I know I haven’t been watching Heroes.  I pretty much broke up with the series after the atrocity they call season 2.  And then again one third of the way through season 3.  So I haven’t really been keeping up with my Heroes news.

But it has been confirmed by a source, but not by NBC, that Adrian Pasdar who plays Nathan Petrelli, will no longer be on the show.  Apparently, he’s been killed of before: the end of season 3 when Sylar had slit his throat.  But he had come back to do guest spots and take on the guise of other characters.  However, this is rumored to be the FINAL farewell for the elder Petrelli brother.

Am I surprised?  Not sure.  The real question is: do I care?  And there is no simple answer to that one.

Heroes has been teetering on the edge of being a mediocre show for quite some time.  And again, I have to mention that I gave up on it long ago.  Believe it or not, I actually tuned in for a few scenes when I got home from work tonite.  And I’m not gonna lie, but it was more background noise than anything else.

Also, it’s not really the kind of show that you can put down and pick up randomly at any episode.  You really have to follow it, because the stories are so intermingled and twisted together, and so very elaborate.  And it’s not for the casual viewer, unfortunately.  It’s for the dedicated fan who has been watching since the beginning.  But how many of those are left anyway?

ANYway, Adrian Pasdar will be leaving the show.  His final episode has yet to air, although NBC will not confirm or deny the rumors.

What do you think about Heroes this season?