I absolutely LOVED this week’s episode, called Private Lives, where the episode deals with the private lives of different characters.  The most obvious being the very public blogger who is admitted to the hospital after random bruises and bleeding occur at home.

What I didn’t like about that character of Frankie is that she made blogging seem taboo and intrusive, when in fact it was the character that was obsessed with numbers, hits, and comments.  To the point where she was trying to make major medical decisions about her life based on what her readers thought.  It makes me question if that’s the type of thing that happens in reality.  Do people make major medical decisions based on a random poll of so many strangers?  Not my cuppa tea.  But Frankie’s boyfriend/fiance/husband, Taylor, took the other road in trying to rationalize what she was going through, and making all the points I just hit upon – why ask random strangers something that would not affect the rest of their lives, but only that of the person asking.

But the more important private lives in this episode were that of House and Wilson.  House discovers that Wilson was in a porno movie, and in retaliation, Wilson finds out that House was reading a book written by his biological father, whom he has never met.

Not only is it interesting to watch House and Wilson go back and forth trying to torture each other and make each other miserable, but it’s fun to discover new sides of each character.

But the best part of the entire episode was the big reveal where Wilson discovers House’s true motivations for picking up a book his father wrote.  As a result, Wilson begins to analyze and verbalize House’s situation, and by doing so, House gets a chance to think, and ends up putting the puzzle together on his blogger patient, and in atypical House fashion, gets up and walks out, determined and complete with a diagnosis.  To which Wilson responds:

You better not be faking this to get out of a tough conversation.

Classic House.  Classic Wilson.  And an all around great episode.