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It’s not that I hate summer replacement television.  Actually, this season I’m rather pleased with the shows that I HAVE been watching.

Leverage is my current favorite.  In fact, I have it set up to record on the DVR and then watch each episode at least four times before deleting them.  And THEN once they are OnDemand, I’ll watch them over and over until the episodes disappear and new ones come on – and then the whole cycle starts over again.

It’s saying something about a television show when you just can’t get enough of it.  I remember seeing previews of it once upon a time, but never really thought to get into it.  And now?  Now, it’s my new favorite show.  Well, my new favorite summer replacement hour-long drama.  And I have a GINORMOUS celebrity crush on Christian Kane, who plays Eliot, the tough guy who beats everyone up.  Christian Kane did some early episodes of Angel, and then a few later ones towards the end.  He was the whiny bad guy that wanted to be cool in Angel.  Now, he IS the cool guy.

As a show, the concept is great.  The stories you can tell about the cons they run are endless, and there’s an unlimited number of stories you can tell about the relationships between the characters.  It’s almost like I want all these criminals to be my best friend so I can run cons with them.  I haven’t been able to say anything like that since Dexter, who is my serial killer BFF.

The other show I’m watching right now is on Sy-Fy, called Warehouse 13.  What cracks me up about this show is that I never had any intentions of watching it.  Ever.  I had even gone to a focus group on this very show.  Although I don’t remember thinking very fondly of it.  I guess it says a lot about a television show when there’s nothing else on.  Actually, that’s not fair at all.  I do enjoy this one, and I didn’t think I would.  AND.. BONUS!  Jane Espenson happens to write for it.  So that’s cool.

But as far as other summer replacement shows?  I’m trying to watching Persons Unknown on NBC as I write this – but it is not keeping my attention.  Maybe another episode or two will help with that… but we’ll see.

What shows are you going to watch this summer?


800 – NPH busts out with THE most awesome Emmy’s introduction EVER!

804 – NPH a reality show junkie?  AND loves award shows

806 – He does an AMAZING introduction and is INSANELY funny.  The lack of theme song bit was classic

808 – First genre: Comedy.  They are doing something different this year where they are going genre by genre.  I know I haven’t watched the Emmy’s in a few years, but I really think this was the best way to come back.

809 – And who doesn’t LOVE NPH?

810 – First category introducers?  Tina Fey and John Hamm.  Seth McFarlane isn’t drunk yet?  Dude, seriously?  LOL

812 – Kristen Chenoweth – NOT at all surprised by that.

813 – Chriso says I’m one for one.  APPARENTLY we’re taking bets on who’s going to win in different categories.  Kristen won for best comedic actress – she’s crying, but she’s such an incredible actress.

814 – “I want to thank the Academy for recognizing a show that is no longer on the air.”  LOVE HER!

818 – Took a pizza and Dr. P break… gotta love commercials.  Nothing like Super Bowl commercials where there’s actually something interesting to watch.  Just good enough for what it is.

820 – Aaaaaand NPH is back!  and the announcer is pretty interesting.

821 – THE CAST OF HIMYM to introduce the next category: Outstanding writing in a Sitcom

822 – Alyson Hannigan looks like a red-head again!  I can’t tell you how excited I am

823 – Ok, so all the best writing is done on 30 Rock?  Wow.  Ummm…. yeah, no?  I don’t buy that.  There are MUCH better written shows out there.

824 – Amy Poehler has a really pretty dress, but is not at all flattering.  Julia Louis-Dreyfuss looks amazing.

825 – Best Actor in a comedy… so many AMAZING actors.  And the Emmy goes to John Cryer!  Great choice.  NPH was also nominated – how does that work?

827 – Another commercial break…

833 – Does anyone know how much I LOVE NPH?  He’s making jokes about how the host of the Emmy’s didn’t win.. And now Justin Timberlake is taking about being a comedian

835 – Outstanding Lead Actress – Toni Collette… Um, again, I think there were better nominees, but she has an accent.  So there’s that.

837 – NPH is talking to John Cryer in the press room… clearly he’s upset 🙂  Or maybe he’s just being funny.

838 – John Cryer: “In your face, Neil Patrick Harris”

840 – Tina Fey and Justin Timberlake for best guest actor/actress.

