It’s interesting when dueling networks have similar programming.  It was painfully clear a few years ago when reality tv was all the rage and EVERYONE was showing the same programming but with different characters and producers but the storylines from week to week would be shockingly similar.

I can remember when I first started watching Grey’s Anatomy that many of the basic plots were the same as what I’d been watching on House in previous seasons.  To the point where the diagnoses were spot on.

Even wannabe shows that don’t seem to last have constant similarities to currently high-rated programming.  Take a look at Rules of Engagement, which only last little more than a season.  There you had 2 couples, and a single guy.  It felt like I was watching a cheapened version of How I Met Your Mother.

So, in light of all those crappy rip offs and wannabe shows, I present to you the very latest in the Battle of the Networks: Accidentally on Purpose vs Cougar Town.  CBS vs ABC.

I watch both shows.  I LOVE both shows.  They each have their own little quirks and qualities that make them funny.  But are they the same show?

The basic premise is the same: older woman (40s) is having trouble with being the older woman and ends up in search of a younger life, thus leaving her in the arms of a much younger man.  Each woman is an individual.  They both have their own little things that makes them special.  And funny.

The MAJOR difference between the shows?  One is pregnant by her younger man, and the other already has a kid, and has lived that life.

Bille (Accidentally on Purpose) shacks up with a guy in his early 20’s and ends up getting knocked up.

Whereas, Jules (Cougar Town) already has the kid, and is looking to recapture her youth after a divorce.

Both shows provide hilarious antics and amusing dynamics between the characters.  It’s even easy to see which characters match up on both shows.  Two best friends, the guy next door and his friends.

But each show is funny in it’s own right.

What I do find comforting is the fact that after their freshman seasons respectively, each show will find footing and become more original and unique.  And both, on separate networks will probably survive.

Just look at House and Grey’s Anatomy.  Sure, early on some of the episodes had hints from the other show, but here we are, many MANY seasons later, and each show has a completely different feel, and have both taken totally different paths.  *Sniffle sniffle*  They grow up so fast.

So, in looking at all those things, I like both shows because of their similarities and differences and can’t wait to see each one pan out for more than a season because it will be interesting to see which path each show chooses.

Whose side are you on?