It pretty much seems like it’s never going to happen.  With every episode, it seems more and more likely that drinking games are going to be created for every ludicrous thing that could possibly happen.  And it’s sad.

Watching this week’s episode, there was a laundry list of things wrong with it that just really made no sense, and made me rethink my devotion to such a show. 

First, I don’t like the whole Noah/Sylar/Claire thing.  One minute Claire is furious at Sylar for hurting her and taking her ability, and the next she’s much less pissed, and chatting with him in the backseat of her father’s car.  Okay, I like the idea of Sylar and Noah (“one of us, one of them”) teaming up and whatnot… but Claire’s fire shouldn’t be diminished just because her father is partnered with him.  AND if Claire goes all black leathered evil in the future, why would she be okay with this now?

I’m very close to not watching it live, and just waiting for it to be posted online.  It’s starting to lose its luster, which is sad, because it is such a great show.  I just wish they would get back to the basics.

What would I do as a writer to save Heroes?

  • Focus.  Stop jumping around and focus.  There have been so many attempts at good storylines, and they just never develop outside of the 5 minute arc.  The idea that Peter was stuck in the body of an escaped bad guy would have been an interesting story to see played out, rather than killing off Francis Capra right away.  Plot development is so important at this juncture, especially after last season’s near failure.  And I see no benefits to jumping around so much in the storyline, and not allowing the characters that really matter to breathe and develop.
  • No new characters.  The writers should have learned their lessons during season 2.  It’s hard to care about new characters when we’re wondering why there is no closure for the old ones… which we love.
  • Enough with the time travel.  Please.  It’s getting a little pointless.  Since things are constantly changing, the future is constantly changing.  So to be perfectly honest, everything that we’ve seen happen in the “future” doesn’t matter because it’s not going to happen anyway.  I understand they are trying to fill up space, but fill it up with… gasp… character development (yup, that’s my theme).
  • Themes and Motives… although they typically change with experience and time, there is no way that they would change drastically enough for Hiro to kill Ando, or for Claire to hate Sylar with a fiery vengence because of what he did. 
  • “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.”  Yes, that was the main theme of the first season, where every episode led up to the culmination of NY City being nearly blown up.  But the focus the entire time was one action that would save the world.
  • Start explaining what’s going on.  Why is Matt’s dad not trapped anymore?  Why is Linderman making cameos while he’s dead?  And why is Peter and Nathan’s dad not dea? 

There are just a few fundamental things wrong with the show, which may be the reason the show is losing viewers.  The question is: Can Heroes come back from this?