841 – Best directing in a comedy series: Jeffrey Blitz, from the Office.  That was definitely a great choice for “Stress Relief.”

844 – COMMERCIALS!  Woot!

848 – And who doesn’t love Rob Lowe?

849 – Outstanding Lead Actor in Comedy: Alec Baldwin should not win… and Steve Carrell is fantastic!

851 – And the winner is…Alec Baldwin?  Ok… again.  30 Rock is not all that great, and seriously?  I could have sworn that Charlie Sheen or Steve Carrell had it in the bag.  Gah!  That’s messed up.

853 – And the Family Guy’s Brian and Stewie are talking HIMYM!  PRICELESS!

854 – New Genre: Reality!  Good lord.  I may want to take a nap… Um… can anyone figure out WHY reality TV needs to get ANY awards???  There’s NOTHING that goes into them.  They’re cheap to produce, and not at all creative.  Regurgitated, mindless crap

856 – Because we needed to see dancers from one of the dance shows?  Um… I’d ALMOST rather see Kanye West interrupt this little number here.

857 – Ok, the dance number was good… but still.

858 – John Cryer and Hayden Panettiere… Love him, I’m ok with her.

859 – Jeff Probst wins for Survivor.  BUT he congratulates NPH on a good job hosting the Emmys.

900 – One hour down.  Few more to go.  And some commercials

903 – Commercials  for Monday night premieres… Can’t wait.

906 – Tracy Morgan is the next presenter… he stuttered a bit… and wasn’t all that funny.  You see, there are writers who write jokes for comedians for award shows.  Tracy should have found a better writer.

907 – The Amazing Race is a winner.

909 – New genre: Movies and Mini-series.

910 – And now I have to pee.  Where are the commercials when you need them?

912 – Outstanding supporting actress in movie or mini-series… not gonna lie.  I’ve never heard of any of those actress OR the movies.

914 – Now supporting actors.  I actually know the actors, but the movies are still unknown.  Ken Howard is a winner.

917 – Coming up?  Tribute to winners passed

921 – Looking for a list online for the nominees this year.  Not that it matters at this point, but I’m trying to nail down EXACTLY what the 5 genres are.

922 – Grey’s Anatomy stars Kate Walsh and Chandra Wilson.  2 FANTASTIC women onstage.

923 – Kate Walsh’s dress is not all that flattering, but Chandra looks amazing!  And Brendan Gleeson is a winner for “Into the Storm.”

925 – NPH keeps checking in with the “Best Seat in the House Winner.”  A great sight gag, but it’s going to get old after a while.

926 – And I don’t like Jennifer Love Hewitt.  I think there’s a reason I won’t be watching her show this year, and it’s not because I don’t like the paranormal stuff.

927 – I may have to take a look into this whole TV movie/mini-series thing.  Those movies look incredible.  And there must be something to the whole winning an award thing.

930 – NPH invited the accountants onstage who are going to explain how to tabulate the award votes – AND THE EMMY’S WERE INTERRUPTED BY DR. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE NPH???  Because I do!  And Joss Whedon is my hero!

931- Nathan Fillion even reprises his role as Capt Hammer!  Yup.  BEST. AWARD SHOW. EVER.

933 – Uh, so after the appearance of Dr. Horrible and the rest of the cast, I’m REALLY tempted to just call it a night.  But I won’t.

934 – Jessica Lange.  Looking old, but still such a great actress!  She was in Tootsie.  Which I finally just watched a few weeks ago.

936 – The cast of Big Bang is coming up soon.  YAY!

942 – Keifer Sutherland and that lady from Fringe, whose name I can’t remember Anna Torv… Gray Gardens won for best movie.

945 – Little Dorritt for Best mini-series

947 – New genre: Variety.

950 – The cast of Big Bang… moderately funny onstage.

954 – The best way to introduce the nominees for a category yet… Best writing for a variety show.  Was actually pretty awesome.  Billy Crystal… Conan O’Brien… really great.

955 – Winner?  The Jon Stewart writing team… although, they did not have the best nominee introduction.

1001 – Another hour gone… and who knew that Jimmy Fallon did an episode of Spin City.  And he’s doing a Kanye spoof thing.

