I will admit that I never was able to get into the Battlestar Galactica series, though I tried.  Well, I wanted to try.  I really did.  Really.  But I could find no interest, having not seen it from the beginning, and, well, it feels like a show that you have to watch beginning to end because there is so much story involved.

So, initially, I had no interest in Caprica either, given it’s BSG roots.  HOWEVER, when I heard that James Marsters was due to guest star, well, I’m sure you can guess that I now MUST watch Caprica.  And from what I understand, James Marsters’ character will be very Spikey without the awesome vampire lineage.  Yes.  I am excited.

So much so that I have already started watching Caprica On Demand.  In high def.  And even though I didn’t agree with the Sci-fi networks name change to Sy-Fy, I’m more open to the idea now, especially since I’ll be seeing James very soon.

It almost ALMOST makes up for Dollhouse being cancelled.  But not entirely.

The whole premise of Caprica is that it is post-apocalyptic in the BSG universe, with its events occurring 58 years prior when a severely polytheistic society is being threatened by the ideas of monotheism, and everyone is consumed with the infinite possibilities that new technology offers.

Now, I’ve only seen 3 episodes.  Well, as of right now, it’s technically an episode and a half – I missed the pilot, I slept during the second episode, completed the third episode and I’m not quite a bit through the fourth episode, but I’ll have to go to work soon, so I won’t be able to finish beforehand.  Unless I want to be late.  But Caprica IS on demand.  Still want to watch it though.

In all that I’ve seen so far, I’m really enjoying the show, which I’m very surprised by.  I wasn’t all that interested in picking up a new show, as I have far too much on my DVR as it is.  But Caprica is on demand, so I don’t have to watch live if I don’t want to.  Although, I probably will watch James’ premiere episode live.

I will keep you updated on my progress, but I think I will keep with this one for awhile.  And perhaps I’ll be motivated to catch up with BSG.  We’ll see.