Neither Chriso nor myself has ever been the biggest fan of V-day.


V-day is the day he and I first started.  9 years ago.  So this was an extremely important day for us.  Not only was it a 9-year overall anniversary, but it was also our 2-month anniversary.  Talk about celebrations…

But I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that the weekend was my best weekend ever.  No, seriously.  Ever.

Chriso and I decided that we would extend our celebration of each event over a period of 10 days, because that would be fun.  So each day, there was another little surprise.  We had lunch one day, and exchanged gifts and cards and chocolate throughout the week. 

Friday the 13th we had dinner at a church he attends, which was really nice.  The food was amazing at the very least.  And they had a whole night of events where there were little ice-breaker games and short videos to watch.  That was a blast.

Saturday the 14th, I got all dressed up and just spent some time with Chriso, while he worked.  We got to spend some quality time together in between work.  Sometimes spending time is all you need.

But the creme de le creme of the weekend… the frosting on the cupcake that was my awesome weekend was Sunday and Monday.  Very early Sunday morning, Chriso and I drove down to South Orange New Jersey for the event of all events… James Marsters – Funny Valentine.  It was maybe a 4 hour drive, only made longer by stopping in Cornwall by the Hudson to visit Chriso’s brother, Patrick, his wife partner girlfriend, Laurie and their two daughters, Grace and Olivia.

Chriso and me holding Grace and Olivia

Chriso and me holding Grace and Olivia

We had such a great time just holding the twin girls, and playing with them… and watching Olivia spit up on my shirt.  Yes.  It was a good time.  (And to be perfectly honest, that was probably the best part of my weekend…)  I love my new almost-nieces!

After a warm welcome and spending time with the girls and just lounging about, we set off to finish our trip to NJ.  Very honestly, I was so surprised that Chriso wanted to attend this event with me.  You see, he is not a fan of JM.  Actually, until I began mentioning this event, he had no idea who this guy was. 

BUT – yes, there is one – Chriso said he had a great time, and really enjoyed JM and the concert and just watching me be dorky… seen below. 

Me being dorky in front of JM

Me being dorky in front of JM

But it was a great event, no matter how dorky I was being.  James was incredible as always.  The Q&A was great, and funny.  AND I got a private showing of his sound check before the concert.  Thank you, Chriso. 

You see, we had missed the photo session from the morning, as we were visiting my new almost-nieces.  And as much as I love JM, I’m so glad I got to spend extra time with those beautiful little girls. 

ANYway… we had missed the photo session, and I was actually fine with it.  I got my autograph and sat in for the Q&A… AND I was totally 3 rows from JM in the theater.  THREE.  ROWS.  FROM.  JAMES.  And that was unbelievable.  There was a break between the event itself and the concert that evening, so Chriso and I were milling in the lobby for a bit, watching everybody else get their pictures and we got posters and whatnot.  Chriso seemed pretty insistent that I get my photo taken with James. 

So, Chriso walked up to the guy with the camera, said a few words – perhaps goods or services were exchanged – and I was in.  Chriso got me in to have my picture taken with James, AND as an added bonus, I got to be merely feet away from him as he did his sound check for the concert.  Oh yes.  Chriso is my knight-in-shining armor.  I’m not kidding. 

Sure, I would have been fine without the photo.  I really would have been.  But I’m so glad he got me in.  So very glad. 

So, that was awesome.

Our weekend did not end there.

We found a hotel in Shelton, CT, which had a pool (because Chriso was insistent that he MUST have a pool).  And we spent an amazing night just together.  There was cuddling and talking, and just spending quiet time in bed. 

One thing that I have found will always be insanely important is just spending time.  Making time to spend time with each other.  Life gets crazy.  I should know.  My life has been moving at 100mph for a few weeks, if not more.  And I’ve found calmness in just sitting back and just spending time.  It feels like coming full circle.  Like a break from all the crazy to just get to know each other again.  And it’s amazing.  I just hope we can continue to take weekends away like we did, when we’re old and gray.  Or when there are children.  Because our relationship is important, and I don’t want to ever lose that.

Also, Chriso and I have quite  a few things in common, like the love of driving around aimlessly with no destination.  So that’s something I would like to keep in our lives as a calming situation.  And there’s nothing like driving around with no map and no GPS and finding a beautiful beach to hang out on.

Chriso and me on a beach in CT

Chriso and me on a beach in CT

So, I would rate my V-day weekend… no… it wasn’t just V-day.  I would rate my multi-purpose weekend as one of the best I’ve ever had. I got to meet new people, and I really felt welcomed into Chriso’s family.  And my new almost-nieces are the most beautiful babies in the world. 

I got to spend quantity time with JM.  Although I didn’t get to tell him that I have skills.  Chriso informed me that would be incredibly weird, and I’d look like a bigger dork.  Maybe next time.

And I got to spend time with the most unbelievable man in the entire world through all of it.  If I ever had any doubts as to what the future might bring or his affections towards me, they all disappeared this weekend.


I forgot to mention that James also did a dramatic reading called Love Letters, which chronicled a couple from 3rd grade up until the end of the woman’s life.  They always had bad timing, and never really got to be together.  It’s not exaggeration to say that their relationship, or lack thereof, was epic.  James did a fantastic job, as did the woman who did the reading with him.  And it really struck a chord.  In a word, unbelievable.