So… we’re watching SNL.  We don’t typically watch mostly because we’re asleep by this point.  Or watching something else.  And let’s face it, it’s not as good as it used to be.

Then again, it was never as good as it used to be, even when it used to be good.

But, we’re watching SNL.  And the Black Eyed Peas are performing.  And January Jones is the host.  But we’re watching.

And it’s funny.  Why is it funny?  Because we started watching a few skits before the Black Eyed Peas performed.  One skit that took place in the 1950’s, where a bunch of awful stereotypes of homosexuals are to be referred to as Miss or Mrs, depending on their age, and animals shall be referred to by name.

And SNL makes things like that funny.

But what cracks me up more than anything is animals being referred to by name.  Sure, we all name our pets.  And sometimes, those of us from the crazy camp tend to talk to our pets as if they were human.  I know I do.  But what’s more is a simple line about referring to your animals by name.

Cats should be referred to by their full names.  But dogs are called Mister before their name, because cats are girls and dogs are boys.

ANNNDDD Chriso has been telling me this for weeks.  We have a cat.  His name is Tiny.  And Tiny is a boy.  And yet, cats are girls and dogs are boys.  According to Chriso.  And SNL.  And the 1950’s.

So, this is my concession.  SOME people may think that all cats are girls, and all dogs are boys.  I will just choose to not argue about it.  Simply because when I think I’m right, skits on shows like SNL promptly take all my hard work and throw it out the window with a simple line.

So…. cats are girls and dogs are boys.