1003 – HELLOOOOO, Hugh Jackman!

1004 – Clearly, we were rooting for the Muppets.  And Hugh Jackman won.  Well, his team won.  And now I’m torn.

1006 – Ricky Gervais.  Digs at Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson.  And he can.  Syndication rocks!

1008 – And now it’s time for best Variety show… The Daily Show.

1010 – And NPH gets more kudos!  Clearly, this is the BEST award show ever!

1014 – Getting a little bored with the commercials.  I don’t have to pee this time, and I want to see the drama category.

1016 – Final Category: Drama!  Woot!

1019 – 2 L’s, 2 O’s and only 1 C… Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J

1020 – Michael Emerson for Lost, for best supporting actor in a drama

1021 – Oustanding actress? Cherry Jones for 24.  Amazing how much people love 24.  Shame.  Grey’s Anatomy had 2 nominations this year: Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson.

1023 – Musical interlude: Sarah Mclachlan.  “I Will Remember You” for the memorial of great actors past.  Amazing.  Truly amazing.

1027 – Sarah McLachlan has such an amazing voice.  And I realize I’ve used the word “amazing” several times.  But it totally applies.

1033 – 2 of my favorite vampires onstage… Angel and the guy from True Blood.  But I love David Boreanaz more.

1034 – Michael J Fox is a presenter.  Awesome!  And he looks great!

1039 – Outstanding lead actress: here we go!  Glenn Close, Sally Field, Mariska Hargitay, Holly Hunter, Elizabeth Moss, Kyra Sedgewick…

1040 – Glenn Close.  There were 3 heavy hitters.  That was such a heavy category.  But all the women definitely fit the bill.

1043 – Commercial time.  And the corner of my TV screen just told me that the Emmys are going 5 minutes over.  Good thing Chriso set the DVR to record the news show afterwards.  THANKS, Chriso!  Love you!

1048 – Dana Delaney?  A new housewife?  Hmmm…

1049 – Michael C Hall for Dexter and Hugh Laurie for House… I’m definitely torn…. and the winner was Brian Cranston?  Can we say “conspiracy”?  Or “wicked lame”?  Or how about “doesn’t make sense”?  Dexter AND House are both amazing shows.  AND Michael C Hall and Hugh Laurie BOTH deserved this award.  I’m officially annoyed.

1051 – Saved the best for last: Bob Newhart to introduce for best Comedy Series.  They couldn’t have picked a better presenter.

1054 – HIMYM and the Office were frontrunners.  WTF is up with 30 Rock?  Have I mentioned that there are better shows out there?  Because I’m pretty sure I have.

1058 – Every time Chriso hears the name Sookie Stackhouse, he mentions his first love.  Sure, I know the last name isn’t all that common, but just because the name is the same doesn’t mean there’s any REAL connection.

1100 – Sigourney Weaver to present the best Drama series.  Big Love, Breaking Bad, Damages, Dexter, House, Lost, Mad Men… This was a heavy category.

1101 – And Mad Men was a winner.  *Sigh*  I really wanted Dexter or House to win for this category.  Good lord, I’m not really sure what’s going on.

Congratulations to all the winners and the nominees this year!  This was a great one for a lot of TV.  Totally turned it around for me.  Haven’t watched the Emmy’s in 2 years.  NPH definitely made it AWESOME!

What did YOU think of this year’s awards?

There are many things in the world that generally make me uneasy, and there are some that are just plain unnerving. But unequivocally, there are things that I am just comfortable with, things that don’t make me shudder to my core, and make me panic with every fiber of my being.

And in those awful, unnerving things, I find comfort in knowing that everywhere in TV land characters are stepping out of their comfort zones and jumping over that social wall for the sole purpose of my entertainment.

Now, in saying that, I wanted to mention my weekend and an experiment with the social wall and the comfort zone as it pertains to real life.

I invited A and his girlfriend R out to dinner with D and me (well, it was more like I guilt tripped A into it… but he deserved it). We went to a nice seafood place that really none of us had been to. Upon arriving, out of nowhere, MY cohort and work partner in crime (WPIC) showed up with his family, and we all decided to eat in the same vicinity, so we could all engage in this social experiment.

