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800 – Jimmy Fallon with a surprisingly funny open with the cast of Glee.  Definitely a shocker.  I’m thinking it’s more of a Glee open, than a Jimmy Fallon thing.

801 – Aaannnnddd Betty White makes an appearance as a dance coach.  PRICELESS.

804 – Jane Lynch, Joel McHale, Tina Fey and others sing “Born to Run.”  And have I mentioned yet that I very much dislike Jimmy Fallon?  But as far as opens go, I like that it’s very Glee focused.

806 – Live song over, time to start the show.  Let’s go, guys.

807 – I’m annoyed that Jimmy Fallon thinks he’s funny.  Acoustic guitar and all.  And then there’s a crack at Conan O’Brien.  Which was actually funny, but out of taste.

808 – Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon sing to introduce the Comedy category… color me annoyed.

809 – 30 Rock, The Office, Modern Family, The Middle, Glee, Community, Two and a Half men, Nurse Jackie, Parks and Recreation, New Adventures of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasms Seinfeld episode… so many funny clips.

811 – Jon Hamm and Betty White to present the award.  I LOVE Betty White.  She’s sooooo funny.

812 – And the winner… should be NPH because I love him… BUT, Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family takes the win.  Actually, that’s fair.  He’s hysterical.

814 – Eric Stonestreet had a really nice speech.  Very touching.  But now it’s commercial time…

816 – Just a side note during commercials: Jimmy Fallon WISHES he could be Betty White.  She’s rocking the house.

818 – John Hodgman, backstage color commentator… this guy is really funny.

819 – Jim Parson and Sofia Vergara onstage to present Best Writing for a Comedy Series… I love Sheldon!  They have great chemistry onstage.

821 – Steven Levitan and Chris Lloyd for Modern Family.  Amazing.  They totally deserve it.  And where is Chris Lloyd?

822 – Methinks Modern Family is going to take home some series awards tonite.  Move over 30 Rock!

823 – Stephen Colbert the next presenter… “Good evening, ladies and women.”  Very funny.  Best Supporting Actress in a comedy.

824 – Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies, John Travolta in Hairspray… And Modern Family has  another 2 nominations…

825 – Jane Lynch for the win.  I was hoping that would happen!

826 – She is just so amazing… and she’s not seething with jealousy.  And thanks her wife and daughter.  Jane Lynch just has so much class.

828 – I forgot that Oprah’s show is ending soon… there’s a commercial showing clips of her show since the beginning.  And this coming season will be her 13th and final season… Hmm.. I thought she’s been on longer than that…

830 – Jimmy Fallon just needs to shut up… but it was an interesting six degress from Lauren Graham to Matthew Perry.

832 – Betty White and Neil Patrick Harris for best Guest Actress/Actor in a comedy series.  Couldn’t have picked a better pair.

834 – Glee picks up another Emmy for best directing by Ryan Murphy.

835 – HA!  Stewie takes a slam at Al Bundy.

837 – George Clooney in bed with Modern Family.

838 – Outstanding lead actor… I think Jim Parsons should take this one.  AAAANNNND HE DOES!  Woohoo!

840 – NPH and Jewel up next.  Time for a quick break.  Maybe turn off the air.  BUT wait!  There’s a commercial for a new Kristen Bell movie.  And Betty White’s in it!  I’m there!  Called You Again.  LOVE IT!

844- NPH thanks the academy for allowing a gay man to host the Emmy’s two years in a row.  I’m just tickled pink.  And NPH should be hosting.

845 – Edie Falco wins for Nurse Jackie, as Best Actress in a Comedy Series.  And she’s humble.  And says she’s not funny.  I miss her on the Sopranos.

847 – Jimmy Fallon picked up that stupid guitar again, just to announce reality tv.  Which I also hate.

849 – And have I mentioned that I hate reality tv?

850 – What is Keri Russell doing these days?  But it’s Top Chef for the win.

853 – Another Oprah commercial.  Perhaps a drinking game should be made of this.

856 – I have to say, I’m looking forward to this new fall season coming up.  I’m actually surprised it’s starting so early.  At least by three weeks.

