The movie-making process is one that seems to take forever.  Okay, not really forever, but it certainly takes a REALLY long time.  Years, in fact.  Often, when you hear of a new movie being announced, it’s at least 2 or 3 years in advance.  Pretty rarely will it be less than that.  

Seriously.  Do you remember when Iron Man was released into the movie theaters?  There was an immediate announcement about The Avengers being on the horizon for 2011, which, at the time (2008) was 3 years out.  And that is totally understandable.  With HUGE budgets, it’s no surprise that with casting, filming, stunt coordinating, and everything else involved that a movie would take a really long time in production.  It even takes some time in post-production, where some of the magic happens, like the editing and the piecing the film together and the music, and everything else.

So, movies take a long time to produce.

I start off this way to point out that movies take a LONG time to produce.  Even documentaries.  Simply because there needs to be a lapse of time.  Research needs to be done, interviews, and then there’s still post-production where the everything fits together to make the movie that we finally see.

So, WHY does anyone care about how long it takes movies to be made?

Because Michael Jackson will soon star in his very own, post-death documentary.

That’s right.  Because we can’t leave well enough alone.

Sony has allegedly bought the rights to “This Is It,” a movie on the last tour Michael Jackson was scheduled to do, also titled “This Is It.”

And what’s more?  The movie is tentatively scheduled to be released on October 30 of this year.  AND there are going to be 3D sequences!!! Because who doesn’t want to see Michael Jackson in 3D???  Seriously.

So, gentle readers, what I’m telling you is this: Not 4 months after the pop star’s death, there is going to be a movie about his last days.  Okay, maybe not so much his last days… but certainly about his preparation for his last tour.  AND his mother got final approval of the contracts, meaning that nothing can appear in the documentary that would make MJ look bad.  Now, despite that fact, you KNOW there’s going to be something misinterpreted, and MJ is going to look like a thundering lunatic.  But that’s just my own personal opinion.  Or maybe not.

I’m sorry, but this is something that just should not happen.

I appreciated his music.  A lot of people did.  And there’s been sooooo many movies and Behind the Music stories about him and his family.  Do we REALLY need another one?  Apparently so.

But I honestly think this is ridiculous.  But you know something?  It’s going to make billions.  And there’s no reason it shouldn’t.

It’s going to be like the car wreck that you sat in traffic for over 3 hours before you finally realized it was a car wreck, only to piss off the people behind you because you finally see what the big deal was and even though there’s lots of blood and guts everywhere and it looks like a scene from some bloody movie, you can’t help but stare until you don’t have a choice but to keep driving because the people behind you are honking so much so they can do the exact same thing once they pull up alongside the accident.  Yes.  That is exactly what it is.

I’m a bit on the fence, though, as to whether or not I want to actually see it.  I am a little squeamish, and I’m not one for blood.  But then again, can you help but stare at it?