And in saying that, I’m unofficially dropping Fringe from my Tuesday night lineup.  I think this is pretty much a common trend among many shows this season.

I was having a discussion with A today, and he pointed out the simple fact that if you can’t remember the characters names after 6 episodes, it’s pretty safe to say you shouldn’t be watching it.

My biggest problem with Fringe is that the concept is awesome, and there’s so much potential, but it’s not going anywhere.  There is no character development outside the introduction of the characters 6 episodes ago.  The plotlines are mainly focused on research that was done 30  years ago and is now coming back to haunt them.  Okay, fine.  I get it.  Not everything can be a new discovery… but can everything REALLY be attributed to past research?  It makes it boring. 

And the kicker?  The previews make the next episode look so exciting and they want to keep you interested.  But it’s a huge disappointment when that episode comes and it’s the same thing that happened last week, only with different characters whose names I can’t remember.

It’s pretty much a shame this show isn’t getting any better.  And I know there are viewers out there (because I’ve been doing it too…) that keep saying, just give it one more episode, it’s starting to get good.  Yeah, we’re fooling ourselves.  Just because Joshua Jackson is my TV boyfriend (and has been since he was Pacey Witter) doesn’t mean I have to watch his show.  And it’s sad.  He’s an excellent actor, and his character might be more interesting if, say, the writers would just focus on development.

Yup, that’s my theme.  Character development.  It’s been a hard season so far.  So much went on during the Writer’s Strike.  And I understand why it needed to happen.  But it’s hurting the quality of television now.  We can only hope it will get better.

But I’m done with Fringe for now.  Maybe I’ll pop back in later… but for the moment, I’m just done.