857 – I wish Jimmy Fallon would put down the guitar… except that chick he’s singing with just sang “I cried when they announced you as the host.”  Truer words were never spoken.

858 – And now for the Drama stuff.  So many great shows.  Not enough awards.

901 – Oustanding writing for a Drama Series… The Good Wife, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, Lost…

902 – Mad Men takes this one.  Is that really a surprise?  Maybe I should start watching.

904 – Supporting Actor, Men of a Certain Age, Lost, Breaking Bad, Damages… And the winner is Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad.

908 – Is it bad that I think I’m starting to fade?  Yup, I’m exhausted.  But I can do this.  Hopefully things will get more exciting.

910 – Oooohh… Emily Deschanel and Nathan Fillion.  Love them both.  It’s nice to see Nathan Fillion finally up where he belongs.

911 – Archie Panjabi wins for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

912 – And Edie Falco is the Real Housewife of New Jersey.  But we’re talking about lead actors for a drama.  I’m all for Michael C Hall in Dexter and Hugh Laurie

913 – Brian Cranston for Breaking Bad.  It’s a shame.  So many great dramas.

914 – His acceptance speech included, “thanks to my wife and daughter.  I love you more than baseball.”

917 – You know, it just occurred to me that I could be doing a semi live blog tonite.  Now that I think about it, I so don’t have to be watching commercials.  Funny stuff.

920 – Best Guest Actor/Actress in  a drama – John Lithgow and Ann Margaret.  Who will also be handing out the next award. Which will be outstanding directing.

922- Steve Shill for Dexter.  I won’t complain about that one.  And also, I want that theme as my ringtone.

923 – A musical tribute by Jimmy Fallon as Elton John.  I hate this guy.  But the tribute is to shows that ended this past year.

924 – 24 is the first to be sung about… and then Jimmy Fallon as all of Boyz II Men singing about Law and Order.

926 – And then there was Lost.  Jimmy Fallon as Billie Joe from Green Day.

932 – Matthew Morrison and Tina Fey to present to Kyra Sedgewick for The Closer.

934 – She had such a long list…  And Jimmy Fallon is back with his guitar… Grrr

935 – Variety clip of Betty White hosting SNL.  She was great.

946 – Ricky Gervais – gotta love his accent.  And he’s got a few funny jokes.

951 – The Daily Show, Real Time with BillMaher, SNL.. and it goes to the Daily Show.

There is very little on TV these days that makes me squeal with geeker joy.  But put together one of my favorite actors with my all-time favorite director/creator on one of my favorite shows of the season and the squealing never ends.

That’s right.  Neil Patrick Harris was on an episode of Glee.  AND it was directed by Joss Whedon.  Who just so happens to be a Gleek.  If my DVR dies tomorrow, and I can only save one thing, I hope it’s this episode of Glee.

There was very little about this episode I didn’t love.  NPH’s duets with Matthew Morrison were truly awesome.  And Kevin McHale had a really great story arc, that was both touching and entertaining.  And he even got his own dance sequence.

NPH’s arc was a great one.  He came in as a member of the board of directors for the school, and threatened to take away the school’s music program.  The kicker?  He went to school with Will Schuester.  And he was more popular, and a better singer, and older, and got all the girls.  Talk about drama.

Such tension created awesome music.  Billy Joel’s Piano Man in the bar, and Aerosmith’s Dream On were big numbers for NPH.  And I loved every minute.

What I didn’t love was Rachel’s storyline with her “birth mother.”  A few weeks back, when Rachel got herself a new boyfriend, it seemed as though a conspiracy was brewing – where the rival school would infiltrate New Directions and possibly ruin the Invitational.  What really happened?  Rachel’s new boyfriend is still infiltrating the glee club, but with much different motives.  He is on a mission from Rachel’s birth mother, the opposing school’s show choir director.  And he’s trying to get them together.


Sometimes, I think Rachel’s arcs are more filler than anything.  And it’s been weeks since we’ve seen a good arc from Quinn and her baby drama.  Although she’s been teetering back and forth between good and evil – one minute being selfless and helping one person or another feel better about themselves, and the next being mean and nasty and using her baby as an excuse.

