued me because of Sharon Osbourne.  I think I’m in love with the old hag.  I certainly love watching her on television since way back when her, Ozzy and the kids did their own reality tv show, and if I could stomach watching America’s Got Talent,  I would certainly love watching that also.

The first challenge of the season always seems to be about getting your contacts in the area to donate big bucks.  This time, the scenario was a local diner/burger joint, and as always, it was men vs women.

Anyone care for a spoiler alert?  Of course, you’d LOVE one.  Joan Rivers made a cameo on behalf of Donald Trump to decide which team she like better, which happened to be the women’s team.  However, Joan’s influence did not help them, and they lost their first challenge.  And who got fired?  Carol.  The resident comedian and writer was thrown under the bus but almost everyone.

Except Cyndi Lauper.  Who clearly doesn’t have a mean bone in her body because she utterly refused to choose someone to fire, even under the duress of Donald Trump.  She even had a genuine look of sadness when Carol was fired.  She is naive, but she’s a pop star.  I’m not sure if either of those things will help her or hurt her.

What I do know is that I will be recording the series and watching until Sharon Osbourne gets fired or wins the whole show.  Which ever comes first.  Or until Chriso tells me I’m crazy to be watching this crap in HD when such a show could be watched and recorded in standard definition and still be just fine.

Among the other celebrities were Holly Robinson Pete, whom I found utterly annoying, and the type to not want to get her hands dirty.  Then there were the Victoria’s Secret Model and the WWE superstar, whose names I cannot remember for the life of me.  But I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

But for the men’s team, the heavy hitters were just as plentiful.  Sinbad, Brett Michaels, and Daryl Strawberry to start.  Then some British celebrity chef, the former governor senator man place highly in politics and was stomped down due to conspiracy in Illionois and some other guy.  Yup.  Heavy hitters indeed.

Yeah, I’ll catch a few more episodes, and make my decisions later.


And it just keeps getting worse.  I don’t  get it.  Are there really people watching these shows?  Are they really THAT good that the networks keep adding them to the lineup?

Apparently they are.  I don’t buy it, but hey.  I’m not a network exec, so I don’t really have a say.

The latest of the Reality TV horror phase would be from VH1, called Rock of Love: Charm School.  For those of you who missed the train of Bachelor-esque shows in which woman compete for the love of a man, this was exactly that, when they created the original Rock of Love… and before that Flavor of Love… and I’m sure many, many more things.  The most recent Rock of Love was a group of obsessed fans who wanted a date with the one and only Bret Michaels (excuse me while I fall out of my chair laughing…)

Well, guess what.  Your favorite bimbos and pshychotics are back for CHARM SCHOOL.  Honestly, I thought the whole point of those Bachelor type shows was to watch the women tear each other apart, and laugh at how not classy and unsophisticated they were.  I could have sworn that was the whole cache. 

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne

But now, take out the man they are competing for, add those same women who were formerly competing, and Sharon Osbourne, and what do you get?  A group of women who STILL hate each other learning to be “ladies.”

Um… what? 

I love Sharon Osbourne.  I really do.  She is such a beautiful woman, and for someone who’s been married to Ozzy and has been through the crap that she’s been through, she has a lot of class. 

And what makes her the perfect host for a show like this?  Even she is making fun at how horrible these women behave. 

Seriously?  Is this seriously airing on VH1 at this very moment?  You betcha!

I’ve been seeing promos for it, and I figured I’d check out because I love Sharon Osbourne.  But I happened  to be channel surfing last night, and stumbled across it… and you wanna know something?  I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes of it. 

It had your typical “talking head” type scene where all the women at one point are talking to the camera and commenting on what’s going on.  But seriously, gentle readers, it was less than mindless.  Maybe it had the potential to be a really great reality TV show… if the networks would just relax and understand that nobody cares.  Maybe somebody cares, but really… nobody cares.

I beg of you, high and mighty Network Executives.  Relax with the reality TV.  Yes, it’s quick and easy, and inexpensive to produce.  But some of us out their in the viewing audience prefer quality programming rather than the mindless drivel of yet ANOTHER reality TV show.  Please.  Just please.  Stop.  If you have any respect for your viewers at all.  Please.