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Back at it with Celebrity Apprentice

I didn’t want this to be one of those update posts, but let’s face it, I’ve been off the grid.  My entire world has changed since my last post.  I had a baby.  I bought a house.  Life is different.

Since moving out of the apartment, one of the best things I’ve done was get rid of the cable bill.  Cost way too much for so little.  Do I miss my DVR?  HECK YEAH!  But most of the shows I enjoy are available online, so there’s that.  However, for all the things that must be watched live, I bought rabbit ears for the TV.  Yes, I said rabbit ears.  You know, those funny antenna things people used before there was real cable and 250 channels of nothing.  And I only did it so Hubs could watch the Superbowl.  But it’s had its benefits since.  I can watch the news.  Because I am a grown up, and clearly THAT is what grownups do.  And sometimes it’s nice to watch TV live and not have to wait for the Internet to update so I can watch TV on my laptop.

ANYway.  So, for my back at it post, I’m briefly tackling Celebrity Apprentice.  This show is both a love and hate of mine.  Hubs makes a very good point in pointing out every time we watch that it is just time consuming with episodes being anywhere from 1-2 hours, but you just can’t pull yourself away because it’s that good/bad.

So what’s happening this season so far?  It just premiered last night, so not much yet.  But the cast is great.  Not gonna lie, though, I’m not a fan of the women’s team, Forte, this year.  There’s no one I really know, and if I did know them, I really didn’t like them before they were on the show.

The men’s team, Unanimous, however, is packed with the best and worst of the best and worst.  Dee Snider, who appeared last season.  Penn.  George Takei.  Paul Sr, from motorcycle show.  The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferigno.  Arsenio Hall.  Clay Aiken.  Yup.  I’m rooting for the men again this year.

I look forward to getting back into the game, and talking more about one of the many loves of my life again.

Did you watch Celebrity Apprentice?  What did you think?  Who’s your favorite so far?

A Very Special How I Met Your Mother

SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t seen this episode yet, please go watch it and come back.  I plan on revealing a lot of details.   You can check it out on CBS.

So… I have no words.  In one of the funnier episodes I’ve seen in awhile, it took a very sad turn in the final scene.  Marshall’s dad died.  I expect there to be differences of opinions on the quality of this episode.  I even find myself torn on whether or not to say this was a truly awesome episode (seasons 1/2 reminiscent) or it totally went too far for this type of genre.

If you’ve been watching HIMYM, you know that a big theme this season and part of last was the idea of Marshall and Lily trying to get pregnant.  They made a pact that as soon as they saw Barney‘s doppleganger, they would be free to start their family.  And they thought they had… until this episode, where ANOTHER doppleganger of Barney’s showed up.

Dr. Stangel. 

Throughout the entire episode where Lily and Marshall were trying to figure out if they were fertile enough to have children, Lily insisted that Barney be in her doctor’s room so she could be sure that her doctor and Barney were two different people.  They were.  And it was hysterical.

But what killed me, was the final scene.  Marshall was trying to call his dad with great news, as he’d always done, and his dad didn’t answer.  Lily pulled up in a cab with sad eyes and explained to Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and didn’t make it.  Heartbreaking.

What I absolutely LOVE about Alyson Hannigan is that when she cries, the whole world will cry because she’s just. that. good.

As a side note, during season 4 of BtVS, there is a special feature on the dvd where Joss Whedon talks about Willow and her breakup with Oz which was heartbreaking.  He goes on to say that he loves Alyson and loves to make her cry, because when she cries, EVERYONE cries.

ANYway… I’m still in a state of shock.  I still don’t know how to feel about this episode.  Perhaps more will come to light later in the season.

What are your thoughts?  Did you think it was the right move for the show, or did it take a much too serious turn?

30 Days of Television Day 1: A Show That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

There are so many shows that never get there shot to really flourish.  Dollhouse.  Pushing Daisies.  Dirt.  Veronica Mars.  It’s often difficult to appreciate some of the shows that actually got a chance because some of the programming today is just plain awful.  To this day  it still baffles me that reality tv still has some value.  Cough cough.  Jersey Shore Cough cough.