So, my experiment begins upon entering the restaraunt and deciding that proximity (at different tables) would be acceptable. A and I chatted. I played nice with A’s girlfriend, trying to make a good impression. Believe it or not, I want people to actually like me. And A’s girlfriend was as sweet as pie… only not like pie… and WPIC, A and I chatted, and R joined in with a laugh. And WPIC’s family smiled and commented from time to time. And D made a point to make one or two comments, but for the most part was quiet for the evening.

So, add it all up, and it spells DUH! Meaning, I was the one to carry the entire conversation at my table while being entertained by what was going on at the other. (WPIC mentioned today that the conversation at his table was not something that needed to be “dominated,” rather that it went the way it should have… no experiments needed). I was CLEARLY outside my own comfort zone and taking leaps and bounds over that social wall to try to fit into someone else’s social circle and to invite them into my own. And I’m okay with every bit of that. That’s my job. In polite society, people mingle ALL THE TIME.

The result? I PASSED my social experiment… while D was borderline on failing. I’ll admit, I’m okay with D not being quite the social butterfly that I am. Sometimes it’s fine, because I’d rather be the center of attention that to let someone else even think about touching my spotlight.

BUT… for the purposes of the experiment, D was not comfortable enough jumping over that social wall, or even tiptoeing outside his own comfort zone. And it is my opinion that, out of respect for me and the ONE friend we both had in common and TALK TO EVERYDAY, D could have made an effort to at least peek over that social wall.

I use this… situation as an experiment, as this is not the first time where I have had to pretend that social wall didn’t exist. There have been many times in my life where I’ve had step outside my comfort zone in order to exist in a social world.

If you knew me 10 or even 15 years ago… I was NOT okay with social situations, and I tried my hardest to avoid them, and really had no idea what that social wall could do for me.

My reason for even considering this an experiment is to guage how I’m going to handle future situations and encouters. Because D was a little unwilling to engage, I may think twice about another group outing involving people he either doesn’t know or is not comfortable with. Which in turn, limits my social interaction.

If you think about it… some of our favorite characters on TV are jumping over the social wall every day. If Barney hadn’t forced an introduction to Ted in the mens room, nothing would be LEGENDARY… and no one would ever feel the need to SUIT UP. Never mind the group dynamic without Barney. (HIMYM)

Perhaps if Dexter hadn’t lived inside his brain, and acted out what he was thinking rather than making the effort to be outside the comfort zone, he wouldn’t be able to maintain the facade of living a normal life… and maybe there would be more people dead in the state of Florida. (Dexter)

If Monica or Rachel had been the least bit reserved, it would have been a pretty boring show, and wouldn’t have gone on for as long as it did. (Friends)

But in the real world, you can get by without being social. You can live your life having never stepped outside of your comfort zone. You can go through every day and never once have to look over that social wall… but it might be very lonely. It might not be. But it might be.

And as much as I dislike people in my own life, I find satisfaction in knowing that when it all comes down to it, stepping outside my social comfort zone is something I can do if I need to.

Any opinions, comments or experiences with the social wall or the comfort zone?

Everybody’s favorite serial killer can be found on an iPod near you.

Yes, that’s right.  I finally bought both seasons through iTunes.  I own the first one on dvd, but to put it on my iPod would require too much precious time.  So I bought it again, in small format so I can watch it anywhere I have my iPod anytime I want.

And let me tell you.  It was so worth it.

I’ve mentioned before that Dexter makes me uneasy.  But in a way that makes me want to be his friend.  He’s friendly and caring, apparently.  But he kills bad people. Never the innocent.

I’m nearly done the first season, in 3 days.  (The first time I went through the series, M and I marathoned it in a Saturday).  And maybe tomorrow I’ll start the second season. 

It’s creepy.  All the blood and death and being deep inside the mind of a serial killer.  It’s terrifying.  But at the same time, it’s clever.  The writer’s are unbelievable and they make the story witty and scary.  Dexter is such a character that is dapper and cool, and screaming on the inside.  Whether or not it is to feel something, or because he’s trying to quence a thirst.  I don’t know.

But it’s awesome.  And now it’s portably on my iPod.  I love this show.

Oh, and Michael C Hall is hynotic.  Eyes cannot be taken off him for a second.  Two words: deliciously bad.