I realize I haven’t done the movie review thing in awhile.  Mostly because there hasn’t been much to review.  And I actually haven’t gone to the movies in weeks.  Stop gasping.  It’s not that uncommon.  The upside is that I have a new ticket stub to add to my ever-growing collection.

The downside?  The movie I saw this weekend.  Quantum of Solace.

Um… so yeah.  I almost have no words in regards to this movie.  But lucky for you, gentle readers, I will never NOT have words.

For all the hype surrounding the latest Bond movie, it really didn’t live up to its predecessors.  I will say this, though.  I was at least in good company while seeing this movie, so the night wasn’t wasted.  W (the aforementioned company) bought the tickets online so we could see it in Boston, which was a trip in and of itself, very exciting.

And believe it or not, the theater they opened Quantum of Solace in seated 650 people.  Which ends up being 150 more people than the IMAX I saw Dark Knight in.  But enough of that nonsense.  On to more important things.

Things I liked:

  • The action.  There were a lot of interesting and lengthy fight scenes where Bond just kicked some major ass.
  • Daniel Craig.  He was actually quite an attractive Bond.  And the rumors are flying that he has signed on to be James Bond in the next two movies.
  • The visuality of the movie was a little interesting.  There were a lot of locations and a lot of scenery to pay attention to that really added something to the watchability.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Four words: There.  Was.  No.  Plot.  Plain and simple.  And this being my first Bond movie EVER (yes, I’ve been living under a rock my entire life), I was honestly expecting somet kind of storyline, or at least something I could follow.
  • Not only was there no actual plot, whatever little storyline there was was actually hard to follow.  I had figured that at least I would be able to follow some of the standalone stories, but even those whose roots did not lie in the actual Bond-saga were confusing.
  • There weren’t any of the infamous Bond gadgets.  But this could also be attributed to the lack of gadget guy extraordinaire, Q.  It wasn’t as technologically interesting as the previous movies (allegedly) had been.  So, my disappointment lies there.

I’m not sure what more I can say other than that I’m am thoroughly disappointed.  And the hype surrounding this movie should have made me realize that it probably wouldn’t be as good (allegedly) as the last.  AND the movie did over 70 million at the box office for it’s opening weekend.  Ah, the business of movies.

What I found to be the most frustrating was that even the characters were confused.  From scene to scene, nothing made sense.  The main plot made sense, and it was part of a prequel in which we find out how Bond gets to be the Bond we knew and loved from the beginning.  But seriously, there were just so many things that did not make sense.

I will say this, however.  Now that I’ve gotten past all the hype and all the action, I may have to see it again to find out what I missed.  But maybe not.

So, gentle readers, I leave you with this: before you check a movie with a lot of hype, wait and ask someone who’s already seen it.  It might save you a lot of time and a little disappointment.  Or, at least, wait until Bond comes out on DVD.