But the show that I absolutely love that should have never been cancelled is Joss Whedon‘s Firefly.  It got 12 episodes.  And it’s the type of show that had so many stories just waiting to be told.  A testament to the show and the love of the Jossverse is the fact that the show failed and still got a movie made.  That’s love.

And although Nathan Fillion has found a new home on ABC and his show is doing considerably well, I would have loved to have seen what he would have done and where his character would have gone.

Firefly, you will be missed.

Grading the New 2010 Fall Season: Returning Shows

It’s been a difficult week in that there was just so much to watch.  Not only were there a large number of pilots to watch and critique, but there were also quite a few returning shows that need to be ripped apart.

House, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Castle, Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Community, the Simpsons, and Family Guy… all shows I’ve come to love very much for very different reasons.  You can find all of my thoughts after the jump. Continue reading

Huddy…? A Season Premiere Review

So, uh… yeah.  Huddy.  House and Cuddy. It’s been a long time coming.  But at the same time, very awkward.  Honestly, I understand why it was inevitable, but I don’t really squeal with that geeker joy I once would have with LoVe, or Spuffy.

For a premier, I’d give House a solid B.  It was good, and it was nice to finally be able to get back into the show, but there were just some things that really threw me off.

First of all, I loved Wilson breaking into House’s kitchen when House wouldn’t answer his phone.  Showing a real genuine concern for his friend, it was a very House-like thing to do, and was great for demonstrating the influence House has had over his friends/colleagues over the years.  Wilson is deceptive.  He makes you think he’s not interested in pushing boundaries and crossing lines, but the fact is he’ll do it with the best intentions, and sometimes with the approval of someone else.

The Thirteen storyline was a little… boring.  Obviously the meat and potatoes of the episode was the budding romance between House and Cuddy, but the B story, in my opinion should at least be interesting enough to be a B story.  Not so much.  Thirteen allegedly asked for a leave of absence from the Hospital with the fake intentions of going to Rome for a new drug trial.  Taub, Chase and Foreman all saw threw her guise when they found out she was taking off.  But Foreman in the end saw through everything and stated point blank that she was not coming back, and no one had any idea where she was going.

The case of the week?  A sick neurosurgeon who takes a drug to make him hallucinate but also make him “sober” enough to be the neurosurgeon on call without having to perform surgery.  For a case of the week, it felt like it was lacking.  But then again, it was not the main story.  I was just the garnish.

The REAL story, the one that EVERYONE seems to care about is the budding romance between House and Cuddy.  After both doctors had lost a patient, they had their own ways of dealing with the tragedy.  House sought Vicoden, and Cuddy sought House.

I don’t know how realistic their relationship is.  For years, although she may have loved him, Cuddy showed nothing but disdain and annoyance at House and his antics.  Is it possible that one action could completely turn her attitude and change her mind?  I guess so, but it didn’t feel honest.  When Cuddy was leaving, House made a pointed comment that whatever it was that they had would not work out.  The reason being that House will always be House, and he will always piss Cuddy off, and even though she can’t see it now, she’ll remember all the things he had done to her, and eventually come to her sense and break things off.

That was probably the most honest and vulnerable House has been in quite awhile, recovery from drug addiction aside.

I don’t really have an opinion on their relationship just yet, other than it feels unnatural.  And I’ve watched the show since its beginning.  What’s more is that the previews for the upcoming season make it look like House was right on the money in saying that their relationship would never work.  It’s still too early to tell, and I’ll hold out hope for my inner geek to emerge.  But for the time being, I’ll sit and watch and wait for something to happen.

How do YOU feel about Huddy?

What to Watch this 2010 Fall Season

I’ve been struggling for weeks with what to watch this season for tv.  Do I want to add more comedies?  Is there room for another drama?  So many questions and less than a week to go until the major premiers start happening.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am more reliant on my DVR now than I ever have been.  I find this is because Hubs and I keep relatively different schedules and watch most of our shows together.

So without further adieu, here are my recommendations.

