There is very little on TV these days that makes me squeal with geeker joy.  But put together one of my favorite actors with my all-time favorite director/creator on one of my favorite shows of the season and the squealing never ends.

That’s right.  Neil Patrick Harris was on an episode of Glee.  AND it was directed by Joss Whedon.  Who just so happens to be a Gleek.  If my DVR dies tomorrow, and I can only save one thing, I hope it’s this episode of Glee.

There was very little about this episode I didn’t love.  NPH’s duets with Matthew Morrison were truly awesome.  And Kevin McHale had a really great story arc, that was both touching and entertaining.  And he even got his own dance sequence.

NPH’s arc was a great one.  He came in as a member of the board of directors for the school, and threatened to take away the school’s music program.  The kicker?  He went to school with Will Schuester.  And he was more popular, and a better singer, and older, and got all the girls.  Talk about drama.

Such tension created awesome music.  Billy Joel’s Piano Man in the bar, and Aerosmith’s Dream On were big numbers for NPH.  And I loved every minute.

What I didn’t love was Rachel’s storyline with her “birth mother.”  A few weeks back, when Rachel got herself a new boyfriend, it seemed as though a conspiracy was brewing – where the rival school would infiltrate New Directions and possibly ruin the Invitational.  What really happened?  Rachel’s new boyfriend is still infiltrating the glee club, but with much different motives.  He is on a mission from Rachel’s birth mother, the opposing school’s show choir director.  And he’s trying to get them together.


Sometimes, I think Rachel’s arcs are more filler than anything.  And it’s been weeks since we’ve seen a good arc from Quinn and her baby drama.  Although she’s been teetering back and forth between good and evil – one minute being selfless and helping one person or another feel better about themselves, and the next being mean and nasty and using her baby as an excuse.

And next week is Lady Gaga week.  Talk about May Sweeps.  Although I’m a little skeptical about that episode, but it should be huge.

And there is no doubt that Glee will be renewed for the fall.

What did you think about NPH on Glee?