I’m definitely behind on my TV this year.  I had to do quite a bit of research because I just haven’t been keeping up with everything the way I used to.  So far, I’m still unsure as to what I’ll be watching, but I plan to post every week and let you all know.  I also plan to take full advantage of my DVR AND the Internet to watch everything I think I need to watch.

So, without further adieu, here are the premieres for this fall (I’ve included everything from the beginning of September, even though we’re pretty much passed it already – but just in case you needed to know what you missed, it’s here).

Actually, I DO want to point out one thing.  Officially, the ACTUAL fall season doesn’t start until AFTER the Emmys.  I had a discussion with my boss last September about his because there were shows that were premiering BEFORE the Emmys, and although they are still technically premiering in the fall, they do not count as being part of the actual season.  It’s an interesting idea to think about.  So, I like to look at the Emmys as being a bookmark for when the season is supposed to start.


Tuesday, Sept 8

  • 90210, 8pm (CW)
  • Melrose Place, 9pm (CW)
  • Sons of Anarchy, 10pm (FX)

Wednesday, Sept 9

  • America’s Next Top Model, 8pm (CW)
  • So You Think You Can Dance, 8pm (FOX)
  • Glee, 9pm (FOX)

Thursday, Sept 10

  • Vampire Diaries, 8pm (CW)
  • Supernatural, 9pm (CW)

Friday, Sept 11

  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, 8pm (FOX)

Saturday, September 12

  • Cops, 8pm (FOX)
  • America’s Most Wanted, 9pm (FOX)
  • Robin Hood, 9pm (BBC America)

Monday, Sept 14

  • One Tree Hill, 8pm  (CW)
  • Gossip Girl, 9pm  (CW)
  • The Jay Leno Show, 10pm  (NBC)

Tuesday, Sept 15

  • The Biggest Loser, 8pm  (NBC)

Wednesday, Sept 16

  • The Beautiful Life, 9pm  (CW)

Thursday, Sept 17

  • Survivor: Samoa, 8pm  (CBS)
  • Bones, 8pm  (FOX)
  • SNL Weekend Update, 8pm (NBC)
  • Parks and Recreation, 8:30pm,  (NBC)
  • Fringe, 9pm (FOX)
  • The Office, 9pm (NBC)
  • Community, 9:30pm (NBC)
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 10pm (FX)

Sunday, Sept 20

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm, 9pm (HBO)
  • Bored to Death, 9:30pm (HBO)

Monday, Sept 21

  • Dancing with the Stars, 8pm (ABC)
  • Heroes, 8pm (NBC)
  • House, 8pm (FOX)
  • How I Met Your Mother, 8pm (CBS)
  • Accidentally on Purpose, 8:30pm (CBS)
  • Two and a Half Men, 9pm (CBS)
  • The Big Bang Theory, 9:30pm (CBS)
  • Castle, 10pm (ABC)
  • CSI: Miami, 10pm (CBS)

Tuesday, Sept 22

  • NCIS, 8pm (CBS)
  • NCIS: Los Angeles, 9pm (CBS)
  • The Forgotten, 10pm (ABC)
  • The Good Wife, 10pm (CBS)

Wednesday, Sept 23

  • The New Adventures of Old Christine, 8 p.m. (CBS)
  • Mercy, 8 p.m. (NBC)
  • Gary Unmarried, 8:30 p.m. (CBS)
  • Criminal Minds, 9 p.m. (CBS)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, 9 p.m. (NBC)
  • Modern Family, 9 p.m. (ABC)
  • Cougar Town, 9:30pm (ABC)
  • CSI: NY, 10 p.m. (CBS)
  • Eastwick, 10 p.m. (ABC)

Thursday, Sept. 24

  • Flash Forward, 8 p.m. (ABC)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, 9 p.m. (CBS)
  • Grey’s Anatomy, 9 p.m. (ABC)
  • The Mentalist, 10 p.m. (CBS)

Friday, Sept. 25

  • Brothers, 8 p.m. (Fox)
  • Smallville, 8 p.m. (CW)
  • Law & Order, 8 p.m. (NBC)
  • Ghost Whisperer, 8 p.m. (CBS)
  • Dollhouse, 9 p.m. (Fox)
  • Southland, 9 p.m. (NBC)
  • Medium, 9 p.m. (CBS)
  • Numb3rs, 10 p.m. (CBS)

Saturday, Sept. 26

  • Saturday Night Live, 11:30 p.m. (NBC)

Sunday, Sept. 27

  • 60 Minutes, 7 p.m. (CBS)
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 7 p.m. (ABC)
  • The Amazing Race, 8 p.m. (CBS)
  • The Simpsons, 8 p.m. (Fox)
  • The Cleveland Show, 8:30 p.m. (Fox)
  • Family Guy, 9 p.m. (Fox)
  • Desperate Housewives, 9 p.m. (ABC)
  • Dexter, 9 p.m. (Showtime)
  • American Dad, 9:30 p.m. (Fox)
  • Brothers & Sisters, 10 p.m. (ABC)
  • Californication, 10 p.m. (Showtime)
  • Cold Case, 10 p.m. (CBS)

Monday, Sept. 28

  • Lie to Me, 9 p.m. (Fox)
  • Trauma, 9 p.m. (NBC)

Tuesday, Sept. 29

  • Hell’s Kitchen, 8 p.m. (Fox)
  • Shark Tank, 8 p.m. (ABC)
  • Dancing With the Stars, 9 p.m. (ABC)

Wednesday, Sept. 30

  • Hank, 8 p.m. (ABC)
  • The Middle, 8:30 pm. (ABC)

Thursday, Oct. 1

  • Private Practice, 10 p.m. (ABC)

Friday, Oct. 2

  • ‘Til Death, 8:30 p.m. (Fox
  • Stargate Universe, 9 p.m. (Syfy)

Sunday, Oct. 4

  • America’s Funniest Home Videos, 7 p.m (ABC)
  • Three Rivers, 9 p.m. (CBS)

Tuesday, Oct. 6

  • Scare Tactics, 9 p.m. (Syfy)

Friday, Oct. 9

  • Ugly Betty, 8 p.m. (ABC)
  • Sanctuary, 10 p.m. (Syfy)

Thursday, Oct. 15

  • 30 Rock, 9:30 p.m. (NBC)

Friday, Oct. 16

  • Supernanny, 8 p.m. (ABC)

Friday, Oct. 23

  • White Collar, 10 p.m. (USA)

Tuesday, Nov. 3

  • V, 8 p.m. (ABC)

Saturday, Nov. 7

  • The Wanda Sykes Show, 11 p.m. (Fox)

So… that would be the 2009 Fall Premier lineup.  Ummm… a few things I’m looking forward to are the number of returning shows, like House, How I Met Your Mother and Dollhouse.  And then there are the shows that are returning that I haven’t seen before, like Castle, starring Nathan Fillion.  And of course there are the new shows like Vampire Diaries and Glee that I’m looking forward to.  Every show gets the 3-episode rule, even existing shows.  So if something isn’t really living up to par, it’s going to have to be taken off the DVR.  This is going to be fun!