You know those moments when everything just falls into place… where everything just makes perfect sense?  Usually, mine are about tv shows.  There’s usually a line or a scene that I don’t understand, but on the surface it seems funny.  Then I’ll have a moment of perfect clarity where that line makes sense.

I just had one of those with Veronica Mars.

A friend and I were chatting about comic books from once upon a time in our childhoods.  And when you think comic books from back in the day (that AREN’T about superheroes, mind you), the first thing that came to mind was Archie comics.  Because, come on, who hasn’t read the Archie comics?

Anyhoo… my epiphany comes in during an episode of Veronica Mars, entitled Betty and Veronica, where Veronica infiltrates a rival school to find out if they stole her school’s mascot, and taking on the guise of “Betty.”  Veronica makes a comment how her school’s mascot was the rhino and she was SUPER into the pep rallies and the sports.  And the following exchange occurs:

Veronica: [as “Betty”] At my old school I was Horny! [receives odd looks] We were the Rhinos. I was the mascot.

Richie: And what school was that?

Veronica: Riverdale.

Richie: Never heard of it.

I decided to do a bit of googling to get more information on Archie and his ladies, Betty and Veronica.  Pictures, storylines… anything I could find.  And on my very first page, what did I find?  The school where the Archie gang attended… Riverdale.

Color me surprised.  Finally!  That exchange between Richie and Veronica makes sense, and the writer’s were pretty on target with their pop-culture references.  And to be perfectly honest, I nearly fell out of my chair in excitement, when I realized that I had never remembered the important parts of the Archie comics.

Anyhoo… that was my epiphany/blonde moment.