Awhile back, I developed an interest in video editing.  Mostly along the lines of creating fan videos and putting them to music.  Usually called “vidding.”  I made 3 videos initially, but eventually my hard drive ran out of space, and I no longer had enough free time to accommodate the time consuming process of vidding.

But, to my surprise, and early birthday present from D came in the form of a Terabyte hard drive.  Yup.  I’m super excited!  Because now I don’t have to worry about having enough memory to work on the videos… all I have to do now is find the time.  Which I’m actually planning to do within the next week.  I already have a few ideas of the music and how I want the video to feel.

Here is one of my past works.  This one is my favorite…. the other’s are just okay.  But they were certainly fun to do.

When I’m finished with a new video, I’ll upload it for all to see.