And next week is Lady Gaga week.  Talk about May Sweeps.  Although I’m a little skeptical about that episode, but it should be huge.

And there is no doubt that Glee will be renewed for the fall.

What did you think about NPH on Glee?

A deal is in the works for Neil Patrick Harris to appear in an episode of Glee during May Sweeps that will be directed by the one and only Joss Whedon.


I’d heard a rumor about this today, and I wasn’t sure what to think.  Outside of being overwhelmed with excitement that the infamous NPH/Whedon duo is going to reunite, I am more than excited that the reunion will be on my favorite FOX show, Glee.

The news of the upcoming episode was dropped in a Twitter update by EW’s Michael Ausiello, who is no less excited than I, or any other fans are.

I must say, I don’t always look forward to May Sweeps.  I think that’s mostly because Upfronts are usually close by and the fate of our favorite shows hangs in the balance, so the importance of May Sweeps is HUGE, but very overdramatic.

ANYway, NPH.  Glee.

The episode and the role will be tailored specifically to the How I Met Your Mother superstar, and will no doubt include a song and dance number.

Yes.  I am excited.  Although, the waiting for Glee to return in April will be hard, I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.

What are your thoughts on Glee and NPH’s upcoming role?

It is a sad, sad day when I’d rather watch almost anything else other than How I Met Your Mother.  Considering at one time it was my all time favorite show ever.  And who could blame me for loving it so much?  The storylines were funny.  And who DOESN’T love Neil Patrick Harris?  I mean, come on.  He’s awesome.

I’m going to attribute my gradual moving away from the show to the multiple Britney Spears appearances.  I honestly think after those appearances that HIMYM really jumped the shark.  I haven’t laughed so hard I could cry in a really long time.  Not during the new episodes at least.  If I’m watching the dvds of the first and second seasons, there is no doubt I’ll be doubled over in  laughter.

But I’ve thought for awhile now that the show just isn’t as funny as it used to be.  I absolutely hated the idea of Barney and Robin together, and I was more than relieved when they finally ditched that relationship.

Now, I wonder if the writing just isn’t as good as it used to be or if maybe my tastes are just changing again.

With all that said, I’ve found a new favorite show.  I didn’t really click with The Big Bang Theory in the beginning.  I pretty much thought it wouldn’t last more than a season.  But much to my surprise, it is currently in its third season, and keeps getting funnier.

Shows that get silly songs stuck in my head because they are just so funny are something worth taking a second look at in my book.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur/ Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

Oh yes.  I want that as my ringtone.

But that’s besides the point.  The writing is spot on, although sometimes the stories are a little… well, dull.  There are some amazingly well-written lines and fantastic delivery by the characters.  Just as an example, in the most recent episode where Penny dislocated her shoulder, and Sheldon needed to be her knight in shining armor, the chemistry between Sheldon and Penny was nothing short of a laugh riot.  They are just so different, which makes them interesting to watch.  And also wonder what kinds of awkward situations you can throw them into.

I just don’t see that with HIMYM anymore.  They’ve all been in awkward situations and thrown into a pit of uncomfortableness over and over.  But it lacks punch for me right now.  I won’t stop watching the show like I did to boycott the Britney episodes.  And I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for that comeback episode that’s going to make me cry from laughing so hard.

So, Big Bang is my number one.  And HIMYM with take a backseat until they make their comeback, which I hope will be soon.  I really loved that show.

What do you think of the rise of Big Bang and the fall of HIMYM?  Do you see a trend with current shows that used to be good but aren’t anymore, or with shows that used to be uninteresting, and now blow you away?

I think it’s safe to say that Neil Patrick Harris KILLED last night.  And CBS knew it.  Over and over again – and even in various articles all over the Internet – it was made known that last year’s awards show was completely awful.  But NPH was a great choice.  And did I mention that he KILLED?  Because he did.