On Monday:

  • At 8PM, How I Met Your Mother. Although, I don’t hold out much hope for this particular series anymore.  I’ve been let down way too many times, and the new “let’s finally meet the mother storyline seems too good to be true.
  • Also at 8PM, you’ll find House.  I’ve always loved this one.  I find that I enjoy recording it and watching it right away.  Unfortunately, FOX and Verizon do not have any type of agreement for OnDemand programming, so I can’t say just look for this one OnDemand like I would for some other favorites.
  • At 9PM, Two and a Half Men.  This is another show that’s been around for awhile, but has started lacking in overall story.
  • At 10PM is one of my favorites, Castle.  But this one you can find OnDemand.
  • Check out the new Hawaii 5-0, also at 10PM.  I’m not so sure about this one, mostly because there’s been so much hype around it.  I’ll give it 3-episodes.

On Tuesday:

  • At 8PM, a fan favorite Glee will be there to watch and love and sing along with.
  • No Ordinary Family with Julie Benz will also show up in the 8PM spot.  I love Julie Benz, and I like the idea of superheroes.  This happens to be an ABC show, so I may or may not try to check it out OnDemand.  If it’s good enough, I’ll just have to watch it live or DVR it.
  • At 10PM, watch Parenthood. You will often find NBC shows OnDemand, but it’s still a great show to watch.

On Wednesday:

  • Check out a new JJ Abrams show at 8PM.  Undercovers.  It looks good, but only time will tell.
  • At 9PM, my new guilty pleasure Hellcats is on.  Yes.  I enjoy shows about cheerleaders.  It might be awful, but it’s like a car wreck or going to a hockey game.
  • Also at 9PM is Modern Family.  You’d be a fool to miss this Emmy Award Winning show.
  • At 9:30PM, watch Cougar Town.  Although it’s less about cougaring and more about dysfunctional families, it’s still pretty good.  And Jennifer Aniston will be making a cameo this season.

On Thursday:

  • At 8PM, on a Thursday night which is the most jampacked night for tv, you should be watching Community.  If you caught it last season, you’re in for a treat in the next season.  If you missed it, well… you missed a lot.
  • Also at 8PM on CBS is The Big Bang Theory.  Enough said.
  • At 9PM you should watch The Office.  It is Steve Carrell’s last season, and it would be a shame to miss it.  Even though I think they should throw in the towel after this…
  • I’m a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan.  You’ll find it at 9PM on ABC.  However, if you miss it, you might be able to catch in OnDemand.
  • If you like Grey’s, you probably like Private Practice, which is on immediately after at 10PM.

On Friday:

  • You should be trying to catch up on anything you missed and delete things from your DVR to make room for the following week.  I don’t usually find anything of interest on Friday nights, but you can be the judge.

On Saturday:

  • Get outside.  Enjoy some fresh air.  Come home, rent a movie and relax.  Or… go out.  Have date night.  There’s nothing really good on anyway.

On Sunday:

  • At 8PM, you can find a classic staple in American television, The Simpsons.
  • At 9PM, you MUST watch Dexter on Showtime.  Period.  The End.

So, Gentle Readers, those are my opinions on what to watch this season.  I’m sure as the season gears up, there will be some changes to the lineup.

What will YOU be watching this fall season?

Jennifer Morrison on How I Met Your Mother

Will this be the season that we meet the “Mother”?  It is still unclear as the season has not yet started, but for those of us who have been following the journey from the beginning, I think a little skepticism is a good thing.

To begin with, Morrison will have a 5-episode arc which could lead to a full 13 episodes.  All of those episodes, of course, have the potential to lead to what the viewers have been waiting for all along.  However, that has yet to be confirmed.

EW is reporting that the execs are planning to take How I Met Your Mother back to its roots and and get down and dirty in remembering that Ted is the I in How I Met Your Mother.  They expect that Morrison’s character will take Ted on a much deeper journey and really take him back to his real mission: finding his future wife.

Gearing Up for the New Fall Season

As you know, Gentle Readers, the time has come for the 10/11 Fall Season of TV to begin.  Can I just tell you how excited I am?  Truly, very excited.

Although I am not quite done nailing down my own schedule of what to watch, what to try and what to avoid, I will have my final schedule completed by the end of the week.  A few old standards will definitely be in the rotation, and of course some will have to be On Demand or watched on Hulu or the respective network website.  But I will be watching as much as I can.

In the meantime, you should check out what others are doing for their fall season viewing schedules.  One great blogger I like to read and you should check out in general, Avitable, gave his quick and dirty schedule on what to watch, try and record.

