Is there any other reason to have a blog other than for shameless self-promotion?  I think not. 

There’s millions of people out there in the blogging universe talking about themselves and their lives, and wondering if anyone out there actually cares about what’s going on.  Ramblers.  All of them. 

But I’m one of them too. 

One of the millions out there just struggling to get a little piece, just a tiny one, in my own little corner of the Internet, and hoping that someday, somebody finds me and offers me millions to write for them because there’s something about me

But we’re all thinking that, and hoping that.

Bloggers get book deals.  And use their blogs to make money.  And I often wonder how they are doing it.  Here I am doing the exact same thing, but somehow it’s different.

And you know something?  I’m okay with that.

I’m perfectly fine with the idea of being UNDISCOVERED.  Seriously.  Because there something about maintaining anonymity that is appealing.  But sometimes – sometimes – I would like to be one of those bloggers.  You know the ones – with their book deals and respect, and witty writing – yes, one of those.

In saying that, there are so many more ways to get your blogs out there to be discovered, to get more readers, more “friends.”  Things like Twitter and Facebook have made that possible.  More and more regularly, I’m seeing people post links and leave notes saying they wrote a new blog post.  Heck, I’ve been doing the same.

It’s all about exposure.

And now, rather than telling all of you how completely AWESOME I am, and how I TOTALLY deserve to have more readers and commenters, I’m going to be a shameless pseudo-self-promoter, and throw in a plug Chriso’s band, The Free Jailbirds.

You can find them on Myspace – – and the music is really  good.

And I sing with them.  So, if for nothing else, oh wise, kind and powerful Internet, take a look, check them out, and leave some love. 

That is all.