A guest post from Mr Corazon.

I admit it.  I still like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

First, it has a classic theme song.  Back when TV shows had themes that you actually cared about.  I had moved out of the house when Fresh Prince was first on, but there were two times in the week that the phone would ring with my little brother calling from home.  First, he would call to discuss what Bart wrote on the chalkboard.  The second would be to sing the Fresh Prince theme.

This morning I caught an episode in syndication.  Hillary was going to pose for “Playboy”, and Hugh Hefner made a guest appearance.  Also, Tyra Banks was on the show as Will’s girlfriend.  She was credited as simply “Tyra”.  Kind of ironic, since the family name on the show is Banks. YouTube has footage of Tyra on the show.

This episode was also one of the “new mom” shows.  Cast changes are never easy for any sitcom, although M*A*S*H seemed to handle it well.  I also like how Cheers! used Shelly Long’s departure for a joke by Woody late in the series about leaving a show when it is successful.  The “new mom” in Fresh Prince never worked.

Another funny moment recently was seeing Carlton on Game Show Network.  He now hosts a show called 21, but he looks like he possibly ate the donut store.  Then washed it down with more than a few beers.