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I was shocked.  Literally shocked.  To the point where I knew I had to post immediately, but at the same time I couldn’t think of what to say.

Opening up the Internet to open up my email is a common routine for me every morning.  I don’t really read much of what’s on the front page of Yahoo’s site.  But this was the top story.

‘Lost Boys’ Actor Corey Haim Dead in Burbank at 38.

And it could have been drugs.  I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it was drugs, as Haim himself admitted to Larry King that he was “a chronic relapser for life.”  Did he really think he had no hope?  Apparently so.

Haim presented with flulike symptoms up to his death, and was getting over-the-counter meds to battle it. 

Corey Haim had struggled with drug addiction since ‘Lost Boys,’ and Corey Feldman had confessed that Haim’s drug addiction affected both their working and personal relationships.  Their show, The Two Coreys, had been cancelled in 2008 after only 2 seasons.

38 is young.  Very young.  And I know we hadn’t really heard much from Corey Haim in a long while, but it’s still sad.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were tied into my generation’s adolescence, with movies like Lost Boys, and Lucas, and The Goonies, among many others.

I think I’ll watch The Lost Boys tonite.


I wasn’t able to make it past the first 10 minutes of this movie.  Mostly because of the nightmare factor.

You see, gentle readers, I am sometimes prone to having nightmares.  I don’t really have much control over it, but I do try to not watch scary things late at night, in hopes that nightmares will escape me.

But I could not get through the first 10 minutes of this movie.  D assures me that I may want to put off watching it for awhile. 

In the first 10 minutes, the murder was more graphic… the language was more graphic… I couldn’t watch.  So I rolled over and fell asleep.  D also assures me that it gets so much worse.  It is more graphic than the first movie ever was.  But D says that what he watched of it wasn’t bad, aside from the graphic violence.

Yes.  It is a vampire movie, and I do expect things to be horror-genre specific, but I just couldn’t watch it.    When I finally decide to watch it, I’ll give a full review.

The upside is this: I found the first Lost Boys movie on Blu Ray, so now I can go back and watch it and enjoy.  Thanks to the PS3, I can now enjoy these things in HD!