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Guess What – Sheldon Got Bongos!

There’s so many things to love about The Big Bang Theory.  The writing, the characters, the actors, the level intelligence.  It’s won awards. I could go on all day.  Really.  I follow most of the cast and writers on Twitter.  I’m not obsessed.  Honest.

And Hubs and I have so many conversations about what makes certain shows great.  And it’s easy to point out which moments make certain actors Emmy worthy.  Jim Parsons has had so many Emmy worthy moments, in my opinion.

A quick interruption, to mention a conversation I JUST had with Hubs trying to determine the episode name:

Me: It’s called the Spaghetti Catalyst, right?  The that’s just after Leonard and Penny break up, and Sheldon has dinner with Penny…?

Hubs:  I don’t know.  I could look it up.


ANYway… the Spaghetti Catalyst is an episode we both felt Jim Parsons totally shined and really deserved recognition for.  In fact, any episode that takes Sheldon out of his element or changes his regular routine in ANY way is typically an episode in which Jim Parsons shines.

And by saying that, I want to say that the latest episode, The Werewolf Transformation, is just such an episode.  Sheldon can’t get his haircut because his regular barber is in the hospital.  And he refuses haircuts from everyone else because no one seems to have access to his “haircut records.”  Eventually, he does let Penny cut his hair, but getting to that point is utterly hilarious.  In fact, one of my new favorite scenes ever occurs in this episode, when Leonard wakes up to find Sheldon in the living room playing the bongos.

No word of a lie, that scene TRUMPS my previous alltime favorite scene of Sheldon in the ballpit, after he’s been up for days trying to determine how neutrons move through a graphine sheet.  Hysterical.

I just love the show.  And I love that there are so many funny things.  And I am supremely amazed at how many things I can remember without having to look them up.

What do you think about Sheldon playing the bongos?  What is your favorite Big Bang Theory moment?


Can Patten Oswalt Save Two and a Half Men?

Hubs and I spent a number of hours discussing what would happen to Two and a Half Men after the demise of Charlie Sheen and his more than lifelike character of Charlie Harper.  Such scenarios included a larger role for Herb Melnick, Judith’s new husband, played by Ryan Stiles.  Because who doesn’t love Ryan Stiles?  Or adding another kid that ends up being Charlie’s that he never knew about.  But the idea of having Ashton Kutcher take on the Charlie-esque role named Walden was never something we entertained.

And now that Walden is now a part of the cast, ihet’s not the same show.  It hasn’t been the same show for quite awhile, even before Charlie spun out.  But they made some serious changes, much in the way of set design.  And you hardly ever see Jake, Judith or Herb, and Berta seems to have a similar amount of screen time as she’s always had.

But tonight’s episode featured Patten Oswalt playing Walden’s best friend and worst enemy.  After last week’s disaster of an episode that focused on the worst vomit jokes since third grade, I was looking forward to a great guest star.  But the question I have is will he stay on to help strengthen the cast?  And will it help?

Sure, there were some funny jokes, but again, it’s not the same show.  It doesn’t hold up like it used to.

I guess only time will tell.  Until then, I look forward to seeing Patten Oswalt again in future episodes.

What do you think of this season of Two and a Half Men?  Will it survive?

The One in Which My Soapbox Gets in the Way

I don’t know why I even bother watching Glee anymore.  It’s not the same show it used to be.  But it still seems to be the most popular show EVER.

So much has changed since the last time I really sat down to watch it.  Santana and Brittany are lesbians.  Rachel and Finn are getting married.  Quinn and Mercedes are in a group called the God Squad.  So much lunacy, so little time to show it.  My opinions about the show may not necessarily be in the majority, so I’ll hang onto them for now until I can do a real review of an episode that I’ve watched in its entirety, not just one I happened to catch a few scenes of.

I’m all about gay rights.  And I’m anti-bullying .  And I want to stand on my soapbox for a minute and mention that kids can be mean.  And it’s not right that kids can be so mean that they make someone even consider suicide.  The storyline I caught dealt with a character being gay and having previously come out of the closet to some people.  Others found out, and the bullying began.  It got so bad for the character that he attempted suicide.  This makes me sad.  It makes me sad that someone could get to that point and feel like they have nowhere to go or no one to turn to.  There has to be something better than that.  But sadly, kids can be so mean that some kids just feel like they have no place to go.

I don’t know how to stop the bullying other than from source.  Teach your children about equality.  Teach your children manners.  Teach your children that it is not okay to be mean to someone.  Teach you children to reach out for help if they need it, or if they see someone else that needs it.  It begins at home.

I’ll step down from my soapbox for now, if you’d even call it that.

What are your thoughts on television shows that deal with serious issues, including bullying and suicide?  It is an effective way of making people aware?

Back at it with Celebrity Apprentice

I didn’t want this to be one of those update posts, but let’s face it, I’ve been off the grid.  My entire world has changed since my last post.  I had a baby.  I bought a house.  Life is different.

