And this is simply because it is nearly 3 am that I am even considering posting about such nonsense.  And the weirdest things happen when you can’t sleep.

And Paris Hilton is looking for a new BFF.  Umm… what???  And also, who cares?

So, I’m sitting here, not sleeping, watching the cat run around like a madman, and channel surfing… and what do I stumble across?  Reality TV gold, if you ask me.  *cough cough*  Yeah, no.  Because we need another reality TV show?  And one about Paris Hilton to boot?  Yeah, no.

In classic reality TV competition form, Paris is searching for a BFF, elimination style.  Everyone is catty and annoying and pretty much out for blood.  There are challenges each Potential BFF (PBFF) has to endure and come out on top, and then it is left up to the group to decide who is more “fake.”  Umm… WHO IS MORE FAKE?  Well, I could have sworn it was Paris… but she’s actually more real than she seems.  She’s a business woman, and she may be shallow and whatnot, but I don’t think any of that is fake… and that is sad.  

I don’t admire Paris Hilton, by any means.  I pretty much can’t watch her in any type of acting role.  And it’s a miracle I can get through her episode of Veronica Mars.  

So, can someone explain to me why she has ANOTHER reality TV show?