Then there’s Techland, who goes in different direction with their fall lineup.

What will YOU be watching this season?

Leverage Season Finale…?

Leverage title screen

Image via Wikipedia

I don’t think Leverage is just your average summer replacement show anymore.  Actually, I never did.  I loved the show since the moment I sat down to marathon what was On Demand.

And there was a Leverage mini-marathon yesterday afternoon on TNT leading up to the season finale.  Because who doesn’t love a marathon?

But the best part about the finale was the short promo for the upcoming season.  It went on to say that even though this season is over, they are still in production and will be returning in September.  And that just tickles me pink.

Honestly though, after this season, I was left wanting a little more from the finale.  I felt it should have been a 2-hour deal and should have gone into more with that whole Moreau storyline.  It definitely left something to be desired.

Things I absolutely LOVED:

  • Eliot and Hardison.  Their scenes together always make me giggle, but just throwing them together for con after con and watching them interact when they’re butting heads about what they both think they should be doing is absolutely hysterical
  • Eliot being gung-ho about saving people… or more accurately, kids.
  • Hardison being an ass-kicking geek.  It’s clear Eliot had an influence on him because at the beginning of the series, Hardison constantly complained about how he just wanted to sit behind the computer and do the hacking.  Now?  He’s kicking asses and taking names.
  • Parker was great.  Her scene in the airport hiding from the FBI agent was nothing short of funny.  She got to play the “grifter” in this episode so Sophie could go off and focus on another part of the con.  Her mantra had to be: Don’t stab.  Don’t stab.  Don’t stab.  Classic

Things I didn’t care for:

  • I’m not a fan of the way the episode ended.  It felt like it was cleaned up a little too neatly.  And again, I really felt it should have been a 2-hour episode.
  • I was a little wigged out by the previews for this finale.  There were obvious clips from the episode that didn’t give anything away.  But the clip of a dead Parker just seemed a little bit much.

The best thing ever?  Leverage will be coming back in December.  And I really can’t wait.

LIVE at the Emmys 2010

800 – Jimmy Fallon with a surprisingly funny open with the cast of Glee.  Definitely a shocker.  I’m thinking it’s more of a Glee open, than a Jimmy Fallon thing.

801 – Aaannnnddd Betty White makes an appearance as a dance coach.  PRICELESS.

804 – Jane Lynch, Joel McHale, Tina Fey and others sing “Born to Run.”  And have I mentioned yet that I very much dislike Jimmy Fallon?  But as far as opens go, I like that it’s very Glee focused.

806 – Live song over, time to start the show.  Let’s go, guys.

807 – I’m annoyed that Jimmy Fallon thinks he’s funny.  Acoustic guitar and all.  And then there’s a crack at Conan O’Brien.  Which was actually funny, but out of taste.

808 – Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon sing to introduce the Comedy category… color me annoyed.

809 – 30 Rock, The Office, Modern Family, The Middle, Glee, Community, Two and a Half men, Nurse Jackie, Parks and Recreation, New Adventures of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasms Seinfeld episode… so many funny clips.

811 – Jon Hamm and Betty White to present the award.  I LOVE Betty White.  She’s sooooo funny.

812 – And the winner… should be NPH because I love him… BUT, Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family takes the win.  Actually, that’s fair.  He’s hysterical.

814 – Eric Stonestreet had a really nice speech.  Very touching.  But now it’s commercial time…

816 – Just a side note during commercials: Jimmy Fallon WISHES he could be Betty White.  She’s rocking the house.

818 – John Hodgman, backstage color commentator… this guy is really funny.

819 – Jim Parson and Sofia Vergara onstage to present Best Writing for a Comedy Series… I love Sheldon!  They have great chemistry onstage.

821 – Steven Levitan and Chris Lloyd for Modern Family.  Amazing.  They totally deserve it.  And where is Chris Lloyd?

822 – Methinks Modern Family is going to take home some series awards tonite.  Move over 30 Rock!

823 – Stephen Colbert the next presenter… “Good evening, ladies and women.”  Very funny.  Best Supporting Actress in a comedy.

824 – Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies, John Travolta in Hairspray… And Modern Family has  another 2 nominations…

825 – Jane Lynch for the win.  I was hoping that would happen!

