…One complete person.  I’m thinking tat’s going to be my theme for this year. 

Hello, again, Gentle Readers!  It’s certainly been awhile since I last posted.  And quite a lot has happened between then and now.  Certainly in a lot of areas.

Yesterday, a new President was inaugurated into office.  American Idol is back on the air, along with 24… Face it.  The world is changing.

I just wanted to check in, Gentle Readers, as it has indeed been awhile.  And I miss blogging daily.

But you see, I haven’t been watching as much TV as I once did.  I’ve been spending more time out and away from the television, and the computer (except for work, of course), and I’ve been reading, and working on music and spending time with the people I care about. 

I’ve also been to a few really good movies.  Not at all like the summer of movies I had last year… but some seriously GOOD movies.  7 Pounds, Slum Dog Millionaire, and Gran Tourino were all excellent and awesome and heartbreaking, and oh-so-incredible.  Next up on the docket is probably going to be that new Kevin James movie, Mall Cop.  Why?  Because I love Kevin James, it looks funny, AND parts of the movie were filmed at the Burlington Mall, which just so happens to be a few towns over both from where I work and where I live.  Yup.  That’s right.  I was THAT close to Kevin James.  And didn’t even know it.

Moving along… I did want to take this opportunity to whore myself out for the sake of the band  promote the band Chriso (the not-so-new boyfriend) is in.  They call themselves The Free Jailbirds.  And they have a CD.  Which I put together – well, not the recording part of it, but I put the songs on the CDs and put them in pretty cases.  So there!  Just call me Band Photographer and Executive Assistant.  I’ve got mad skills!

So please, please, PLEASE check them out here and leave some love.   Please, Gentle Readers.  I don’t ask much of you, so this shouldn’t be too difficult a task.  Just check out The Free Jailbirds, become their friend on Myspace, and show them some love.  Or at least comment on SOMETHING!