Posting from the library.

Just stopping in for a minute to say hello, gentle readers.

I’ve been working on a few Buffy-specific posts that I hope to get up within the week.  A few of them are lists, and I’m pretty sure there’s an analysis or two in the mix.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this week, mostly about life stuff.  Wondering where life is going, how I’m going to get there and if I’ll come out the other side alive… I’m pretty sure that remaining positive is the best course of action.  But in doing some pretty serious contemplation, I’ve decided to revist (yet again… I think I’m on viewing 10 or 11, or perhaps more at this point) of Buffy. 

You see, Walmart was having a sale, and even though I own the series twice, owning it a third time doesn’t seem so bad.  So I’ve restarted my collection again, with the first 3 seasons @ 15 beans a season.  Which is AWESOME, btw.  And I’ve begun rewatching the first season.

Really takes me back. 

I love Buffy because of it’s familiarity, and the comfort that it offers.  I love it because it’s always there, and it never changes.  And even though its the same thing over and over, the same story and the same characters and the same lines, there is still an aspect that is shy and new. 

It’s something that, no matter how bad or good or indifferent I’m feeling, I know that I can always go back to Buffy and things will be okay.

It’s like going home again.  And don’t they always say, “you can always go home again.”  Or maybe it’s “you can never go home again.”  And if that’s the case, then scratch that entire thought. 

Buffy is like going home again.  You’re always welcome, and it’s always the same no matter how different it may be and how things might have changed in other areas.  It’s always there.

And now that I’ve entertained you all with my newest tangent, I’m going to sign off and go take a nap.  It’s been an exhausting day.