So my friend A is definitely the bringer of bad news.  Not only did he inform me of the reason my real-world cohort is out of work today, but he also brought on the worst news I’ve heard all day.

My Own Worst Enemy is being cancelled.  And after only 4 episodes.  NBC, what the bloody hell are you doing?  You cancel the original programming and keep the new Knight Rider…?  Seriously?  I’ll admit, My Own Worst Enemy is not a great show, but it seems like the type to hook you in if you keep watching.  And Christian Slater is phenomenal in it.  He plays two characters, normal guy and alter-ego secret agent guy, and is hilarious and really a brilliant actor in that particular role. 

So, seriously, NBC is really going to cancel some good mediocre ORIGINAL programming for a crappy rehashed show that should have died after the Hoff was on it in the first place…  Today is not my day, and I’m really feeling scared that any day now the world is going to end.  All the signs are there, and it’s getting a little weird, and kind of scary.

Another thing that really has me on edge at the moment is the fate of Pushing DaisiesABC has already officially decided it’s fate, however, November sweeps could still potentially affect that decision.  ABC had only ordered the first 13 episodes for this season, and have been in limbo about picking up the back nine to finish a full season.  However, they haven’t picked up the back nine episodes, and probably won’t.  I think they are actually going to end it at the 13th episode, which they already have filmed and in the can.  The downside to this is that it was writtern as a cliffhanger episode, leading us to believe that there may be a full season, or at least the promise of a 3rd season.  But if they decide to cancel it after November Sweeps, then the writers will have to go in and rehash the episode to film it as an actual conclusion rather than a cliffhanger.

So, it’s no surprise that I am visably upset by all of these things happening.  Honestly, I really think the Writer’s Strike had a serious affect on this season’s television.

Oh!  And what makes me a little uneasy about FOX making serious decisions is that they finally slotted Dollhouse.  But for Friday night at 9, with The Sarah Connor Chronicles as the lead in.  This is nothing but a death trap for a potentially great show.  Okay, it worked for X-files to be in that spot, and this is a Joss Whedon show, but come on.  I don’t think it’s going to pull in enough ratings to even give it the chance it deserves.  I won’t be watching that Terminator show when it airs on Friday.  Heck, I don’t even watch it now while it’s airing on Mondays.  But I really think that a Friday timeslot for another Joss Whedon work is going to kill the show.

But I suppose only time will tell.