I don’t typically like to write about the death of celebrites.  Mostly because it is usually what EVERYONE is talking about, and of course, all the conspiracy theories.  Usually about drugs or alcohol or sex.  Or perhaps all three. 

So, Brittany Murphy.

This one is no different for me.  I’m shocked and a little sad because no one should die before their time.  And this one is hard because she was not that much older than I am now.  So, it’s always hard.

So, Brittany Murphy.  They say she was in cardiac arrest when they found her, and was declared dead pretty much right away.  I’m sorry if I’m going to sound like a cynic here, but people so young so very rarely have heart conditions that would result in cardiac arrest.  I’m not saying that it never happens.  I’m just expanding my mind to accept many different scenarios.  Drugs does happen to play a role.  I also have to thank Chriso for pointing this out to me.  Although, I’m sure the media at some point would have pointed me in the right direction for cynicism, I’m glad Chriso made a point to say it.  But drugs happen.

But I don’t think I’ll go there today.  I’ll just say that I was never Brittany Murphy’s biggest fan, although there were a few movies of hers I did like.  Well, actually, there was only the one.  But still.

I don’t really know what else to say here, other than that I’m sure she will be missed.

And also, things like this typically come in 3s, so I will be on the lookout for more news, sad news, but more news nonetheless.