Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?       

Apparently so. 

Now, I’m not against the idea of a new Buffy movie, but the idea of Joss Whedon not being involved and the idea of none of the original characters and the original mythology… Not cool.

But, then again, are we really giving it a chance?

According to the New York Times, Kuzui Enterprises, who has owned the franchise since the 1992 flop, has been tossing around the idea that there would be a guardian and a Slayer and a Watcher, etc.  If that’s the case, and you want to continue the mythology, be my guest.  I can see no harm in continuing the mythology and creating different characters and telling new stories.  But don’t call it a “buffy” movie.  It’s not Buffy.  It never has been.  It never will be.  Perhaps it could be a spinoff, but it will never be the real thing.

And Joss’s response to all this madness?  “I hope it’s cool.” 

That was a very diplomatic response.  But then again, Joss has never been one to openly bash other creator’s projects and ideas.  I’m sure he has feelings on the matter, but none that he will ever share with us.  And that’s fine.  He’s a classy guy.  He doesn’t need to bash other creators.  He knows he did well with Buffy, and  that is that.

In light of this month’s almost-summer-blockbusters like Star Trek and the Terminator, you can do movies without the original main characters.  The difference between those movies and a potential Buffy movie is that Star Trek has been on for 40 years, and the idea of original characters not being involved is not a foreign one.  It was a cult classic in later years, and the idea of having someone play Spock differently because Leonard Nimoy was a little too old to be doing it is not a bad thing.

But Sarah Michelle Gellar is not too old.  Buffy hasn’t been on for 40 years.  And the fans are both young enough and old enough to remember and appreciate the original.  There are no factors that I can see that would warrant a new Buffy movie without the original series creator, or the original characters or the same story.

And really… where would Buffy be without the relatable storylines, insane love triangles, in-depth and interwoven mythology and great one-liners?  What would Buffy be without the characters we’ve come to know and love?  Where would Buffy be without Joss? 

And to show my dedication to the series, the characters, the actors and the stories, I am going  to dedicate the next 7 days worth of posts to being Buffy-specific. 

And just an FYI:

If it doesn’t look like Buffy, smell like Buffy, and make you laugh like Buffy, then it’s not Buffy.

End rant.