If this week’s episode of Heroes wasn’t a testament to Veronica Mars fans, I don’t know what is.

Not more than a minute into Claire’s first scene, and the comment is made by Claire’s brother, how is incapaciated on the floor after having been electrocuted.  He is barely able to mutter “the bitch is back” to Claire and she takes off into the other room to find Elle snooping on the family computer.

For those of you who missed the reference, “The Bitch is Back” is the title of the 3rd season (and final) opener to Veronica Mars, where Veronica settles in to college and the PI life.  How appropriate to make that comment just as Elle reappears.  Priceless.

Now that I’m done squeeing over Kristen Bell being back on Heroes, I can talk about the episode.

It wasn’t all that bad.  It was actually pretty good.  There were a few little things that bothered me, but I understand why they happened.  A lot went on during this episode, good, bad and indifferent.  So much was being set up, and there is still so much that needs to be resolved.

Read the recap here.

I’m not a fan of Papa Petrelli.  I pretty much don’t understand his purpose.  The upside is the trailer for the next episode, that looks like one of  those back-tracky episodes about before they had abilities.  This could go either way.  It could be really bad, because there are some characters we already knew before they had abilities.  But this could be very good as a throwback to Company Man, especially if they focus on Papa Petrelli and his issues.

The Claire/Elle scenes were also pretty good.  I liked seeing them together again but trying to play on the same team even though they hate each other.  Their common bond seems to be controlling their abilities, which Elle can’t seem to do anymore.  She keeps electrocuting herself.

Sylar’s storyline was even better.  Is he good?  Is he evil?  Whose side is he really on?  Is he playing for Mama or Papa Petrelli?  Or is he on Peter’s side and just playing everybody?

To be perfectly honest, the show is starting to get better, and that is a good sign.  I’m just hoping it will continue to get better.  It would be a shame to see it fall right back into badness.  And it’s a shame it has to develop so far out of a mediocre second season.  But we shall see, gentle readers.