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I was shocked.  Literally shocked.  To the point where I knew I had to post immediately, but at the same time I couldn’t think of what to say.

Opening up the Internet to open up my email is a common routine for me every morning.  I don’t really read much of what’s on the front page of Yahoo’s site.  But this was the top story.

‘Lost Boys’ Actor Corey Haim Dead in Burbank at 38.

And it could have been drugs.  I don’t think anyone would be surprised if it was drugs, as Haim himself admitted to Larry King that he was “a chronic relapser for life.”  Did he really think he had no hope?  Apparently so.

Haim presented with flulike symptoms up to his death, and was getting over-the-counter meds to battle it. 

Corey Haim had struggled with drug addiction since ‘Lost Boys,’ and Corey Feldman had confessed that Haim’s drug addiction affected both their working and personal relationships.  Their show, The Two Coreys, had been cancelled in 2008 after only 2 seasons.

38 is young.  Very young.  And I know we hadn’t really heard much from Corey Haim in a long while, but it’s still sad.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were tied into my generation’s adolescence, with movies like Lost Boys, and Lucas, and The Goonies, among many others.

I think I’ll watch The Lost Boys tonite.


The Tribe
Lost Boys: The Tribe

I remember hearing about this a while back on The Two Coreys The Coreys, Feldman and Haim, were discussing a possible “reuinion” movie… The Lost Boys sequel.  HOWEVER, it appeared that the producers and the producing company wanted nothing to do with Haim in the new movie.  They only wanted Corey Feldman.  (I can’t blame them.  In my opinion, Feldman was the better Corey anyway).

ANYHOO… The new movie was released yesterday.  YESTERDAY!  And I had no idea until D showed up at work with it for me this morning.  (Yes, I can barely stand the cuteness).  D knows I’ve been developing a thing for vampires for awhile now, so it’s nice to see he’s on board, and supporting my obsessiveness.

And considering it’s still early in the morning, and I’m still at work, I won’t watch it right now.  In fact, I probably won’t watch it until the weekend.  I’m planning on buying (or renting… depending on whether or not I can find it) the original The Lost Boys, so I can watch that one first, as sort of a refresher course.  THEN I’ll watch Lost Boys: The Tribe

I don’t really think I’ve heard anything else about the new movie.  Which means “nothing bad.”  Which is good.  I wonder if the world has already known that this was forthcoming, or if the release of this was just as much of a surprise to everyone else as it was to me. 

I’ll review it as soon as I watch it and let the world know how truly AWESOME Corey Feldman is.