We’ve been in Virginia for over a month now.  We’ve been staying in Norfolk, and are right on the cusp of signing a lease in Virginia Beach.  Seriously, things could not be more exciting at this very moment.

I just called the power company today, actually.  They set me up with power.  Aaaaand, they set up my cable and internet package.  So, okay, that IS pretty exciting.  Except for that fact that I’m now going to have to figure out a whole new mess of channel listings.

Now, having grown up in Boston, I guess you could say I’ve gotten accustomed to the channel listings.  Channels 4, 5 and 7 were always CBS, ABC, and NBC.  FOX was always channel 13, and I could pretty much always figure out where Nickelodeon falls in as well as FX, HBO and Showtime.

So… moving to a COMPLETELY different state, I’m WAY more than confused.  Quite literally, for the first few weeks we were here, we kept calling HBO the Weird Movie Channel because we had no idea it was actually HBO.

But now that I’ve learned where HBO is at the hotel we’ve been staying at.  And now that I know where FOX is and that Lifetime shows How I Met Your Mother sometimes during the week at 5 or 6, everything is going to change again completely when we move into our new apartment in 2 days.

So, I JUST put reminders in my iPhone about Dancing with the Stars on ABC, Dollhouse and House on FOX and a few other new shows that I will at least consider giving the 3-episode rule, and now I have to go back and figure out where these shows will be and how I’m supposed to be watching them.

Good thing there’s DVR.  And the internet.

My life is so hard.  *Sigh*