Glee – Preggers

Kurt joins the football team just to impress his father. Finn and Quinn’s relationship get a shocking development. Rachel thinks her star is fading when Tina is given a better part during rehearsals which causes her to leave. Sue continues her schemes to dismantle the glee club.

I totally forgot about the other things I wanted to record from Wednesday.  I remember vaguely wanting to watch Cougar Town and Modern Family, but they both COMPLETELY slipped my mind.  But I heard Modern Family was awesome.

ANYway – Glee.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m LOVING this show.  I’m honestly really surprised at how much I’m enjoying it.  And this week’s episode was pretty much an hour-long parody of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  And it was great.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little turned off by the storyline with Mr. Shue’s wife, and how she’s had a hysterical pregnancy, and is trying to steal a baby from a high school girl who doesn’t want to tell anyone she’s knocked up.  It makes her less and less likable.  But maybe that’s the point.  Meh, who cares.

Everything else was so cool.  Although, I found myself realizing that I was SO Rachel in high school.  I was always the complainer and EXTREMELY high maintenance when it came to music and drama.  So, kudos to the music director for putting up with it.  Yup, I was Rachel.  Looking back, it’s hysterical and sad all at the same time.  But I guess that’s another reason to love the show: it’s relatable.

Can’t wait for next week’s episode.