Neil Patrick Harris hosting the 2009 Emmys

I did a live blog last night.  I don’t normally do completely live posts.  Usually, it’s of the semi-live variety, where I blog live, and post later, after doing some serious editing.  But doing a fully live post was fun.  And it made my Emmy watching experience that much more enjoyable.

For me, the highlight of the evening was Dr. Horrible interrupting the broadcast.  Not only did NPH appear, but Nathan Fillion reprised his role as Captain Hammer.  Add Jason Bateman and Felicia Day, and you’ve got yourself a show.

All the winners were amazing.  All the nominees were amazing.  To be perfectly honest, there weren’t too many surprises in the winners department.  But what really made the show great was all the in between stuff.  Like the musical introduction by NPH, the new and interesting way to introduce the nominees, a la the Variety TV category.  And did anyone notice the more organized format?  In years past, the categories were a little more… spontaneous frazzled unorganized, so this year, it was a refreshing change of pace to have things a little more clear and concise.  Doing all the comedy, then reality, movies/miniseries, variety and drama?  That was brilliant on CBS’s part.

Now, while there weren’t many surprises as far as winners go, I was more than a little annoyed at 30 Rock, and there being so many wins for that show.  Especially when it was up against better sitcoms.  The Office.  Two and a Half Men.  How I Met Your Mother.  All were heavy hitters, but 30 Rock took home the trophy.  Seriously?  I really think that any of the other sitcoms in that category would have been a better choice.  Maybe I’m not alone on thinking that.  But kudos to 30 Rock for pulling it out.

Also, I was so impressed with the Academy recognizing a show that is no longer on the air.  In fact, a show that was cancelled last November from ABC due to ratings.  Or budget.  Or whatever.  Pushing Daisies was one of my favorite shows, so I could not have been more pleased that Kristen Chenoweth took home the Emmy for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy.  She cried onstage.  Clearly she was shocked, but thanked the Academy for recognizing a show that is no longer on the air.  I think that says a lot about the quality of the show, not to mention Kristen’s performance.  I don’t know if Pushing Daisies would have flourished any further, but having it win an Emmy is nothing short of awesome.

There were so many jokes, some that worked, and some that didn’t.  And NPH going back and forth with John Cryer was hysterical.  I really think the two were equally matched as far as being a supporting character.  But the banter back and forth was priceless.

So, in a nutshell, I really enjoyed the Emmys this year.  I really think broadcast television will make a comeback.  At least, I’m hoping so.  I REALLY want to give my DVR a workout, and do some serious reviewing of TV this year.

So, tell me…

What did you think of the Emmys?

So this has got to be THE COOLEST THING EVER!  I daresay… it’s LEGENDARY!

Joss Whedon has done it again.  And with more pure brilliance.  Only this time he’s working with Neil Patrick Harris in the mix.  Also featured is Nathan Fillion (whom Joss LOVES and refuses to let die, so he gets put in EVERYTHING Joss does… LOVE IT!).

The name of this new project is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a mini-webseries.  It’s the story of a low-rent supervillain who is desperate to be a part of the EVIL LEAGUE OF EVIL, but his application is still being reviewed.  Harris stars as Dr. Horrible, and Nathan Fillion plays his nemesis, Captain Hammer.  Felicia Day rounds out the cast by playing Penny, the girl of Dr. Horrible’s dreams, and Captain Hammer’s reality.

This webseries was born out of frustration during the Writer’s Strike, and Joss has pointed out that he created this to prove that so much more could be done with little money.  Whole franchises could be formed on very little budget, and so far, that seems to be the plan for the Dr. Horrible series.  There are plans for merchandise as well as DVDs and a soundtrack, and maybe even a sequel or two.

I found out about this yesterday, although I vaguely remember reading or hearing about it a looong time ago.  Anyhoo, I downloaded the 3 Act story, and have not stopped laughing since.  I’ve watched it about 3 times, and honestly, it is so very funny.  The writing (as any Joss fan would know) is so great, and the acting is fantastic.  And for a low-budget project, it was surprisingly well done.

You can find it on iTunes, and I’m sure the DVDs and soundtrack will be available eventually.

In the meantime, check out the websites, both official and unoffical.  Trust me, they’re so worth it.