One of the best things about having a DVR is how much television you can record and watch later that you would otherwise miss.

Enter the Twilight Zone.

There are about 10 or 12 episodes on our DVR currently, and we go through them pretty randomly.  I think Chriso watches more episodes than I do, but I happen to catch and episode here and there.

Tonite, we watched an episode about a woman who suffered memory loss due to PTSD, and she conjured the memory of herself as a little girl as a way to bring out all the horrible things that happened in her past.  Great episode.  Any Twilight Zone episode that involves a kid is usually super creepy – this one included – and they are always amazing actors.

But it’s amazing to watch television that aired originally 50+ years ago and note all the differences in production then and production now.  Even the scripts and the storylines and the camerawork are completely different.

There was a really creepy throwaway line by a male character in the episode we watched.  The man came to visit the woman because he killed her mother 19 years ago and he was afraid she was going to remember.  ANYway, he was trying to jog her memory to see if she had realized who he was, and he said:

I remember you.  I had a little crush on you.

In a general context, that line is not a big deal.  And 50 years ago, that type of line was certainly acceptable, or at least would not cause the kind of creepiness it would today.  But the fact was that 19 years ago, when the man had known the woman and had a “crush” on her, she was only 10 years old.  He may have been 20 at the very youngest, which makes that line just awful.  Maybe if he was 12 or 13 and said that, no big deal.  But there were several mentions that he was older.  Yup.  Creepy.

Nowadays, a line like that might be acceptable, but the circumstances under which that would happen would still be insanely creepy.

Aside from that creepiness factor, the camerawork in this episode really sparked a discussion.  There was a few continuity issues with camerawork, where the angles should have been the opposite of what they were shot at.  But again, this was aired 50 years ago.  Today, there wouldn’t be the same camera issues.

It’s just amazing being able to compare two completely different generations of television.