The Harry/Sally Conundrum

My love, future hubby, best friend –

I can’t believe how long we’ve known each other, much less, how long we’ve been together.  It’s nothing short of amazing.

The simple fact that we’ve been together several times, even if those were all the wrong times, makes us being together now the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.  We needed to have all those missed connections, and all that bad timing and all those other experiences to shape us both into the people we needed to be to be together.

I love that we’re Harry and Sally.  I love that we’ve gone 10 years before finally being together.  I love it because NOW is the right time.  NOW we are the people we need to be.  NOW we are on the other side of everything, and we made it alive.  So NOW we can be together and let things be.

And I love that we will always come back to each other.  Epic.

I love you, baby.  I’m yours.

Yours Always,