Apparently, ABC has been ripping off Japanese competitions/game shows.  Is anyone else surprised by this?  I’m not.

If you’ve been watching TV during the summer hiatus, you would have noticed a new run of reality TV: the game show.  My favorite of the group would be an original show entitled I survived a Japanese Game Show, in which Americans would do the most ridiculous things on a Japanese Game show.  Sounds interesting.

However, ABC is currently in a world of hurt because Tokyo Broadcasting is accusing them of riping off a TBS hit, Wipeout, another show in which contestants participate in outrageous stunts, trying to not kill themselves.

This is something that has gone on forever.  The “borrowing” of material to create something ORIGINAL.  What Tokyo Broadcasting is having an issue with is the sequence, introduction and narration among other things is an exact duplicate of the Japanese counterpart.

I can see why they’d be upset.  But look at American Idol, who has produced spinoff after spinoff, copycat after copycat… And Survivor, and any other reality TV that has showed up on the scene in the last 5-10 years.  Seriously, it should be expected… but I can see why they’d be upset.

You can read the full story here, at the Hollywood Reporter.