House and Cuddy

House and Cuddy

Now, who didn’t see this coming?  And who didn’t want this to happen sooner or later?  To be perfectly honest, I’m all about watching relationships develop and grow and blossom, but I don’t think I’m feeling the same thrill I did when I was all about LoVe (Logan and Veronica, Veronica Mars), or Spuffy (Spike and Buffy, BtVS). 

Is it unnatural?  No, it’s just the opposite.  House and Cuddy had a very natural progression.  After all, what is more natural than eventually getting together with your long-time nemesis… 

The episode itself was actually pretty great.  It followed the standard path that we’ve come to love.  So at 40 minutes into the episode, when they still haven’t figured out what is wrong with the patient of the week, it came as no surprise that chocolate cake would be the cure.  Well, that and a gastric bypass reversal surgery, so the pretty girl would once again be the “fat chick” she hated so much.  Or… drugs, the alleviate the symptoms.

The team takes on the case of a fitness guru on an all-natural diet who collapsed while filming a video. Meanwhile, Foreman conducts Huntington’s Disease drug trials and Thirteen signs on as a subject, Cuddy is forced to move into House’s office, and Kutner uses House’s name to run an online medical-advice website.

There are so many reasons to love this latest episode.  First and foremost, the ability of a show like this, that has been on for 5 seasons, to maintain a better grasp of the story when there’s multiple storylines being attacked at once.

First, you have the patient of the week, who is a fitness guru, and as mentioned above, and later discovers that she was supposed to be overweight, and she had been self-medicating with a diet of high sugar, fat and carbohydrates up until she had gastric bypass surgery, which only exacerbated her illness.  As far as a patient of the week episode goes, this was pretty good.  They’ve dealt with the overweight patient at least once or twice, but this was a patient who was tiny on the outside, but housed a really overweight person. 

Okay, I’ve never been a fan of Thirteen.  I don’t actually know her real name either.  And I pretty much think Foreman, Chase and Cameron need to come back to the fold and be primary characters again, rather than seeing them twice a season.  However, Thirteen had a pretty important storyline dealing with her Huntington’s this week.  And Foreman was running the drug trial.  She finally confronted the issues she had been dealing with since her mother passed away from the disease many years earlier.  I think it was a really important episode for her.  But I still don’t like her, and I still won’t remember her name.

Perhaps the best storylines of the episode were both Cuddy moving into House’s office while hers is being remodeled, which created a whole new level to their sexual tension, and gave some of the House/Cuddy “shippers” out there a little hope.  AND Kutner using House’s name to run an online “second opinion” website. 

I love Kutner.  I do.  He’s pretty funny, but he’s a little underdeveloped.  He’s definitely the type that has so much potential to grow into a really complex character.  What killed me about his online website in House’s name is that House knew about it the whole time, convinced Chase and Cameron to play along, and hired an actress to play a patient who would allegedly die at the end.  AND weaseled 50% out of Kutner for using his name for the website.  Classic House.  Always one step ahead, and cynical, and so damn funny.

And a more pivotal moment for House was getting the new/old desk for Cuddy.  I think he’s found a soft spot for her… and it’s about time.  We’ve seen him harass her, sexually, and insult her, and royally torture her, but we’ve never really seen him do something nice for her with no ulterior motive (although it is possible he does have another motive – but he still did something nice… and unexpected).  He got her old desk from Med school out of storage and had it delivered to her new office without her knowledge.  The look of joy and appreciation on her face when she realized how the desk got there was enough to give a little hope.  However, while going to thank House moments later, she clearly misread the situation with him in the office and the other woman, meaning the next new episode is going to be chock full of sexual tension you could cut with a knife as well as crazy sarcasm and all around animosity. 

I can’t wait.

So, I’m pretty much on the fence about the potential of House and Cuddy getting together, but I’m definitely curious to see where it’s going to go.