This news couldn’t be more exciting.  They were picked up for 2 more seasons… which is another 12 episodes per season.  The fourth season is set to start filming this summer in L.A., according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I thought at best we would attract a devoted cult audience but soon realized that, ironically, this show is so thematically rich and layered with humanity that audiences of all kinds have flocked to it,” said Showtime president of entertainment, Robert Greenblatt.

And seriously, who doesn’t love America’s favorite serial killer?  This is truly a testament to the fans.

I don’t know what it is, gentle readers, but something about this particular serial killer gets me excited.  Okay, fine.  It has nothing to do with Dexter being an actual serial killer.  It’s more about the fact that this is a real show with real character development and a real story, among other things.  With the lack of quality television lately, Dexter comes as a relief, and a breath of fresh air.

Based on the books, Dexter Darkly Dreaming by Jeff Lindsey, Dexter was nominated for five Emmys this year, including best drama series and best lead actor in a drama.  And is it really a surprise to have all those nominations? 

And even though I don’t have Showtime this year, I’m very much looking forward to catching up with this season online.  So, gentle readers, if you haven’t yet seen this show, you must watch!