826 – She is just so amazing… and she’s not seething with jealousy.  And thanks her wife and daughter.  Jane Lynch just has so much class.

828 – I forgot that Oprah’s show is ending soon… there’s a commercial showing clips of her show since the beginning.  And this coming season will be her 13th and final season… Hmm.. I thought she’s been on longer than that…

830 – Jimmy Fallon just needs to shut up… but it was an interesting six degress from Lauren Graham to Matthew Perry.

832 – Betty White and Neil Patrick Harris for best Guest Actress/Actor in a comedy series.  Couldn’t have picked a better pair.

834 – Glee picks up another Emmy for best directing by Ryan Murphy.

835 – HA!  Stewie takes a slam at Al Bundy.

837 – George Clooney in bed with Modern Family.

838 – Outstanding lead actor… I think Jim Parsons should take this one.  AAAANNNND HE DOES!  Woohoo!

840 – NPH and Jewel up next.  Time for a quick break.  Maybe turn off the air.  BUT wait!  There’s a commercial for a new Kristen Bell movie.  And Betty White’s in it!  I’m there!  Called You Again.  LOVE IT!

844- NPH thanks the academy for allowing a gay man to host the Emmy’s two years in a row.  I’m just tickled pink.  And NPH should be hosting.

845 – Edie Falco wins for Nurse Jackie, as Best Actress in a Comedy Series.  And she’s humble.  And says she’s not funny.  I miss her on the Sopranos.

847 – Jimmy Fallon picked up that stupid guitar again, just to announce reality tv.  Which I also hate.

849 – And have I mentioned that I hate reality tv?

850 – What is Keri Russell doing these days?  But it’s Top Chef for the win.

853 – Another Oprah commercial.  Perhaps a drinking game should be made of this.

856 – I have to say, I’m looking forward to this new fall season coming up.  I’m actually surprised it’s starting so early.  At least by three weeks.

857 – I wish Jimmy Fallon would put down the guitar… except that chick he’s singing with just sang “I cried when they announced you as the host.”  Truer words were never spoken.

858 – And now for the Drama stuff.  So many great shows.  Not enough awards.

901 – Oustanding writing for a Drama Series… The Good Wife, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, Lost…

902 – Mad Men takes this one.  Is that really a surprise?  Maybe I should start watching.

904 – Supporting Actor, Men of a Certain Age, Lost, Breaking Bad, Damages… And the winner is Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad.

908 – Is it bad that I think I’m starting to fade?  Yup, I’m exhausted.  But I can do this.  Hopefully things will get more exciting.

910 – Oooohh… Emily Deschanel and Nathan Fillion.  Love them both.  It’s nice to see Nathan Fillion finally up where he belongs.

911 – Archie Panjabi wins for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

912 – And Edie Falco is the Real Housewife of New Jersey.  But we’re talking about lead actors for a drama.  I’m all for Michael C Hall in Dexter and Hugh Laurie

913 – Brian Cranston for Breaking Bad.  It’s a shame.  So many great dramas.

914 – His acceptance speech included, “thanks to my wife and daughter.  I love you more than baseball.”

917 – You know, it just occurred to me that I could be doing a semi live blog tonite.  Now that I think about it, I so don’t have to be watching commercials.  Funny stuff.

920 – Best Guest Actor/Actress in  a drama – John Lithgow and Ann Margaret.  Who will also be handing out the next award. Which will be outstanding directing.

922- Steve Shill for Dexter.  I won’t complain about that one.  And also, I want that theme as my ringtone.

923 – A musical tribute by Jimmy Fallon as Elton John.  I hate this guy.  But the tribute is to shows that ended this past year.

924 – 24 is the first to be sung about… and then Jimmy Fallon as all of Boyz II Men singing about Law and Order.

926 – And then there was Lost.  Jimmy Fallon as Billie Joe from Green Day.

932 – Matthew Morrison and Tina Fey to present to Kyra Sedgewick for The Closer.

934 – She had such a long list…  And Jimmy Fallon is back with his guitar… Grrr

935 – Variety clip of Betty White hosting SNL.  She was great.

946 – Ricky Gervais – gotta love his accent.  And he’s got a few funny jokes.

951 – The Daily Show, Real Time with BillMaher, SNL.. and it goes to the Daily Show.