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So, I’ve pretty much stopped watching The Office.  Let’s face it, it just doesn’t feel the same as it used to.

I have, however, caught up on the last four episodes, which involve a hand selected (at random) crew of the Dunder Mifflin/Sabre team traveling to Tallahassee for a “special project,” ie a test Sabre store.  And of course the end result was failure.

There were two redeeming things in those four episodes.  The first was the return of Todd Packer, who was tricked into trying to acquire a nonexistent job in Florida, but just so happened to end up at Sabre.  And the second was the all out brawl Jim and Dwight had, whereby Jim was actually trying to protect Dwight from getting fired, and Dwight just didn’t know it.  I was in hysterics watching those scenes, and it made me miss the old Jim/Dwight scenes that were full of pranks and fighting that made me laugh.

So I created a list of my favorite Jim/Dwight pranks. There are so many more, and if you have the DVDs, there are quite a few more pranks in the deleted scenes.

And these are in order by season…

Season 2

  • Jim popped Dwight’s fitness orb. (Performance Review)
  • Convinced Dwight a Thursday was a Friday causing him to be late for work the next day. (Performance Review)
  • Puts Dwight’s Items In Vending machine.  Following this, he hands Dwight a bag of nickels.  (Booze Cruise)

Season 3

  • Jim sent faxes to Dwight signed FUTURE DWIGHT on Dwight’s own stationery. (Branch Closing)
  • Jim narrated Dwight’s absurd behavior when Dwight taped a meeting.  (Back from Vacation)
  • The Pavlov Experiment – Jim conditioned Dwight to expect an Altoid every time he heard a chime, using the Pavlovian theory. (Phyllis’ Wedding0
  • Jim dressed as Dwight and mimicked his speaking style.  (Product Recall)

Season 4

  • Jim and Pam sent Dwight IM’s convincing him that the Dunder Mifflin website had achieved self-awareness (Launch Party)
  • Jim linked Dwight’s cell phone to his bluetooth headset to answer all his incoming calls, and additionally forwarded his office phone to his own as well.  (Goodbye, Toby)

Season 5

  • Recorded with a stopwatch all personal time that Dwight takes in order to prove Dwight wrong when he claimed that he has never stolen company time.  (Business Ethics)
  • Convinced Dwight he was William, M Buttlicker, in a role-play to help both Jim and Dwight improve the way they speak to customers. Evidently Dwight does not do very well in the role play and Jim (Bill Buttlicker) asks to speak to Dwights manager, Michael takes the phone from Dwight and quickly makes a million dollar sale, with one condition, Michael must fire Dwight. (Customer Survey)
  • Seemingly wrapped Dwight’s chair, desk and everything on it in wrapping paper when in fact he actually replaced his chair and desk with a Christmas-wrapped cardboard version of the desk, and an incredibly loosely assembled chair. It became evident when Dwight tried to sit and everything collapsed. (Moroccan Christmas)

I think after season five, they really start to not feel like Jim pranks on Dwight.  But that is just the nature of the beast.  Jim and Pam got married and had a couple of kids.  Life moves on and Jim can’t spend as much time pranking Dwight as he used to.  Or can he?

Oh well.  I at least I have the DVDs.

What are your favorite Jim/Dwight moments or pranks?  What are you favorite moments from the Office?