Baby, I know sometimes it’s gonna rain.  But, baby, can we make up now ’cause I can’t sleep through the pain…

I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch recently.  But I guess that was to be expected.  When you are constantly moving at such a fast pace, things eventually will start to deteriorate. 

I’m not saying things are deteriorating at all.  In fact, things are incredible.  But sometimes they just suck.  More so because I’m not that only one that’s moving at break-neck speeds.  And sometimes I feel like all I do is work.  Not just at work, but at home, and when I’m out. 

My current job titles as of right now:

  • Tech Support – this is my REAL job, that they pay me REAL money for.  Don’t want to mess this one up.
  • Blogger
  • Personal Assistant
  • Organizational Specialist
  • Photographer
  • Finance Specialist/Bookkeeper
  • Buyer/Purchaser
  • Equipment Manager
  • Band Manager
  • Human Google
  • Interior Decorator
  • Professional Chef
  • Girlfriend/Fiance/Sex Goddess

I’m not complaining.  I love the work that I do.  I love being able to do everything and be good at everything I do.  I love my blog.  My blog is my sanctuary.  I come here to vent and prattle off about the things I care about.  But I love everything else, too.  I love being a personal assistant and photographer and band manager.  Mostly because this is the stuff I’m good at.  I’m good at dealing with high pressure situations.  Or situations that require rationality and practicality.  I’m good at remaining externally calm when things are not really all that calm.

But I don’t think anyone really understands how much I actually do.  My days are filled to the brim with ACTUAL work, and then I do everything else.  DAMN!  I’m freakin’ AMAZING!

But in telling you that I am nothing short of amazing, I am telling that in all the things I do, whether I have to or not, my favorite among them would be the last on my list.  And it’s not the girlfrined-part really.  It’s more the Chriso part that makes that part enjoyable.  Without the Chriso part, everything else would be meaningless. 

All the TV I watch, all the movies, all the photos I take… everything I do.  Would be meaningless.  Without Chriso.

Sometimes life gets hard, and sometimes we get busy.  And sometimes it starts raining.  But I know that without Chriso, I would never be able to make it through those rainy days.

I just hope he knows that.  Because if he doesn’t, I think I have more work to do.