It’s been a difficult week in that there was just so much to watch.  Not only were there a large number of pilots to watch and critique, but there were also quite a few returning shows that need to be ripped apart.

House, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, Castle, Glee, Parenthood, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Bones, Big Bang Theory, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Community, the Simpsons, and Family Guy… all shows I’ve come to love very much for very different reasons.  You can find all of my thoughts after the jump.


House – Me: B-, Hubs: did not watch

  • Obviously, I’m not sure on where I stand for House.  The whole House+Cuddy=Huddy throws me off.  The only thing that will determine whether or not it will last is time.  I’ll give it a few more episodes before I pass judgement.

How I Met Your Mother – Me: D, Hubs: C+

  • This season premiere did not impress me.  In fact, I found myself feeling quite disappointed.
  • The second episode was much better, so this is another show that is going to take a few episodes to get back in gear.

Two and  a Half men – Me: B, Hubs A-

  • The cast is getting older.  The characters are getting older.  The jokes are still funny.  And honestly, I think the only reason Hubs gave this premiere such a high grade was because Jake allegedly had a threesome.


Glee – Me: A, Hubs: B

  • Aside from Rachel’s bangs, and Santana’s alleged boob job, I think it was a great episode.  Quinn found her rightful place as head cheerleader and the rest of the Glee kids found their places back in New Directions.
  • Also, it was a new and fun dynamic seeing Shue and Sue playing on the same side for once.  I doubt we’ll see much more of that.

Parenthood – Me: B, Hubs: didn’t watch yet

  • I like Parenthood a lot.  However, it is one of those shows – I could take it or leave it.  Not watching it doesn’t really impact my life all that much.  But I do agree with some other comments that is has a real Gilmore Girls feel from time to time.


Modern Family – Me: B+, Hubs: B+

  • We don’t always agree on the quality  of our shows, but Modern Family had a pretty good premiere.  Although I wasn’t a fan of either storyline (the family car being sold, and Manny growing up and away from his mother) the supporting jokes really made it all work.

Cougar Town – Me: C+, Hubs: C+

  • Cougar Town had a pretty mediocre premiere.  And the insanely long pre-opening credit scenes are still longer than any other scene in the entire episode.
  • Also, Jennifer Aniston didn’t really do much to help the episode.  Sure, it was supposed to be some great Friends reunion, but the be perfectly honest, they had a better reunion on Courtney Cox’s last show, Dirt.


Bones – Me: Incomplete, Hubs: didn’t watch yet

  • The only issue I had really with the premiere of Bones is that I didn’t get to see the whole thing.  The way my DVR is set up, there are too many things recording at 8 pm, so it only caught the second half hour.
  • I did like the whole reunion aspect, and the fact that they didn’t have the Jeffersonian as a home base.  It really brought them back together, both as characters and in the story to the audience.

Community – Me: A, Hubs: A+

  • It was one of the best new shows last season, and judging by the first episode, it will be one of the best this season.
  • The Jeff/Britta relationship/non-relationship war was an interesting story
  • The real BEST parts of the episode were Senor Chang being a classmate and saying things like “you have been ‘Chang-ed”… And BETTY WHITE.   She had some amazingly funny lines, and actions.  And I hope she’ll be back again for another episode.

Big Bang Theory – Me: B+, Hubs: A

  • Another great season opener for another great show.
  • All I can say about this is I am amazed at what a show that was formerly on Monday night at 930 can get away with so much more on Thursday night (THE BIGGEST night in television ratings) at 8.  In a word? Racy.  In phrase, pushing the limits.
  • Howard and the robotic arm… PRICELESS.
  • The only reason I graded so low was due to DVR issues, and the last 2 minutes of the show plus credits were missed.  That will definitely change this week.

The Office – Me: B-, Hubs: B

  • This season premiere fell a little short for me.  Perhaps I wasn’t holding any high expectations after last season being much less than falling short.
  • Also, this is Steve Carell’s last season, so I wonder if they are trying to pull out all the stops and go crazy and get back to the real Office the way it once was.
  • The open was funny, being sort of like a music video.

Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice – Me: B, B, Hubs: didn’t watch

  • Grey’s was good, in the aftermath of a crazy shooting, everyone was starting to flock back to the hospital, but not without their issues.  Derek became a reckless driver and quit as Chief, and ended up every other day in jail.  Meredith finally left him there on the way to Christina’s wedding to Owen.
  • Christina and Owen got married. And neither Christina nor Owen ran away.  I don’t know where it’s going, but it is certainly nothing like Burke and Christina.  And in a way, I’m glad they didn’t get married.
  • Private Practice also had some weddings and engagements in their episode.  I have to say, they were interesting, but not without their issues.

Stayed tuned for the next installment where I will grade the new pilots this season.