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Kristen Bell was on George Lopez last night promoting her new movie When In Rome, which opens Friday.  In my house, we refer to her as my tiny blonde girlfriend.  Because, besides Eliza Dushku, she would be the only woman I would turn complete and total lesbian for.


Kristen Bell was on George Lopez last night.  And she did a fantastic interview and plugged her new movie.

What I love about Kristen Bell is that she is so versatile.  She can go from drama to comedy and back again in the blink of an eye, and the change of a channel.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with her resume, before she got a big break with Forgetting Sarah Marshall – on of my favorite movies EVER – she was Veronica Mars, teen detective.  She also had a recurring role as Elle in the third season of Heroes.  But even before she did tv, she was in movies AND on Broadway.  Is there nothing she can’t do?

Check out her wrap sheet here.

George Lopez gave her such an amazing compliment during her interview as well.  He commented on her ease with comedic roles, and referred to her as a modern day Lucille Ball.  He couldn’t have been more right on point in saying that.  She excels at both the physical comedy and the subtle comedy, and can play dramatic roles when the time calls for it.

I’m TOTALLY looking forward to seeing When In Rome, and perhaps Chriso will want to go see it opening night.  But we must see it soon.  And how can I not want to see it with this description:

An ambitious young New Yorker, disillusioned with romance, takes a whirlwind trip to Rome where she defiantly plucks magic coins from a fountain of love, inexplicably igniting the passion of those who threw them in: a sausage magnate, a street magician, an adoring painter and a self-admiring model. But, when a charming reporter pursues her with equal zest, how will she know if his love is the real thing?

So, the long and short of everything I just wrote are three things:

  1. I love Kristen Bell.  And I’m pretty sure if I mentioned the tiny blonde girlfriend thing to her, we would be in stalker territory.  So I’ll keep that to myself.
  2. Kristen Bell is a modern day Lucille Ball, versatile and the epitome of an amazing comedic actress.
  3. When In Rome opens this Friday.  Go see it.

I know I haven’t been watching Heroes.  I pretty much broke up with the series after the atrocity they call season 2.  And then again one third of the way through season 3.  So I haven’t really been keeping up with my Heroes news.

But it has been confirmed by a source, but not by NBC, that Adrian Pasdar who plays Nathan Petrelli, will no longer be on the show.  Apparently, he’s been killed of before: the end of season 3 when Sylar had slit his throat.  But he had come back to do guest spots and take on the guise of other characters.  However, this is rumored to be the FINAL farewell for the elder Petrelli brother.

Am I surprised?  Not sure.  The real question is: do I care?  And there is no simple answer to that one.

Heroes has been teetering on the edge of being a mediocre show for quite some time.  And again, I have to mention that I gave up on it long ago.  Believe it or not, I actually tuned in for a few scenes when I got home from work tonite.  And I’m not gonna lie, but it was more background noise than anything else.

Also, it’s not really the kind of show that you can put down and pick up randomly at any episode.  You really have to follow it, because the stories are so intermingled and twisted together, and so very elaborate.  And it’s not for the casual viewer, unfortunately.  It’s for the dedicated fan who has been watching since the beginning.  But how many of those are left anyway?

ANYway, Adrian Pasdar will be leaving the show.  His final episode has yet to air, although NBC will not confirm or deny the rumors.

What do you think about Heroes this season?


Honestly, I love EW for a lot of things.  But most of all, I love them for their lists.  They provide me with much needed blog fodder from time to time.  And who doesn’t love lists?  I mean, really.

But I love this particular list because it takes an honest look at what’s wrong with TV these days, and some shows that we just shouldn’t be watching anymore.  I will say upfront that I don’t completely agree with every show on this list, but I can certainly respect why they are on it.

  1. Heroes – Not gonna lie, I broke up with this one after season 2.  And then again after season 3.
  2. Dollhouse – One of those shows I love, that I don’t think should be on this list… but the ratings just aren’t up far enough yet to keep it from failing in its Friday night timeslot.
  3. America’s Next Top Model – I’ve never watched this show, and I don’t plan to start now.
  4. Project Runway – Um… same deal.  But hasn’t it been on long enough?
  5. The Office – I love this show, and really don’t see an end in sight.
  6. Gossip Girl – Ha!  I really tried watching this one, but it’s a daytime soap opera that airs at night on a crappy network.  The End.
  7. Hell’s Kitchen – This used to be a must-see… sadly, not so much anymore.
  8. Bones – I love this show.  I’ve always loved this show.  BUT it is one of those shows that you can put down for awhile, and pick up later and not miss much.  That could be deadly for a show.
  9. House – Yet another show that I love, but can drop for awhile and pick up whenever.  Sure, there’s new things going on this season…
  10. One Tree Hill – This is one that I tried watching, and it felt a little like a soap opera, and a little bit forced.  6 seasons might be long enough.
  11. Dancing with the Stars – They try to keep it new and fresh, but like American Idol, it’s just getting old.
  12. 90210 – I’m fairly certain I remember mentioning last season that this was a mistake to begin with.  Again, I will say, why mess with a good thing?  The original was good.  Leave it there.
  13. Glee – Ok.  I love love LOVE this show.  No, it’s not for everyone.  But I am definitely surprised that it’s even on this list.
  14. Private Practice – I actually finally got caught up with this one like I did with Grey’s Anatomy.  I never really like it all that much, but it was always something to watch when there was nothing else on.
  15. Fringe – Even though Joshua Jackson is my TV-boyfriend, I’ve always felt that this one needed to go.  Come on.  It’s the X-files.  It’s already been done.
  16. Mad Men – I often hear mixed feelings about Mad Men.  It’s good, it’s not good.  Truthfully, I’ve been wanting to check it out, but there’s always something else to be watched.
  17. CSI: Miami – Procedural shows are always great because they really know what they’re talking about.  But CSI has been on for a LONG time.
  18. Ghost Whisperer – Another soapy show that just doesn’t need to be on anymore.
  19. Smallville – Apparently this one has run its course.  Smallville is yet another show that I want to get into, but the more seasons there are, the harder it is, and the longer it’s going to take.  And do I really want to invest all that time?
  20. American Idol – Old and tired.  And I hate reality TV.  And without Paula’s crazy antics and sexual tension with Simon, I just think it’s a waste.  And besides, it’s been on way too long.  It’s just old.

There are definitely a few shows on this that list that I vehemently do not agree with.  But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  As long as they can accept that Bones, House, Glee and Dollhouse are actually good shows.  And I will not be breaking up with any of these shows this season.

There are, however, a few shows that don’t show up on this particular list. Two and a Half Men is a great show, but with recent changes this season like Charlie being in a committed relationship are just things that are going to hurt the original premise of the show.  Plus, Jake is getting a little old to still be the “half” man on that show.

How I Met Your Mother is another show that I’m less than impressed with this season.  Not gonna lie, after that Britney Spears episode two seasons ago, I’ve been really turned off.  And I will say that there are a few good scenes in a few episodes this season, but Barney being committed and dating Robin just really takes away from his character mold.

I don’t see either of those shows ending anytime soon, but it’s something to think about.

What shows are you thinking about breaking up with this season?