Since moving out of the apartment, one of the best things I’ve done was get rid of the cable bill.  Cost way too much for so little.  Do I miss my DVR?  HECK YEAH!  But most of the shows I enjoy are available online, so there’s that.  However, for all the things that must be watched live, I bought rabbit ears for the TV.  Yes, I said rabbit ears.  You know, those funny antenna things people used before there was real cable and 250 channels of nothing.  And I only did it so Hubs could watch the Superbowl.  But it’s had its benefits since.  I can watch the news.  Because I am a grown up, and clearly THAT is what grownups do.  And sometimes it’s nice to watch TV live and not have to wait for the Internet to update so I can watch TV on my laptop.

ANYway.  So, for my back at it post, I’m briefly tackling Celebrity Apprentice.  This show is both a love and hate of mine.  Hubs makes a very good point in pointing out every time we watch that it is just time consuming with episodes being anywhere from 1-2 hours, but you just can’t pull yourself away because it’s that good/bad.

So what’s happening this season so far?  It just premiered last night, so not much yet.  But the cast is great.  Not gonna lie, though, I’m not a fan of the women’s team, Forte, this year.  There’s no one I really know, and if I did know them, I really didn’t like them before they were on the show.

The men’s team, Unanimous, however, is packed with the best and worst of the best and worst.  Dee Snider, who appeared last season.  Penn.  George Takei.  Paul Sr, from motorcycle show.  The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferigno.  Arsenio Hall.  Clay Aiken.  Yup.  I’m rooting for the men again this year.

I look forward to getting back into the game, and talking more about one of the many loves of my life again.

Did you watch Celebrity Apprentice?  What did you think?  Who’s your favorite so far?

A Very Special How I Met Your Mother

SPOILER ALERT:  If you haven’t seen this episode yet, please go watch it and come back.  I plan on revealing a lot of details.   You can check it out on CBS.

So… I have no words.  In one of the funnier episodes I’ve seen in awhile, it took a very sad turn in the final scene.  Marshall’s dad died.  I expect there to be differences of opinions on the quality of this episode.  I even find myself torn on whether or not to say this was a truly awesome episode (seasons 1/2 reminiscent) or it totally went too far for this type of genre.

If you’ve been watching HIMYM, you know that a big theme this season and part of last was the idea of Marshall and Lily trying to get pregnant.  They made a pact that as soon as they saw Barney‘s doppleganger, they would be free to start their family.  And they thought they had… until this episode, where ANOTHER doppleganger of Barney’s showed up.

Dr. Stangel. 

Throughout the entire episode where Lily and Marshall were trying to figure out if they were fertile enough to have children, Lily insisted that Barney be in her doctor’s room so she could be sure that her doctor and Barney were two different people.  They were.  And it was hysterical.

But what killed me, was the final scene.  Marshall was trying to call his dad with great news, as he’d always done, and his dad didn’t answer.  Lily pulled up in a cab with sad eyes and explained to Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and didn’t make it.  Heartbreaking.

What I absolutely LOVE about Alyson Hannigan is that when she cries, the whole world will cry because she’s just. that. good.

As a side note, during season 4 of BtVS, there is a special feature on the dvd where Joss Whedon talks about Willow and her breakup with Oz which was heartbreaking.  He goes on to say that he loves Alyson and loves to make her cry, because when she cries, EVERYONE cries.

ANYway… I’m still in a state of shock.  I still don’t know how to feel about this episode.  Perhaps more will come to light later in the season.

What are your thoughts?  Did you think it was the right move for the show, or did it take a much too serious turn?

30 Days of Television Day 1: A Show That Never Should Have Been Cancelled

There are so many shows that never get there shot to really flourish.  Dollhouse.  Pushing Daisies.  Dirt.  Veronica Mars.  It’s often difficult to appreciate some of the shows that actually got a chance because some of the programming today is just plain awful.  To this day  it still baffles me that reality tv still has some value.  Cough cough.  Jersey Shore Cough cough.

But the show that I absolutely love that should have never been cancelled is Joss Whedon‘s Firefly.  It got 12 episodes.  And it’s the type of show that had so many stories just waiting to be told.  A testament to the show and the love of the Jossverse is the fact that the show failed and still got a movie made.  That’s love.

And although Nathan Fillion has found a new home on ABC and his show is doing considerably well, I would have loved to have seen what he would have done and where his character would have gone.

Firefly, you will be missed.

Grading the New 2010 Fall Season: Returning Shows

It’s been a difficult week in that there was just so much to watch.  Not only were there a large number of pilots to watch and critique, but there were also quite a few returning shows that need to be ripped apart.

House, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Castle, Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Community, the Simpsons, and Family Guy… all shows I’ve come to love very much for very different reasons.  You can find all of my thoughts after the jump. Continue reading