Hello, my darling Internet, gentle readers, and members of the male species:

I come to you today, in my hour of need, to inform, advise and ask you a huge favor.  Just ask her.  

Need a little explanation?  I figured.  If there is someone you love, care for, or even see potential in, please don’t let her go for anything.  She could be the one to make you the happiest man in the world.  She could also make  you miserable, but if you let her go, you’ll never know which she is.  

Give her the benefit of the doubt.  Love her unconditionally, and let her know how you feel.  Don’t hold back from her; she could be your greatest ally in anything you do.  It’s okay to let her in, and let her love you.  She won’t bite, I promise.  Unless she’s being playful.

But give her the chance to prove herself to you by proving yourself to her.  Don’t leave her just because things got hard.  Make the effort, show her you care, and let her know that she means more to you than anything else.

If you ever are forced to choose between her and something else, choose both.  If you have the opportunity of a lifetime, let her experience it with you.  Just ask her to come with you.  Let her know you want her there every step of the way.  Even if she doesn’t go, she’ll know you want her in your life.  

If there is any chance, any tiny inkling that she might be the one or you have strong feelings for her, proximity is a good thing.  Be blunt and upfront and tell her the truth.  

The long and short of it is this: just ask her.  Take her with you.

Love Always,